Saturday, August 17, 2013

Live life

 Working ppl have very little time to enjoy themselves. We work in the day, work after work. A promotion means nothing but more work. I used to think that when the pay increases, the work decreases, unfortunately, the workload also increases, with more responsibilities.

Always there will be a time when u will question ur choices..

Did I did the right thing in doing my task?
Was saying No to the client a right thing?
Is this what I want to do forever?
Was it ok to sacrifice a meet for work?

We, humans always think before we decide, think during making the decision and after making the decision. Also we complain throughout the process.

For me, a decision no matter how much the pros outweigh the cons or even the pros and the cons are equally in value, I would try to make a decision that I would regret the least, even if the least is 1%. That 1% less in regret does matter; you have to worry 1% less.

Nowadays, where stress reigns supreme, having 1% less stress is a boon. Yes, I would be forever in doubt of the things I do or even complain of why I did make the decision that would make my life a bit better but I would be forever plague by that 1%.

Ppl can blame you or chide you for making a dumb decision but its your life, yours to make it better, a bit more relaxing or vice versa. Never use others as a reason to what you are doing, never blame others for the mistakes that were made knowingly or unknowingly, if you want to give advice, give it freely, do not expect others to follow or acknowledge that you were right at some point. Most importantly, do not have a grudge, life is short even for love so why waste it for a grudge.