Sunday, February 27, 2011

A forgotten conversation

I was watching a hindi movie when I remembered this conversation I had with someone,its funny how things/events can trigger a flashback,I guess what the mind forgets,the heart will always remember.

The conversation:

M: after u graduate,u better get a place so that we can live together.
I: k


M: But I need to tell that I'm not easy to live with,I always come back moody and irritated. Can U tahan anot?

I: Can, if u have a bad mood,I'll hug u and kiss u till ur happy again.

M: hahaha, u'll just make me horny not happy.

I: ok2, when u come back,I'll make sure that there is food and when ur doing ur work at home.I'll keep u company till u finish.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Last sem

A lot of things to settle b4 I close this chapter of mine,I'm counting the days before internship starts. Anyway,just wanna share a few shout outs that my fb frens had posted on their wall.

A: 16 more days to last paper

B: I got my internship de

C: Who wants to buy a table,a chair,a bed

D: Who wants to buy a computer

F: Haih,when is the internship letter coming

G: Housemates wanted

H: Looking for rooms in _________

I: Gonna miss everyone

Seriously,I LOVE EVERYONE OF U especially my Critics.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Old de

Fren: Hey,do u want the number of this guy? He is insatiable and got his own place.
Me: no,not free.

Translation for straight ppl

Fren: hey,this guy loves to have sex,he humps everyone and he has his own place for humping.
Me: uninterested,sori.

Yeah, I used to love to go for ONS long time ago,often find fuck buddies on the web and chat rooms but no more,kinda pointless, to keep someone just for a good time. These days, once in the blue moon, I'll get someone for sexual fulfillment but its only like what 1 time since my breakup with R. Maybe,cos I'm getting old (gasps) but yeah, sex is so overrated.

Nowadays,even if I meet ppl,I don't sort them out to those who can be fuck buddies and those who can be friends. Rite now,all except 2 belongs to the friends list.

Sigh,it time to train myself to carry 30 tins of cat food.

I bruise easily

I wish ppl could see how feeble my walls are. Don't give ppl hope if u don't mean to keep ur part of the bargain.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 in 1

1) Love is in the air

I didn't realized that blogspot is a good place to find LOVE, up to date,there is 10 bloggers who found love here,the most recent is a future lawyer and future doctor (another member of the honey gang,perhaps?).

Maybe,its becos bloggers express their true self in their blogs which helps future suitors to know about them better.

Future suitor: Can I know about u better?
Ichi: sure,read my blog,its all there.

Definitely,one of the signs that we are in the digital age de.

Anyway,maybe its time for me to ask someone sumting but I think the chances are nil since he likes cuties and I am not a cutie. Maybe another time,another place.

2) Rent

I'm looking for a room to rent,preferably near a lrt station for a period of 6 mths,would prefer a gay friendly environment.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Move along

The past week has been hard on me,waiting for internship confirmation,waiting for FYP poster presentation, waiting for HIM, waiting for pay,waiting for sympo presenter name list to come out. Too much waiting, makes me EMO.

Oh,before I forget,Sorry J for FFK,will make up to u in the near future.

Anyway, let's update the list of tasks:

1) Uni Sympo: Not selected (yeay)
2) HIM: not saying anything till he sms/calls but maybe....
3) Pay: still not out yet
4) Internship: a got a place de,now waiting for the LETTER
5) FYP poster presentation: I suck,no control of emotions
6) Thesis: 85% completed

2nd issue,some of my frens were commenting that I patched up with R (previous post),sori,guys,I don't do that. R saw the emo posts,he called,we chatted,nothing more,nothing less.

A special thanks to all that have been patience enuff with my attitude for the past u guys.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Even though loneliness may be reflected in my straightfoward eyes, my unwavering heart is still full of hope.

I run away so many times, I cry so many times, and at those instances that I feel so down, I become aware of how weak I am.

I have already come this far, but I still couldn't see my own destination that I have always wanted to reach.

I feel as if the strength to believe is leading and guiding me towards tomorrow.

Am I alone? That's not true, right? Because you are here, always supporting me.

Anyone can draw their own world. I'm not very good at that, though. But if I always look ahead, I should be able to see the future.

I stopped and stood still, and I suddenly realized how much I'm loved like this.

Nothing's going to make me lose my way anymore, I feel like I can walk towards the opposing wind. Oh, my brand new way...

Even the small, insignificant me has great motives and intentions, carrying worries and anxieties that they're like eating into my shoulders.

But even if it's only to pretend that I'm strong, if I keep on smiling, surely, the road will open up.

Like a shooting star with its transient presence and speed, each passing moment is being burned into my memory.

Is this just another familiar, ordinary day? That's not true, right? I'm walking on a new road with you.

The blue color of the fading sky of that day is being cleared in my memories.

But every time I close my eyes, I can see it again.

I'm living with everything I love surrounding me like this.

Nothing's going to make me lose my way anymore, I feel like I can walk towards the opposing wind. Oh, my brand new way...

Anyone can draw their own world. I'm not very good at that, though. But if I always look ahead, I should be able to see the future.

I stopped and stood still, and I suddenly realized how much I'm loved like this.

Nothing's going to make me lose my way anymore, I feel like I can walk towards the opposing wind. Oh, my brand new way...

Ps:To R, Thanks for reminding me about thus song and sorry to disturb ur nite

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I was watching Fruits Basket when I heard the lines before,it kinda resonates with what I'm feeling rite now.(its a rough translation)

" During school days,my classmates and I always played Fruits Basket.Its a game where each of the players are assigned with a name of a fruit and when the other players call up the name of ur assigned fruit,ur to join the circle. I was always be assigned as onigiri or rice ball and always wait for them to call me to join the circle but they never did.Then I realized that rice balls can't never be a part of a fruit basket"

Tohru Honda

Its really frustrating when someone looks down on u. Always remember that just becos luck is with u 2day,it doesn't mean that its going to stay with u forever.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 sides of the same coin

Fren A: Hey,Ichi.. ur kinda rich, eating in secret recipe,that's twice in a week I saw u.

Fren B: Hey,Ichi.. go and buy urself a new wallet lah,this one looks so old de.

The 2 statements were said by my 2 frens from uni who really knows very little about me. Fren A always says that I'm rich while Fren B says that I'm poor aka miser.

Actually,I'm neither,am not rich or poor, just doing ok with my money. On days,that I have extra left,I'll spend a bit extra while on days,that I have a bit,I save especially on things that are not that important or sort of minor,for example,my phone or my wallet,I have been using them for more than 3 yrs while they don't look new,they ain't spoil either so why change.

Some of my frens would think that I'm a show off, buying things to impress,some might think that I'm a nobody but to me,like what Takashi always says," those who matter won't mind and those who mind don't matter".

Ppl often say that I follow my dad especially in financial matters which is kinda true but mostly this way of handling money was due to a time in my life that my family was poor,not say poor poor but we were barely making enuff for ourselves. If I'm not mistaken,it was during 1998-2002 period when my dad opened a restaurant,during Raya,we bought clothes at Reject Shop,Jusco and etc but now with God's grace, we have enuff for ourselves,my sis's MBSS is being self-paid ,I have a car to call my own and each of us has our own laptops. Sumtimes,I do enter the shops mentioned to buy stuff that is needed urgently. Although sumtimes the apparel at those shops are nicer than the ones at a branded shop.

So sumtimes I do understand why A is behaving that way or why J has the urge to save up every penny but everything shuld be done in moderation; u buy stuff cos u need them not cos u want them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

internship matters

This is the worst request that u need to fulfill b4 graduating which getting a place for internship. HATE THIS REQUEST and surprisingly this comes from a guy that played games that need to fulfill requests,for example Cityville or even some RPG like FF or Onimusha which sumtimes have stupid requests or even strategy games like RA or C&C. I remember one mission in C&C where the Brotherehood of Nod has tesla tower,to destroy that I sacrificed a battalion of tanks just to get into the front gates.

The thing that I hate is to wait for the approval,I know that guys at HR are busy but seriously,this sucks.

As all know,we need to call the HR after 2 weeks after we send the resume.

HR's replies after each of MY FOLLOW-UP

1st call: pls call again next week
2nd call: We need ur transcript
3rd call: B was on holiday so we cannot process,pls call next week
4th call: Sorry, we cannot process it since there was a holiday
5th call: Oh,sorry,pls call after 2-3 days

Imagine that I had applied to 3 companies and all are like this...its like they get satisfied with ppl's frustration and disappointment.

My feelings are like below for the 2 months:

Anticipation - Excitement- Hopeful- Frustration- Disappointment- Depression- Misery

and repeats

Saturday, February 12, 2011

V day

On Monday is the day that Mankind will be celebrating LOVE. A fren once said that LOVE isn't just for LOVERS but also belongs to wide category; love between brothers,love between frens and so on...

I celebrated 2 V days with my lovers,one ended with a break-up on that day itself and the other wasn't ever after. Therefore I hate this day,I hate to walk in the malls alone,I hate going into the restaurants looking out of place, I hate going to the movies on the said day.

But..I wish it was that simple...

On V day,I'll be spending time with my loved ones,those ppl who never leave me,always be with me thru my happy,sad and crazy days. Therefore, I love u,my frens who gave me support unconditionly, I love u,my fellow bloggers for giving me access to ur lives,I love u,my readers who keep reading this blog no matter how crappy it is and lastly,I love u,thanks for making my day.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Contacts = Free stuff

One of the requirements of my FYP is to do a poster presentation so I need to prepare and send it to printers which often would give a cheaper prize if the quantity is high therefore being a good guy,I spread the news and told my uni-mates that the dateline and all.

When the time came for me to send the poster for printing,NOT A SINGLE person send it to me. So I can't print at the original printers cos they want it by bulk. So I drive around Shah Alam, looking for a printing shop and somehow I ended up at a place that I won't go in Shah Alam on regular days. Lucky for me,that shop is owned by one of my "friends" that I met during Sec school days.

We talked about the past and present while negotiating a price for my poster,somehow over 2 cups of coffee and that guy said to me that he is willing to print it for free as a token of the good times we had or someting like that.

And that's how I got a free poster and its all thanks to my uni-mates.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I was so bored during the CNY holidays and FYP and Li till I was fed up with Shah Alam (Yeah,I'm going to do my Li outside of Shah Alam).

Anyway, I went out to watch a movie with my Uni-mate which was a 1st after a long, long, long time,asked him to decide on which movie to watch and turns out that Shaolin was available. Andy Lau, Jacky Chan and Nicholas Tse were in it. ( So long haven't watched a movie that is not English).

Before I start talking about the movie,I would like to announce that I lost my virginity in Nando's and I still prefer Kenny Rogers,the portion was small,somehow Coke can transform into Ice Lemon Tea midway.

The movie was WONDERFUL,Full of emotions and meanings. When we saw Andy Lau,he was a heartless person,just imagine he dared to shoot a general in a temple even though the general already gave up on fighting.Even Nicholas Tse wasn't that ruthless. And then,Andy was comfortable with the idea of killing his blood bro when the blood bro was gonna give him everything. U'll definitely curse Andy whenever he appears. The only thing that I like was he was patriotic.

Then Nicholas double crossed him and the death of his daughter shook his view of things and begins to repent. Btw,Nicholas is still cute even he is evil. (Haven't seen his movies for a long time de)

The character that I like most is the one played by Jacky; he knows his flaws and he's non-judgmental and wise.

Overall,I would not mind to watch the movie again and again,everything was perfect.

The dialogue that I like the most is:

Abbot: Which would u prefer a bar of gold or a lump of mud?
Jacky: Of cos,gold.
Abbot: Wouldn't a seed be more useful? Everything and everyone has its own place and time.

Meaningful kan?

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm sure that all of us have a crush at some point of our life,let it be a fren , a teacher from school or a celebrity.

To me, a crush should stay as a crush. Its inadvisable to try to change a crush into a sweetheart. The reasons are simple,the person who we crush on are often on a different level from us and its better not to jeopardize a pre-existing relationship just to fulfill ur fantasy.

Below are some of my crushes

I got this topic from Calvin.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

I would like to wish all of my readers a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. May Wisdom,Fortune and Health come hopping in this year.