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I was talking to a group of frens earlier about the natural disasters that we are facing today,some of them blamed GLOBAL WARMING,some blamed the change of a new era while others said that we need them or we have to go to war. I kinda surprised when H said that we need some disasters or we need major war as he is not a war hawk and as sane as others.

His explanation is below:

Crisis when written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters-one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.Remember how Japan rebounded after the WW2,the speed of her progress was amazing. She practically beaten everyone else. Remember how USA overcame Depression with WW2, her men were out fighting but her women were hard at work building weapons,making uniforms and etc.

I (H) am not saying that natural disasters are a good thing but sumtimes we can used it for our own good. Remember that the Earth cannot provide enuff for whole humankind as resources are being used up and the population is skyrocketing at a pace that hasn't been seen. In the olden days,we have famine,plague, wars and etc to control our population boom but now,we have only commonsense.The life expectancy of humans is longer therefore we rely more on pension schemes and etc to support us in the long run,a few of us do not think for in long term,our money is spend on loans from study loan till marriage loan.

Japan would use this opportunity to kick start her economy if provided her ministers are smart enuff plus the nuclear plant was supposed to be decom 10 years ago. Bribery in play perhaps?

So I rest my case on why disasters can be a good thing.

My comments

U asshole,wait till it happens to u then u know..I'm definitely going to blog about this. Remind me to stab u and then we'll see how u turn that into a good ting.

Any economist willing to comment on this?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm going to start my internship in April at a place near Jln Pahang therefore I'm looking for a place nearby preferably at Sentul/Setapak for a duration of 6 mths. I have tried looking around using classifieds but no luck therefore I'm appealing to u,my readers for a room in the above mentioned area. I would prefer a room to myself.



Monday, March 21, 2011


Every now and then when I’m all alone
I’d be wishing that you would call me on the telephone
Say you want me back but you never do
I feel like such a fool
There’s nothing I can do
I’m such a fool for you

I can’t take it
What am I waiting for?
I’m still breaking
I miss you even more
And I can’t fake it
The way I could before
I hate you but I love you
I can’t stop thinking of you
It’s true, I’m stuck on you

I don't know whether I can go on like this with U..Every day and nite,I'm waiting for ur call/sms. I'm so tired of being the one who makes the 1st move,wondering whether I'm doing the right thing. I wanted to give up at the very 1st min but due to ur reasoning,I didn't but now ur acting like nothing. I'm sick of waiting for the end to come. Pls come clean for both of our sakes

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So this is it,the end of the 1st part of my studies and the start of the 2nd part of studies. For 3 yrs,we have been 2gether. Together,we have created sweet and sumtimes bitter memories 2gether. Sometimes, we may not get along well,sometimes we may be at each other throats for things such completing assignments and etc.Whatever we learned in Campus,let it be lessons regarding life or studies,let us take the moral of it or if its a bad thing,let's take it as a caution not to repeat the mistakes of others. And of cos,we must not forget our lecturers who in her/his own way helped us to a better person. Most importantly, pray that we won't be like the JFK Gang.

I would like to thank Seha,Charizard, Mary, Azuan, Atiqah, Amanda, Pris, Syazana,Fiza,Iqbal,Chenda,Lydia,Law,T3 and also Pn Suhana,Pn Azrina, Dr P aka Dragonlady, Mr Kim, Ms Lau, Ms Yas for making my days in the campus a memorable one.

I also would like to apologize if in ANY way I have offended u,I know that sumtimes I often said too much.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Being evil

For those who know me will know that the Evil Quotient in me is insignificant,maybe only 1% if compared to the other aspects of me;Blur me, Wise me, Cranky me and Silent me.

Evil me is an aspect that I reserved for a special few like Anak Raja gang and etc.But me being evil isn't truly evil in sense that I don't go and destroy that person totally but I want them to learn that what they are doing will come back and haunt especially these grup of ppl who are somebody at least in my uni. Most of their victims would just walk away or in the end will be lulled by their sweetness which makes them think that what they do is a good thing.

Maybe in restropect,I shuld go and be Blair,destroy them fully and make sure that they won't dare to show their faces in public..

I really wish that their internship will be a disaster

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A special request

To: All readers
Re: Help Japan

As all of u know that Japan has been hit by an earthquake and a tsunami and now they are facing all sort of probs from the aftermath of the 2 disasters.

I would strongly urged u to donate to either REDCROSS (http://redcrescent.org.my/drupal/) or any other agencies.

As lovers of Japanese boys,anime, manga or culture,I think its time for us to show our appreciation and compassion to others.

I hope that u'll contribute to this humanitarian aid.TQ

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MySympBios 2011

Hi,I missed u all so much.. 3 days without internet is really a torture. Anyway,most of u might know that I was in Kuantan from 11-13 march for an academic event which is MySympBios 2011 which was held at IIUM (Kuantan).

My frens and I went there by car (yes,another achievement for my car). We left Shah Alam by 6 plus pm,reached Karak by 8+pm and arrived at Kuantan by 1opm. We got lost while finding the dorm (well,the map said that its near IIUM but its actually quite the distance).

There were 3 cars (my uni contingent was 12 ppl strong). We were the 1st to arrive,the 2nd car which contained the majority of female passengers left Shah Alam at 1 am and reached Kuantan by 6 am(They stopped at a R&R for a nap). The last car which to arrive was JFK,left Shah Alam on Sat and arrived by lunchtime. (Note: the event started on Saturday).Yeah,I know very unprofessional till their supervisor need to call them to move their butts.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself tons there despite the antics of my unimates,didn't sleep for a whole nite due to a creaky bed and had a severe headache on Sunday.

The event was an eye-opener cos I learnt tons depsite sleeping thru keynote addresses. I met with a lot of ppl from various Unis,the best and most frenly was from UPM (Teo & Desmond) & Utar (Lisa and the girls,their supervisor was Prof Fan & Say)* & UM (Tony and his fren,Lim,I think).

Who knew that Biomed could be so all-comprising,its like that we know something about everything.

I had my poster presentation on Sat, I had 3 evaluators,one was surprised that my research was dry(I was the only person who did dry),the other was surprised of the results that I get. A UM student criticized my results harshly cos I sort of gave them a bad name( who asked u guys to not to pay attention in class).

On the things that I noticed:

1)In Biomed field,u can't be arrogant or self-centered,u'll miss out a lot of things.

2)Never stay contented with what u have done,many are trying to improve themselves.

3) Networking is a key tool.

4) Love ur research,it might be lame but its ur hard work (yeah,finally realized this)

5) Biomed students is heavy sought after.

6) The standard of technology of a nation is based on the number of researchers it has.

7) If u are willing to work hard,the sky is ur limit.

8) Never judge a book by its cover.

9) U may have the lousiest CGPA but u maybe surprised at where u'll end up,if u continue to persevere.

To my juniors,I strongly recommend u to go for events like this,u'll really learn more things and u'll see what the lecturers are trying to do regardless of how they might show it.Most uni will give a list of titles for FYP and some might have Master student or Phd student in charge of the research which is so different from what MSU do,therefore be proud that ur research is 90% urs.

* maybe Ultraman might know them well

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Offensives acts

List of offensive acts

1) Vote Bn
2) Hang out with girls
3) Talk dirty
4) Being gay
5) Speaking ur mind out
6) Holding hands
7) Being true to urself
8) Not following mainstream
9) Putting pictures of Vagina in a ppt

10) Wearing mask for a masquerade ball

List of acts that are going to be offensive soon

1) Wear mask during surgery
2) Wear trousers
3) Wear shirts
4) Wear undergarments

I have only one word for them: DUMB



Sunday, March 6, 2011


I was talking to a fren over the phone the other day,he was asking why I "like" certain ppl and why my liking keeps on changing. Most would like a certain type of ppl,for example,some would like muscular guys,some would like twinks and some would like ppl with big eyes.

According to my fren , none of my Exs follow a certain pattern;the basis of why I like them differ from one to another (Yes,I don't count physical attributes as major reasons of liking a person). Anyway,the fren asked me to justify my actions which is a weird thing cos how do u explain to someone why u like a person. I mean a person is a person not a thing. I can tell u a thousand reasons why I like Hush Puppies but I'm dumbfounded when u ask me to a give a reason of liking a person.

In the end,I just said that " just like loh". I know its dumb but what to say when we are talking about love.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


What happens when u love someone that loves some else? Shuld u plan their break up or shuld u just watch and secretly hope that u will be there for that person when they break up or shud u move on and pray that the person u love will be happy?

Recently a fren of mine found out that there is someone who likes his bf and dares to admit that to his face. (very gusty fellow). But the interesting part of this story is unlike most who will give in or will scold the bf for giving the 3rd party too much of attention,my fren simply said to the person that he may try his luck with my fren's bf but most probably he will fail cos the bf doesn't like his type of personality and walk off.

Guess what? that 3rd person stopped pursuing the bf. My fren concluded that that guy doesn't love his bf but only its only lust.

My dear readers,what would u do when u come across this situation? Would u blame the bf or blame urself for being inadequate or would u choose a face off?