Sunday, June 16, 2013

Of gays and relationship, work


    My blog is not dead... it's just hibernating or rather having spasms whenever I feel like writing my thoughts down.

Work has been a major aspect for me for the past 2 years. To be able to work and have own money to spend is a nice feeling,finally being wean away from the pa & ma fund. Now I just need to control my spending. Having your own money regardless the amount is really nice.. yes, spending parents' money is nicer but I guess the feeling of having sumting without being subjected to control is nice.

Yeah, am to used to being control to get things.. more no of you have to do this my way to have this from Le Dad. Nowadays, it's more of if ur a good son, you will do this for me or give a bit of your pay to me.. the a little bit means 3/4 of my pay to my parents, not saying that I don't do that but what they want from me is never enuff..

Getting married, buying the house next door, getting them a vacation is what a filial son would do.. unfortunately, I am not. I do not want to get a house next door just because they have a grand idea of showing off their wealth to others or expanding the house just to accommodate more ppl. We do not talk to each other enuff in this house and you want to get a bigger one...

Have been keeping quiet in the gay world for quite some time, nowadays, it's just me calling up or meeting up close friends for tea or coffee.. do not want any attention anymore, after all the gay world is full a DRAMA; u hate me cos I have a nice bf, u hate them cos they have nice bodies, they hate u cos of ur extrovertness, I hate you cos of u being pretentious. The cycle never stops until you take urself out, but again, ppl have always a lot of things to talk about even when you are dead.

Till next time