Sunday, July 15, 2012


Once again, this will be a multiple entry post... too little time to write everyting separately I think....

1) Being popular

Again and again I stress, if u wanna bitch about me, be truthfully about it... DO Not just tell ppl about what I have done but also tell others what lead to the event...I guess kids will be kids and too much chatime bubble tea will damage ur brains... Anyway, thanks for giving me a quite honored :P

2) Work?Masters

My project has exploded (in a good sense). My work is being expanded to clinical trials which will happen in 3 yrs time.. Personally, I think I deserved it.. The hours that I put it is abnormal; my lab is my home.

Recently, I attended a conference at Concorde,KL. The conference is about using lab animals for translation  meds; using animal models to mimic human response toward meds or diseases. It was a nice conference, not too big and not too small.. Everyone knows each other very well.Heck,some ppl know me before I introduced myself.. Being in a small community has its perks;u know what each other are doing. The best thing is I got 3 potential job offers while talking with the sifus.

Maybe will go Bangkok for AFLAS 2012..see how is my budget... so many offers...

Saturday, July 7, 2012


 Been pursuing someone lately.. Not a new person per say, he is someone that I have been going out with every now and then  since I was staying in Ampang last year. So far, nothing had happened... There is one question that he keeps on asking that I cannot answer well... Why do I like him so much?

Erm.. honestly.. I do not know of why... maybe becos of him being caring to animals or of his cute smile? of the weird sounds he makes? or when he pouts when things do not go his way? or of the useless quarrels we had especially on things that he can buy cheaper. Or his way of doing things with full of vigor and expression.  

But I do know that I do not like his moody times.. his sad face..