Monday, August 31, 2009



The original plan for this long weekend is to go to JB with my cousin but due to some glitches,we went for a shopping spree today.

He came over late on Friday to change my mind about the JB trip,I refused to go on a one day trip to JB cos of the lack to complete our activities which were:

1) Since the both of us are not going back this raya so we are going to visit the graves of our ancestors during this trip,mostly to clean and to arrange for the rebuilding the graves. We won't be able to this in a day. Talking to the grave custodian would take half a day.

2) We also wanted to go shopping at JB and maybe Spore cos they have a wider selection of clothes that in Kl.

Since we can't do task no 1,my pak Su will have to go back early this year. For task no 2,we decided to make with what we have.So we went to 3 shopping complexes which are Sunway Pyramid,Sogo and Times square. We started at the furthest Shopping complexes which is Sogo and Times Square cos we wanted to break fast at my house. We bought a few shirts and t-shirts which were on sale and went to Sunway Pyramid to get our jeans. Its was so much fun shopping with him and chatting with him,maybe cos we have not had time to spend with each other much.He is busy with his family business and I am busy with uni and all. But there was a drawback though,I had to act straight and stop looking at cute guys who were giving me the eye.LOL.

We reached my house at about 5.30 pm,we collapsed on the bed but I was awakened by a phone call from a fren. After ending the call,I went out to get a few kuihs.

After Buka,we went out again to get Songkok and Sampin.Kinda odd to put so much effort on Raya when ur going to celebrate it alone. After all of that,he went back to Ampang and I slept.

Ps: sori for not msging anyone,he's too nosey for a straight guy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


To those who always go and search for a god time will know that Mirc is the best way to find suitable candidates.

The 1st chat room that I entered was #Gaymalaysia,its was during sec 1,i think. I found this chat room from a chatter in #Kampung. At 1st,I was scared cos of the tales that were circulating in tabloids. I mean how to check whether they aren't serial murderers or demented. I was lucky that a Abg showed me the ropes,telling me about the codes that I need to know.

Slowly,I went into other chat rooms like #gayselangor or #gaymelayu.The people that I chatted with are mostly Uitm guys. They were surprised at my age and often that not call me a bluff. To them,a 14 yrs old looking for ONS,its everyone's fantasy. Some were saying that I'm a undercover cop looking for pedos.LOL

When I went to Spore,I used a lot of trial and error to locate the local server which was #Gaysg. (there are all of servers available in Mirc,some are country-specific,for example,malaysian Plus uses Webnet or Dalnet.)So far,I think that Spore chatters are much frenly cos they don't reject u upfront unlike the locals.They are willing to befriend if ur not their taste.

When I returned to Msia,I found that the chat rooms had moved from Webnet to Dalnet and #Gaymalaysia is Chinese oriented while #Sayangabang is Malay-oriented.

Below are the key to understand the chat room lingo:

1) ASL = Age,Sex and Location.

2) T/V/B = Top/Versatile/ Bottom

Guide for Mirc

1) Don't mock ppl in the public chat area,some of them have the power to ban u from there

2) Don't be desperate. U know that the chatters are just looking for a good time.

3) Be a gentleman,give ur pic before u request for someone else

4) Don't misled the chatters. Don't lie about ur pic or location.

5) If u feel that the guy is getting weird,end ur chat with him.

6) Never give ur Hp no randomly unless u like that guy.

7) If ur unsure about a guy's character,meet him in public.

8) If u have to go to his place for the 1st time,do inform ur frens so that they can watch out for u.

9) Always insist on using CONDOMS,u don't know their background enuff and u don't know where they have been poking their stick into.

Friday, August 28, 2009


MY CPU SUCKS. I don't know why it is doing this to me. Each time when I need it the most,it falls apart.

On Wednesday afternoon,I tried to connect to the Internet but streamyx was down so i heck care,played some RA 2 pass the time. Later,at nite,the connection was fine but mozilla can't be connected.Its like I can connect to the Internet but I can't go to the websites which was facebook,blogspot,wiki and etc. I tried to reconfigure the settings and reinstalled mozilla but that damm stupid msg keeps popping," The server is not found".

Damm tulan u know.What's the use of having a god connection when u can't go to the sites.

Not a big deal rite,just send the CPU to the shop and since I'm going to JB for the weekend so I can fill my time with shopping and etc. Its seems that the Cosmos have to create more prob for me,last nite,my cousin who is supposed to follow me to the South,called and said that this weekend,he's working.

So tell me what I'm suppose to do? I have to wait for 2-3 days for the CPU to be fixed(cos its the weekend),I can't go out to KL cos Lil prince is busy and the best fren is going to busy with his BF. I can't keep going to the CC now and then cos its about 1o km away (most of the CCs in Shah Alam is near located in sec 2,7,11 and 13).This is going to be a loooooooooooooong weekend and I wonder if I'm going to be sane when the ordeal is over.

Boring weekend

Supposed to blog about this earlier but my cpu created some problems for me on Wednesday.The problem will be blogged on the next post.

Last Wednesday,I got a call from my fren,the snippet of the conversation is below.

I: Elo.

F: U got to help me,pls!

I: what's wrong?

F: I burnt my pants,I burnt my Durban pants.

I: Elo,u called me this early to tell me that. Go and buy a new one lah.Its just a Durban not a Prada.

F: Wait,this pants is given by my bf and I need to wear it 2nite.Its our anniversary,u know.

I: WHAT! well,that makes things simpler rite. U have one less item to rip apart.

F: Oi. Be seriouslah.

I: Ok,Lol. Does he mark his gifts?

F: erm,no.

I: well,get a new one lah. What he doesn't know won't kill him.

Have u find urself in a similar position? Did u break ur bf's gifts before,either cos its was too ugly or accidental? Tell me about it,k?

PS: Mornings make me cranky these days.

PPS:F,I'm sorry cos since I had blogged about it here,the BF must have an inkling of what going on,ur the only gay that managed to do straight male mistakes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Types of diseases

Ever wondered why Doc House keeps asking whether the patient is suffering from Neuro,Immuno or Physio related disease? Well,Ichi is going to save ur brain cells from pondering about this issue.

Diseases are mostly divided into 3 types which are:


Neurological disease are like Parkinson's o Alzheimer.They affect ur brain functions like memory or nerve control. This type of diseases may be genetic related.

2) Immunological (Immuno)

This type of disease is normally caused by either virus or bacteria or fungi. H1N1,chicken pox and HIV are types of immuno-related diseases.Foreign bodies or antigens enter ur body and cause illness.The good news is they have to be organ specific. For example,if a flu virus enters tru food,it wouldn't cause any illness cos the acids in ur stomach would kill it,same goes for HIV,that's why kissing a HIV + person is ok.

Do remember that there are only antibiotics for those diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi.

3)Physiological diseases

This type of diseases are cos by ur body itself. Our body has to regulate a lot of things but sumtimes,it makes mistakes. Cancers and inflammations is under this catergory.

How 2 differentiate if its a cancer or inflammations? Well,its simple. Cancers would end with -sarcoma or -oma while inflammation would end with - itis.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Empty House

I was watching House from 15 Malaysia (click the link to know more). The short film shows an Indian boy who is making a dream house for his art class. During presentation,a Chinese boy shows a grand house with various themes while a Malay boy show a house with cars and pool but when the Indian boy shows a simple house,the whole class laughed and the teacher was shaking his head in disbelief.....

The story has various morals but to me,the Indian boy's idea of a dream house is correct,what use does a big house with 5 cars,a pool,a pond and a lot of rooms have when the inhabitants of the house is cold and unfrenly to each other. I would prefer a small house which is full of love.

Although,I may not live in a bungalow (my house is just a terrace) but my family would mostly spend time doing their own work.My mum and dad would either rest in their room or watch tv,my 1st sis would spend time in front of her laptop,2nd sis would spend time playing with dolls or with the maid,my bro would be with his frens and I would either be in fornt of the com or in my room.The only time that we would sit down and talk together is during dinner and lunch.Kinda pitiful isn't?

Even though I'm spending more time at home,the pattern doesn't change much. Sumtimes,when I go to my frens' houses and saw the way that their family interacts,I feel super jealous.Some of my frens' total family income is less by mine but the love they have is bountiful.

Maybe,its becos my family members have a lot on their plate but.......

Many frens were asking why u prefer to be outside or have ambitions of moving out or say that my frens are lucky to be in hostels.Its mostly cos I hate going back to the house where its cold and unfrenly.I tried doing a family nite where every saturday,everyone must be at home and spend at least 5 hours of family fun but in the middle of the session,we would end up quarreling especially my dad and I.Our minds think differently.The odd thing is when we talk to others,we could accept their different views. My aunt say that its cos of our strong personalitys.I just wish that I could talk to him,telling him how I feel deep down but I don't think that it will happen soon.So this the 2nd main reason of me wanting to move. The 1st reason is quite obvious,I think.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Every PLU have a six sense built into them which is called gaydar,Nature's gift to us.This gaydar helps them to find a mate or fling. Some PLUs could sense another PLU a hundred feet away or jus looking pictures,some PLUs who are discreet will be exposed by another by this ability. So its doesn't matter if ur discreet or open,we know ur true nature.

So how do Gaydar work?The seeker has to be vigilant of all the loud or hidden movements that the prey makes. For example:

A) Grooming

A PLU would rather stay at home than going out with unkempt hair or last year's clothes. Most PLUs are metrosexuals,they invest in all those products that will make them young forever. My gay frens would wear a designer label attire even if they are going for grocery shopping.Yes,gays are super vain. But these days,the straight guys are also being metrosexual.

B) Gestures

As some of u know,gays have different gestures than straight ppl,they tend to be more femine or loud if they are out of the closet while those discreet gays also sumtimes lose control for a moment and let them go wild if a handsome man enter their sights.

Gestures to look for:

1)They would wipe their faces with tissues every 30 mins even though the day isn't hot.

2)The food that they order,normally it would be food that has the lowest calories in the menu.

3) To spot a diva,They make sure u know that they are in vicinity even though u're a thousand miles away.They are loud in every aspect.

4) The hands.

5) Their eyes. They would do this 3 mins stare,1st min,to see the guy's face and body,2nd min,to see his frens and 3 min,to catalogue his clothes. They do this to every guy that either is leaving the area or entering the area.

The first 2 steps are for the beginners,now we shall enter the realm of masters.

C) Pictures

On a boring nite,I would go around and check my frenslist,see whether got good-lookin ppl anot. Over years,I learn to check if their profile match with their sexuality.

1) Pictures.

Cam-whoring,Gays love to do this,even when they go to Giant,they would cam-whore. Their pics would always show their pretty faces and nice bods. and of cos,there would be like a 30 plus albums to put their pics. A straight guy would never go this far.

2) Lack or minimum number of girls in their list.

Most gays would just add guys and refrain to add girls in their profile. Sumtimes the profiles that they added reflects their interests.For example,you go and open a stranger's profile,you saw a hundred frens in his list,some even have PLU or Gay in their profile id and there are zero girls in the list,its safe to say they're pitching for the same team.

3) Groups that they joined.

Some profiles that I saw in frenster states that they are straight but when checking their grouplist,there are a lot of those gay/plu grups.

4) Willingness to reply a msg or add a fren.

Normally,gays are easier to approach than straight ppl.They would just reply ur msgs even a simple one like Hello and normally,the chats would end with a hp no or if ur lucky an invite to their bed.

D) The crowd that they hang with

Gays would often seek company of their own type,let it be a discreet fellow or a flaming queen. If u see,a straight looking guy hanging out with a bunch of divas,u'll know that the picture is flawed. And do remember when gays are in a grup,they try to outdone each other.

A word of advice,this method of spotting PLUs are only successful,if u add all the sums together and lastly, always trust ur instincts. Who knows a great nite is just a table away.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sedekad lalu,Kerajaan Singapura telah melancarkan kempen bahasa dan sekarang,Kerajaan Malaysia telah menukarkan sistem pendidikannya drp Bahasa Inggeris kepada Bahasa Malaysia (Bahasa Melayu).Oleh kerana ini,saya mengajak rakan-rakan Bloggers di sini untuk menulis satu recana sebulan dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

Hari ini adalah 1 haribulan Ramadhan iaitu bulan umat Islam berpuasa untuk menunaikan salah satu rukun agama Islam. Bagi pengetahuan pembaca,rukun Islam adalah 5 iaitu mengucapkan 2 kalimah syahadah,bersolat,berpuasa di Bulan Ramadhan,membayar zakat dan menunaikan haji jika mampu.

Kenapa harus orang Islam berpuasa? Secara amnya,puasa mengajar orang Islam bersabar dan mengawal nafsu mereka, pada siang hari,mereka dituntut supaya kawal nafsu makan,perasaan serta sexs.Puasa dikira batal kalau mereka makan,memarahi seorang keterlaluan serta melakukan sexs,tak kira secara onani atau berpasangan.

Puasa juga adalah satu amalan yang baik untuk menjaga kesihatan seseorang. Semasa puasa,kita sebenarnya mengdetoxkan sistem penghadaman kita dgn mengurangkan jumlah makanan kita dan secara tidak langsung,kita dapat mengawal berat badan kita.

Kajian dibuat oleh para saintis Barat dan Timur telah mengatakan bahawa berpuasa adalah cara yang paling baik untuk membersihkan sistem penghadaman kita serta memberikan masa untuk membaikpulih organ percernaan kita.Cuba kita bayangkan perut sebagai sebuah enjin,jika enjin kereta dibiarkan berjalan selama 24 jam,7 hari seminggu sudah tentu enjin itu akan rosak.

Semasa berbuka,umat Islam juga telah disarankam supaya mengambil makanan seimbang bukan bermakan secara gelojoh atau berterusan.

Amalan berpuasa tidak hanya terhad kepada agama Islam tapi ia terdapat dalam Agama Kristian,Yahudi serta Hindu,cuma syarat dan cara berpuasa adalah berlainan.

Kepada pembaca muslim,Ichi mengucapkan selamat berpuasa dan moga2,kita dapat keberkatan bulan yang mulia ini.


There were 3 professions that used to be noble,ppl choose them cos of wanting to contribute to the society or to feel good.They never had dreams of having a 5 digit pay or a big car or being the lords of society.But now these 3 professions have been corrupted with those who aspire to be rich.

The 3 professions are Doctor,Teacher and Policeman. I am so disgusted with the level of professionalism of these 3 these days.The reasons why I say this:

1) Doctor

Nase had wrote in his blog once that a lot of the newbies are after the glamour,wealth or a professor,none stated that they wanted to be a doc to save patients or to seek fulfillment of watching their patients recover.

I asked a few freshies of why they wanted to choose Biomed,most replied their 1st choice was medicine and since they can't take medicine,they choose this degree. I asked them again,why did u choose medicine,their replies are for the fame and glory. In my inner mind,I was saying that do they really think that they can become Doc House? None of them stated that they choose it cos of its a noble thing to do.

I asked a few old birds whether they are happy being a doc? They complained of long working hours,small pay and etc. None said all of these was worth it when they see their patients recover. Where are all the good doctors? What happened to personal fulfillment? Long time ago,a doctor told me that no matter the pain or discomfort or payment,if there is patient,he'll treat him.This doctor encouraged me to enter the health sciences field.

2) Teachers

These days,the quality of the teachers are getting worse. Last week,I went to my brother's sch for a Parents-Teachers sessions,the teacher was complaining that my bro always didn't hand in his work.I asked her whether she had taken any actions or gave any advices,her reply was she has 30 other students to handle and she can't afford the time to a personal interest on all 30 and she said that the parents shuld be more caring about this.

This is 1 incident that I'm writing here,u could read more of this type of teachers in the newspaper everyday,teachers who kept blaming the parents of being irresponsible or saying that their job scope is too much to handle.

During my school years,I had great teachers who inspired me to be better person,let it be in school or outside and I do keep contact with some of the teachers as they live nearby.My ex-teachers told me that the young teachers are rejected ones,those who couldn't get a good job or have low cgpa so they choose teaching as their profession.

3) Police

Well,u get the idea by now.

To those ppl who read this post and consider to take these noble jobs,pls reconsider taking them if u see only fame and glory,go and venture into business,u'll get the rewards faster.

Ps: To those who are doing their jobs well and preserving the nobility of these occupations,I salute u.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I wonder how it feels to die? Funny question rite? But seriously,what is death and how does the afterlife looks like?

I mean if we ask any religious scholar,let it be a Jew or a Cristian or a Muslim,they would say that there is Heaven and Hell. Heaven is the most wonderful place to live in,if we compare the gardens of the Earth to Heaven,the gardens here are nothing.In the Holy Scriptures,God promised His followers that Heaven is the most wonderful place and overflowing with richness. In Heaven,there is no rules to follow unlike in the ugly earth. Hell,on the other hand is the total opposite of Heaven,the inhabitants of Hell are full with misery and despair. Hell dwellers are always being reminded of their sins and Devils burn the sinners with a fire that is said to be hotter than anything on Earth,It is said that if a drop of Hell ash drops onto the Earth,the Earth would be vaporized.

This leads to my 1st question. How does death feels like? Obviously,those who experienced it can't tell us the accurate details of dying. Through the centuries,ppl tried to describe Death as a happy experience where the soul meets its Creator or picture it as a grim experience which most ppl want to avoid by making elixirs of life.

The only thing that I'm sure about is,Death is unavoidable and the Soul and the Body is split into 2 parts,the Soul lives on and the Body decays. The more I learn about Death,the more curious I am about it. I mean do we really have a Soul?

I also reject the Atheist's view of death that the body rots and becomes oil. Its kinda senseless that we go through all the sufferings on earth without being rewarded with an Utopia.

Utopia! what a nice place to be in,where ppl are equal and everything is just cookies and cream. Do that place really exist? In reflection,Utopia is a dream place which ppl created to symbolizes an ideal world,I mean the direct translation is NO Place.

The nearest thing that I could read about Death is tru ppl who had experienced near-death encounters,the so-called White Light at the end of the tunnel but according to Scientists,this Light at the end of the tunnel is being created by the Brain during traumatic moments.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When I whine

The post says it all.Its going to be full of whining stuff.

1) My Time

As all of u know,my car is in the workshop cos of an unlucky nite. So for the past month,I have been mostly at home.Yes,it has given me a new perspective to life and how I was spending it but..........
I HATE TO KEEP STARING AT THE 4 WALLS OF MY ROOM.I really don't how some ppl would be happy to stay at home day after day after day.

During the 1st 2 weeks,I was like in reflecting mode,keep on asking myself on how I improve my time management and wanting to spend time with family but during week 3,I rerealised the reasons of me wanting to stay out of the family's matters.In simple words,everyone is a busybody,wanting to compare but never help to improve.

My dad doesn't let me to go out at nite,so no more yamcha sessions to get new ideas or topics to talk about, so there are a thousand issues in my head,circulating around till I get those questions answered by other means.The worst part is my dad keep playing the accident and the responsibility card when I mention of going out or whatever.

2) HPhone

This is my fault. Since I got a lot of problems after I repair my K700i,I decided to sent my Nokia 5800 to be repaired in Spore.Guess what,this was 3 mths ago. I gave my uncle to repair it and he is suppose to return it during his last visit which was a week ago.He said he forgot to send it for repairs so I have to wait for Raya to get the Hphone back,wonder if the hp is still with him.

3) My car

It is still in the workshop,the mechanic said that if I'm lucky,I may get it before raya.I miss my car,its an essential item for me.I need it to settle my stuff,sample new sausages and other stuff.
I love u,my princess.

4) On smses

This is going to be divided into 3 parts.

a) I hate it when unknown ppl sms,"hey,how are u?" I mean do you expect me to remember ur number? I have numbers of a lot of ppl and I always deleted those numbers who aren't active,I don't like to store ppl's numbers in my phone.So next time,pls intro urself.

b) Next,I hate waiting.It doesn't matter if I have to wait for a dateline or a sms. I know we're supposed to fill the gaps doing stuff but for some reason,my mind keep telling me that this guy haven't answered my sms. There was a time that I stay awake till 4 am,just to wait for a reply cos it was kinda important.

My motto is," don't do stuff to ppl that u don't want ppl to do".I know how depressing and how slow time goes when i have to wait for ppl's reply or for them to arrive so I won't do this to others.

c) Have u ever got a msg that says." I'll chat with u later?" Its means that U'll msg the guy back when ur done with ur stuff not the guy msg u to ask whether ur done. I'm sure my readers would agree to the definition that I gave. Once,its ok,twice,Its pushing it but more than 3,I'm giving up. I always give ppl 3 chances,if they don't use the 3 chances given,I'll say bye2 or give the person a dose of his medicine.

If I start to whine,I'll never stop so Its better for me to control my whining,bottling in up again and wait for it to explode some other time.


Today,I had lunch with my 3 aunties,A,B and C at Pizza Hut. I wasn't paying attention to the flow of their conversation and they started asking what were my future plans blah,blah and blah.Here's the snippet of the conversation:

A: Ichi,ur getting old de.No Gfs meh?

I:No time and No money lah.

B:What are ur plans after graduation?

I:Get job,get a house or rent a place.

C: What!! ur moving out. Who is going to take care of ur parents?

B: So typical,kids these days.Once get a job,they want to stay alone.Do u think u can afford a place with ur starting pay?

I: Well,not rite away but after a few years of working,I'll try to get a house of my own.

A: Nolah,that's not a gd idea.U shuld be filial.

During the drive back,I realised that my aunties are super hypocrites. Why do I say this? All of my uncles and aunties moved out after getting a job or getting married. One even moved to the north,leaving my maternal grandma alone in the South. Aunt A's son migrated to NZ,she didn't say anything,didn't even play the FILIAL card but I want to move to kl jer,alredi got a lot of noises.Sigh.

Reasons why I want to move out:

1) I'm gay,I can't bring guys back for the nite and my lifestyle is totally different.
2) I don't want to waste time commuting.
3) If I don't move out,I'm going to stay with my parents which is kinda depressing to hear.
4) I need space,I need a place to call my own.
5) If I buy a house,I could rent it out,get extra money.
6) I want the 5 Cs,car,condo,credit card,club and children.
7) I'm sick of the phrase,"This is my roof ur living under.
8)I'm not a FILIAL son.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Community Service

Sori for this late post but my old monitor was dying. Last Saturday,my year-mates were involved in a community service project which was a free health check. We just check for BMI,blood glucose,blood type and blood pressure. Sori to say,I wasn't involved in the planning process,just went there and do it.

On that morning,we gathered at the Shah Alam Library at around 8 am,fooled around and prepared the stations. We were supposed to have a senamrobik with kids but there were not kids around so we did it ourselves.

At 10 am,we went hunting for ppl to do the health check. So my frens and I went around the library,asking ppl to visit our booth. Surprisingly,ppl were eager to let us prick their fingers or give advice on how to improve their health.Just imagine if we prick wrongly or those innocent ppl got septicemia or all the antigens for the blood typing were negative. "Sir,ur blood is an unknown type cos it didn't show any reactions to our chemicals or Sir",U have blue blood,are u sure ur not an alien" or worst," Sir,it seems that we can't prick ur finger with our lancets,could we cut ur finger with this scalpel instead?. Sure they would never trust these free,public health checks anymore.

So while some of us were doing the health check for the parents, the rest were organising games for the kids.We had a colouring competition and some minor games like Follow the Leader,Ball in a Basket and Pin the Clown's Eye. Almost all of the kids got prizes for just participating while those kids that shown determination or complete the objective of the game got Special Prizes like Drawing block,Watercolour and etc.

Surprising facts that we found out were:

1) There were a lot of type O blood group in the crowd.
2) Ppl would do anything as long as its free.
3) Teens aren't bothered about their health.
4) Kids are wonderful creatures,even if they didn't win,a few words of praises would make them happy.
5) Limiting the lancets to a hundred was a gd idea.
6) There were more than 10 ppl with negative rhesus.
7) The chicken dance is a good way to wake up.
8) Doing the chicken dance in the public is the best way to get attention.

Some random pics of that day

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Year

Dear Little Prince,

It seems that Time does fly. It has been a full year since we met in frenster. Sumtimes I don't believe that this relationship is a year old only,its seems that we have always been in each other's life. We started this relationship with a msg in Frenster which developed into daily chats and now to this.

Maybe its destined that 2 of us found each other,2 ppl who are completely different,who have nothing in common,well almost nothing .Whatever it is,I'm glad that we are together in this game of Life. Maybe during that fateful day,a year ago, our stars collided and smashed into each other's pathway and thus making this possible. Umai des

Yeah,there are times that either one felt of letting go of the string but we still persevered,there are times that either one of us drives the other one to his limit of tolerance.Hahahaha

Not to forget the sweet times that we shared,sharing our happiness and joy and we're always a call or an sms away to share each other's pains or burdens.Although,we are physically far from each other most of time but we are always close.

Anyway,happy one year,bro.

Loving u always
Ivan gor

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An encounter

Smlm,Hem termakan pil estrogen Mak Hem so Hem feeling2 woman sangat,rasenye Hem terlupa nak baca label kat botol pil tu tapi adekah Hem kisah ttg tu.Oh tidak,Hem lebih suke bile Farish Khan take over body Hem. Selepas mandi,Hem terus pakai Kebaya Merah Hem tu. Kebaya merah tu sgt berjasa dgn Hem,menang pertandingan tu and of cos dapat banyak jejan yg jes belaka.Setakat muka macam Justin Long tu,Hem tak layan tp kalo kasi Hem,Brad Pitt,Hem bersyukur uolls.

Lagipun hari nie,Uni Hem ade function so bermakna class cancel,rase rugi juga cos tak dapat menggoda budak kat kelas Hem tu. So Hem keluar rumah,pi Kl mencari Jejan.Niat Hem sesuai dgn attire Hem yg sangat seksi tu,rase2 Ratu Kebaya pun boleh kalah.

Hem menuju ke Jln Bukit Bintang. Ape kelas lorong Haji taib tu,Hem tak layan budak local tau. Zil pendek dan tak tahu menggunakannya,sangat memalukan maruah org local.

Semase Hem berjalan kat area Bukit Bintang tu,Hem ternampak seorang Mamat British yang berkesepian. Hem pun pi dekat,mula menunjuk aset yang ade. Tapi malang nasib Hem,rupa2 Mamat British nie pun segolongan,bottom uolls.Sakit ati Hem.

Hem berjalan lagi dgn mempamerkan punggung Hem yg dikira hebat tu,tibe2 ade mamat menegur Hem.Hem toleh and nampak Jejan yg Jes sekali. Hem cuba nasib and kali nie,Hem berjaya menjerat die. Die ajak Hem ke Toilet yg berhampiran,Hem tolak tawaran die cos Hem nak pi bilik hotel die terus. Die kata die duduk kat Motel. Hem rase sgt malu dgn kata2 die,ape kelas main kat Motel,Hem nie bukan Nyah Sembarangan tau. Die memang taste Hem tapi sangat die tu pokai. Hem bukan jual mahal tp Kita kena jaga standard kita kan,uolls.

Di depan Zouk,Hem nampak Mamat America nie sorang dok usha Hem,Hem buat don't know. Die dtg dekat dengan Hem dan mula bicara,die kata yg die ade bilik kat Hotel Istana. Hem kata,"setakat ade bilik kat situ,belum tentu boleh dapat Hem." Die ajak Hem dgn menjanjikan Hem bahawa "it will be a nite to remember". Penat Hem dengar phrase nie,indah khabar dr rupa. Tapi since Hem penat,Hem ikut je.

Bile sampai kat bilik Suite die,die mule adegan panas die,Hem menunggu die buka zip,nak tengok zil yang gergasi Mamat America nie. Since Blog Hem nie sesuai utk golongan Underage kan,Hem cuma boleh katakan yang mmg its a nite to remember. Zil die mmg gergasi. Sedap dimakan,uolls.

ps:This is just a fictional story.I don't drag at all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Besides frens,what do u need to survive?

The question above was asked by a dear fren of mine. The answer is simple,I need books. As long as I remember,I love to read,it doesn't matter if its fiction or non-fiction but I do refer fiction.

My first books were the usual Classics (of cos,in simplified version) which were Charles Dickens,Jules Verne and many more. Then I fell in love with the Gold Rush,I started reading White Fang and Call of the Wild. During my teen yrs,I found Shakespeare,among his great tragedies,I find Macbeth the best. Rite now,I just read whatever I fancy,from Harry Potter to Occult.

Some of my frens said that the way that I read books is a bit peculiar, well I think so cos I do silent reading but with a twist,I make the characters come to life,giving them persona as and voices. For example, in my mind,Hermione has a mature,mothering voice while Voldemort has a metallic voice or Lestat has the voice of a cheeky boy.Weird rite?

The other thing I do with my books is to catalogue them according to colours which refers to their contents. For example Shakespeare is dark blue, Enid Blyton is red or violet, Harry Potter and Lord of the rings is gold,those that dealt with occult is black. I know I'm being eccentric but that's how I remembered the contents of each book.

Rite now,I trying to get more non-fiction books especially those which contain human rights or gay rights or historical issues,could someone recommend me a good bookstore?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy bday Spore

In 30 mins, Singapore will be 44 yrs old.

Happy Bday to u,Singapore
Miss u so much.

Ways to be HAPPY

1) Don't find perfection,don't even try to find it cos its an illusion.

2) Stop hanging around those whose sole purpose in life is to dwell in misery.

3) Stop worrying about 2morrow and start living 2day.

4) Eat chocolates especially dark chocolates.

5) Smile and laugh

6) Get a hobby

7) Stop thinking about yesterdays.

8) Hug ppl

9) Switch off the com and Hp and go outdoors and play.

10) Have a good quality time with frens

If all of this fails,go and get some weed and u'll be in 7 heaven always.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Girl,Do u have proof that he wants u truly not just using u as a plaything to pass his time until sumting better comes along? Trust me,Girl2,he is just using u like a plaster to be discarded when he's well.

Sumtimes,I do ponder how it feels to have "him" back in my life but I really don't want the Banana tree to fruit 2x. He isn't worth the pain. Remember the nite that he broke up with u,remember how he humiliated u in front of the scarlet woman.Remember the pain? Do u really think this time is different?Just remember that He had hurt u once,he will hurt u again.Move on and find ur Prince Charming.

I know that ur doing this to get revenge on him but knowing u,ur plan would backfire on u. He isn't worth ur time nor energy.Just move on,Girl2

I'm not alone who is saying this,the rest is also echoing the same thoughts,just move on,Girl2.

Evann Syndrome

Yeah,I know that the title is a bit lame but I'm suffering the same illness as Evann did during his last sem.

There is this guy who always go and pray in the Uni's surau and I always hang out around that area when I'm in the campus and being the Devil that I am,I seldom pray in the surau so I only could glimpses of this guy when he's taking wuduk or when he's lepaking around that area. Of cos,I did a bit of recon and found that he's my junior's junior.

This sem,I'm taking Clinical Biochem and guess what,he's also taking that subject but he's in a different grup so unless the lecturer combines her classes,the chances of me seeing him would be only in the Exam Hall. Maybe I shuld ask to change grups or what. :)

Oh yeah,I know his name alredi,just waiting for a good time to start chatting with him. Hopefully,I'll get more than his name as the sem progress.

Ps: Wish me good luck for the 2 papers that I'll be having later for lunch and tea.
Pps: Just found that he's going to be in the same hall as me for one of the papers.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm rich

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world

Recently,I have been playing Duit Senoman with my cousins and this week is my turn to get the money.

What is Duit Senoman? Maybe,u'll know it by its local term which Duit Kutu,in English,its called as Tong tin. Singaporeans and Johoreans would use the term Duit Senoman instead of Duit Kutu.
This is normally played by the aunties or grannies to increase their income.(So Grandma Twinkle would be an expert on this.LOL)

How to play? Well,first u get the players to agree to a certain amount of money that is to be collected by the end of the round,in my case,its Rm 500.Some like my aunt would play as high as Rm 2k.This amount would be divided by the number of players. After the amount of money is agreed by the players,u have to select a banker who is also playing and would collect the money at the end of the round. The number of rounds usually reflect the number of players while the duration of the round would be a short as 1 week or as long as a month. Before u start to play,u'll have to draw lots to determine ur turn to get the money.

For an example, I'm playing with 4 other cousins.The total amount per round is rm 500,so each have to pay rm 100 to my eldest cousin who acts as the banker. The duration of a round is 2 weeks,so on the 13th day,everyone has to bank in the money and on the 14th day,the person whose turn to get the money will get it.

So go and play this money game with ur colleagues or frens and be rich as well.