Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ichi's VIPS

Elo guys, I have less than 21 hrs to say goodbye to the old me.I'm looking forward to the new year ahead,new experiences,new challenges and new people to meet with.

In this post,I'm going introduce my VIPs,the Very Important People in my life,some of them might know who they are and some might not know but they had helped me to face my fears,share my sorrows and joy with in their own ways.

1) Family

Ichi loves his family very much but sometimes Ichi feels that the family doesn't love Ichi as much.

2) My bestfren

Everyone has a best fren,a fren who doesn't sugarcoat his words when his fren wants his honest opinions on things or hides when his fren needs him the most. My best fren is Alfred aka Veronica. We had known each other for 1o years now and I hope its everlasting.

We met in a tuition center during form 2.Funny enuff,our normal discussions during Saturdays' afternoons are about Egyptology and physics and what nots. We had a theory that there is a unknown pyramid that hasn't been discovered cos its upside down and its related to the Scorpion King and holds the last Book of Thoth. Yes,we're geeks back that.

Then,I had to do my Ns in Spore so for 2 yrs,we sorta lost contact. When,I came back,we met up and that's when I found out that we share the same interest in men.

Since then,we often meet up for a cup of coffee once or twice a week and share gossips or problems. I like his straightforwardness although sometimes his way of saying or doing stuff can be hurtful but at least,he is honest and deep down cares a lot for his frens.

2) Little Prince

I think most of u know about this cutie. Although,we had known each other for less than a year,we had gone through a lot together. Everyday,we'll msg each other and share problems or just talk cock.

Little prince is my bro,I think we're closer than me and my own bro. Sometimes,I think and wonder how a simple chat in frenster and evolve to this. Lp's answer for this is that It's Destiny,we were destined to meet. Who am I to question Heaven.

Our relationship has its ups and downs,sometimes I'm too busy with work to layan him or vice versa. In my experiences,I haven't seen a perfect relationship and I think that it doesn't exist.

My favourite mantra to him is," Ah Ti,study pls". I think most of u know the reason behind it. :)
His favourite mantra for me is." Gor,don't worry much,k?"

3) My Faghags

I have 2 faghags whose names are Pzah and Farehan.I had met the both of them during my Foundation year. They are completely opposite in nature,One is in love with manga and anime,the other loves to keep herself fit and pretty.

Pzah,she is a joyful gal,I like her attitude very much,full of energy. I could talk about stuff and she gets it. Since she is in MMU,Melaka and I'm in Shah Alam,we rarely meet up but sometimes when the planets aligned properly,I chat with her in Ym. She is the best candidate to go for a boy watching session. We share the same taste in men.Btw Pzah's blog is linked to my blog.

Farehan,at 1st,I thought that she is a bimbo,u know those girls with pretty face but no brains,after getting to know her,I found that behind the pretty face,there's is a brain,a full functionally brain. She is in MAHSA.

She is the 1st gal that I came out to and she was damm supporting about it. She had helped me a lot when I was in Choir. Her voice is beautiful,I heard her singing The Prayer b4 and it was perfect to the last note.Our favourite past time is gossiping and bitching about others.

All of these ppl that I mentioned are dear and important to me. I hope that they would be with me always.


Culicidae is one of the Families of the order of Diptera which belongs to the class of Hexapoda which in turns belong to the subphylum of Mandibulata or the phylum of Arthropod.
Culicidae is further divided into 3 subfamilies which are Culicinae,Anophelinae and Toxorhynchinae. Culicinae forms 80% of Culicidae,it has 9 genera,the most common ones are Culex,Aedes and Masonia. Anophelinae has 3 genera and Anopheles are included in the subfamily of Anophelinae. The last subfamily which is Toxorhynchinae has one genus which is Toxorhynchinites.

The genera that belongs to the subfamily of Culicinae and Anophelinae are mostly vectors for disease such as Yellow Fever,Dengue,Malaria and so on. The females of this subfamilies need blood especially human blood for production of eggs while the males are veggies. Toxorhychinae are predators and mostly preys on the larvae of others. The females of this subfamily doesn't need blood for production of eggs.

Culicidae are sensitive creatures,their senses are good enuff to differentiate the blood group of its human prey,their favourite blood group is type O.

Viewed under microscope

Oh man,I'm too engrossed with this subject.Am I turning into Grissom of Csi? Seriously,I need to get a life,these days,its uni,home and work. I'm really looking forward for this weekend. To the readers,now u know the creature that keeps sucking ur blood at night and why.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing with Fire

Sorry guys,sori to force u guys to read my ramblings lately. I have been busy lately with uni and with the boy. In fact,we had spent time with each other daily since last Wednesday and the only time we were apart was during the weekend cos he went for a camping trip and when I did my own stuff.

He is such an angel and devil mixed in perfect proportion. With his cute smile,he succeeded in killing me literally. His energy level is so high that I need to call a time out in order not to get a heart attack.

I know I'm playing with fire,sooner or later,we'll get caught or the relationship goes south but I'm really falling for this sweet angel. I know that sooner or later,he'll find someone closer to his age and interests but for now,I just want to enjoy the moments we have.

Its easy when both of the parties agreed to an open relationship,he's free to fuck others and I'm free to do my own thing,no strings attached. Maybe,u mind think that Ichi is really desperate but after having 5 relationships,I'm sick of the heartaches that follow after the break ups. I'm being realistic instead.

Maybe in the future,I change my stand on this but for now,I'm happy with the cards that I'm dealt with.

Enuff of baby,I like to share a story of another boy that approached me,he's from Ipoh and from what I know of him,I think he's from a rich family. Let's call him Henri,k.

Henri contacted me via frendster and I gave him my ym and hp no cos its easier to just msg me instead of yming or emails. During our 1st chat,he told me that he's confused of his sexuality and he wanted to explore around.As usual,I gave him all the precautions and told him the evils of gayhood.

During the 2nd chat,I enticed him with phones sex and he agreed with it.(I'm not a pedophile tau).

During the 3rd chat,Henri told me that he's going to do it with his bestfren who is straight and he bought all the nessary stuff like lube,condom and ropes. (yes,he's into bondage,i think). The 3rd chat was on last Sunday.I tried talking him out of it,saying that he might lose his fren later on.My advices were unhinded. (There is someting wrong with youngsters these days,the more u deny them,the higher their desire to have it).

On last Monday,Henri told me that he did it and the both of them enjoyed it throughly. He didn't gave much details but he fucked the best fren 1st then they switched and both was tied up during the intercourse.

On hearing it,My 1st thought was that I wished that I had his best fren as my best fren during those trial years. My 2nd was thank god,Henri didn't kena reject by his best fren and destroyed that relationship in name of exprimenting cos some of us know what happens when we cross the lines of friendship.In whole,I wish Henri the best of luck and hopefully he don't do anything drastic again.

Maybe I shuld open a school for gays kids in future or start a Gay 101 in this blog or what cos more and more youngsters are coming to me for advices and what not,if LP or Al reads this,they are going to laugh out loud cos they know how screwed up my life is really is.

Guys,I'm really not the old man on the mountain but I'll try to solve ur problems as best as I can,k?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Multiple personality disorder?

Elo,everyone,I'm Ivan.Tonight,I'm going to interview Ichi who is the owner of the this blog.

Ivan: Elo,Ichi.How are you tonite?

Ichi: Fine,just a bit horny.Baby misses me a lot.

Ivan: Erm,who is Baby?

Ichi: He's a boy from my blog,we have been meeting up lately.I'm going to blog about him later.

Ivan: So U have been out and proud for 3 yrs?What was the reaction from ur frens?

Ichi: Yeah,I have.They have been super cool about it and some got the courage to come out,well to me at least.

Ivan: Are u currently single?Why?

Ichi: Yeah,I'm single.Erm,The explanation is kinda long. Well,the straight guy that I liked got a Gf,the gay guy that I like got a Bf,the bisexual guy,well,he got both.

Ivan: So tell us,how many guys U had been intimate with?

Ichi: Omg,not this question.

Ivan: Why?

Ichi: Erm,if the number is too large,you'll call me a slut or a liar and if the number is too small,you'll call me a liar.

Ivan:Pls do tell.

Ichi: Ok,I got 5 exs,30 fuck buddies over the period of 12 yrs. Some were just a blowjob and some were quite heavy.For the record,I'm not a slut and its all f.o.c.

Ivan: Erm,quite the character. Who was the most memorable?

Ichi: Well,there was this cousin,the prefect from school,the NSmate and of cos my 1st ex.

Ivan: So tell us,which locations u had done it?

Ichi: erm,once again,i'm not a slut. I have done it in a bus,in a cinema,stairway,car,toilet,friend's house,my house,the partner's house and in camp. And oh yeah,in school.

Ivan:Ok,I got a source saying that ur family knows that ur gay? How did it happened?

Ichi: Yeah,they know but they are acting dumb on the issues and they are trying to get me wife. Well,I forgot to clear my history and they found about this blog and the crowd that I hang with and the rest is history.

Ivan: Ic,so ur turning 24 yrs ols soon,how was ur year?

Ichi: Ivan,I'm 23 yrs tis yr,k! My year was great,got a sweet bro who is a game addict.Got Baby who is a devil on bed and found new frens and gain new exp.

Ivan: Ok,what shuld the bloggers know about u?

Ichi:1st,I don't have multiple personality disorder. 2nd,I'm getting white hairs over this sem. 3rd,I miss my baby.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love Syndrome

Love Syndrome or Love Sickness happens when u or a friend is in love and start to devote time to be with their better half and start to ignore friends' invites to hang out or chat and slowly u could see him spending 24 hrs together with his lover and often than not,giving silly excuses to not go for the usual yamcha sessions.This is just one of the side effects that we have to endure when a friend is in love. The other effects are forgetfulness,day-dreaming,constant glances on the phone and etc.

As frens,we understand that u need time to be with your lover,to strengthen ur love or whatever but u can't just ignore frens totally. Talking from experience,I have this fren who would always organize yamcha sessions or movie outings but this events only happens when he is single. We could always tell that he got someone new when he stops calling us out. I don't like this type of ppl cos to them,frens are like accessories,when u need them,u wear them and when the need is gone,u put them in storage. For me,frens are invaluable and I always put them 1st.(maybe,its a mistake to that.) I always tell my lovers that my frens have a higher priority than them,some could accept it and some couldn't. Those who could not accept it often don't make it to a higher level.

I know readers might say that I'm opening a can of worms here or simply being green but I think this issue is quite serious cos many of us face it among our group of frens. Call me jealous or what but what if a fren do this to u especially in ur hour of need. Won't you feel upset or angry?

My mum always advice me not to do things that I hate to others. If I could put aside an hour or more to hang with frens or reply msgs when I'm dating or busy,don't you think that u could do the same?I admit that when we have a lover,our phone bills tend to go a bit higher but is that a valid reason to not call friends?

Some of my frens would say that I'm overreacting to this side-effect and they would say that I'm being childish and being a Kacau Daun.I'm just saying that if I could manage time and be equal to all,don't I at least deserve the same.

I'm not saying that its bad or its okay to subject ur friends to this but everything needs moderation. Friends will always be with u but lovers,they have a time limit. So sometimes its ok to say no to ur lover once a while and spend time with ur frens and if ur lover gives u an ultimatum,the either me or ur fren,I hope u know which to choose.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Th e Saga of the Golden Dildos pt 7

While the royal 4 heads to the fortress of the Silver Hand,Prince Jerry was being ambushed by a group of Silver Hand assassins too but he defended the assassin's easily as he was a skilled fighter.He was trained by all 4 Royals and each had taught their own jutsus to him which are Unlimited Cum Jutsu by King Ichi,Moon Jutsu by Queen Willy,Scorpion Jutsu by King Nase and Drunken Lover by King Kenji.

He even managed to capture one of the assassins and had prevented the assassin from the Devil's Pill.

Prince Jerry: What's ur name?

Assassin: My loyalty is to the Silver Hand.

Prince Jerry: Answer my questions or else?

Assassin: Hahhaha,u think I'll be afraid of u?

Prince Jerry: Fine,I have a Truth Pill in my possession. I'll make u eat that and u can't tell a lie ever again.

Prince Jerry unmasked the assassin and forced him to swallow the Truth Pill.

Prince Jerry: what's ur name,assassin.

Assassin: My name is Melvin.

Prince Jerry: Who send u and for what purpose?

Assassin Melvin: The Silver Hand got the orders from Straightland

Prince Jerry: So its true,King Bengbeng is up to someting. Assassin,did ur grup stole the Golden Dildos?

Assassin Melvin: No,we did not.

Prince Jerry: Ok.I'm going to tie u up and I'm going to rest here.

As Prince Jerry tied the assassin up,he noticed how cute the assassin is and wondered why a cute creature as this assassin could be so heartless and cruel.

The next morning,Prince Jerry contacted The Royal 4 and told them what happened.The Royal 4 immediately told Prince Jerry to meet them at the Silver Mountains.

My day

I went out with Little Prince for a movie at Sunway Pyramid,I kinda forced him to come to Pyramid cos I kept going to Kl to meet him and to sweeten the deal,the movie tickets was on me. Actually,the real reason is cos his paper on Tuesday was hard cos a lot of KBKK questions which required him to think out of the box.

We decided to meet at 12 noon cos I have a class at 4 pm. As usual,we were late for the movie which "Treads of Destiny". The movie was slow and the hall was empty.The main msg was each meeting has a reason behind it and if its meant to be,it will be.

I wasn't that happy with the meet cos I wanted to tell him a lot of things in my mind like the boy and etc but he was kinda distracted,can't blame a guy who is in love. I wish that I could spend more time with not only him but with most of friends cos I'm kinda busy and have 1-2 days per week for socializing this sem.

About the boy, I can only add that he is indeed underage and he's kinda "shy' but after getting to know him,he's just an average kid who is kinda thirsty for love.

Yes,I did fucked,rimmed and sucked him yesterday. The lack of visual imagery and in depth description is due to the boy,he said that he didn't want to be a cyberslut and he wants privacy.

To the readers,don't fret.I'll try to get some pics of him and post it here.

The boy

Remember about the boy that I was talking in my last posts. Well,I have been meeting up with him almost regularly. He's so the manja,on the 1st meet,he gave me a peck on the cheek,on the 2nd meet,he squeeze lil Ichi. (He isn't that innocent as I thought).

Today,I meet him again but this time it was at his house,his parents are at work so as the saying goes" when the cat is away.the mice come out and play". He was bragging that he has PS3 so I wanted to test him and see whether his claims are geniune. So I went to his place and he cooked me lunch,it was just fried rice with chocolate cake as dessert.

After we had our lunch,I went to his room and started playing the PS3. The Ps3 was damm good so for half an hour,he was talking to the wall cos I was busy killing ppl. Then he made his move,he touched Lil Ichi and starting rubbing it. I told him," Don't lah do that,later U'll regret." He didn't stop so I unzip and let Lil Ichi out then he stopped and was a bit shy. I actually taunted him to continue which he did. I think the readers know what happened next,I'm kinda shy to state it here cos the boy knows my blog url so he might drop by and realised that I'm actually a perv and a slut.

To the readers,do you think I'm a perv cos I'm dong it with a boy? Pls comment,k

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1 group,3 timetables

I hate this short semester. Too little time and too many topics to cover,plus I got 4 morning classes each week. The mid sem exam is 2 weeks away and the lecturers just covered the 1st chapter for each subject. My lect. hours are too long.Its official,I really hate this short sem.

The worst part is on Friday,I got this lab session at 4.30-6.30 pm. I tried to cajole the lecturer to change it to another day cos me and my frens want to be able to party earlier and guess what? My grup members are from 3 separate subgrups,this means that each subgrup has its own timetable so its damm hard to find a time that is suitable for all 3 subgrups.

Sien,I'm super worried about medical entomology cos its the heaviest subject for this short sem. Basically,we need to study about arthropods and its diseases.Examples of arthropods are spider,lobster,mosquito,flea and worms.

So what's the big the deal? easy what. Yeah,easy ur head!!!!!!

Arthropods has like the most number of subpylums and orders and genuses!!!!!!!! And we need to remember each of the subphylums and orders and genuses

Ok,cool down,Ichi. Stop hyperventilating.

Did I mention how I hate my current timetable? I have classes from Mon-Fri,on Wednesday,I have the least number of classes.I hate my Thursdays and Fridays cos I have a 4 hours gap in between classes. I have been meeting up with Little Prince on Thursdays or Fridays this past mth cos he needs his weekends and sometimes I can't go out during weekends so those two days are perfect for me. But looking at my screwed up timetable,I think I can't make it unless the classes are canceled but then these days,the lecturers are trying to do extra classes cos last week,my uni got major events so most of the time,the classes are canceled.

I hope that Little Prince's timetable is much better that mine so he can come back early.

5 more weeks for this hell to end.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby,ur back

It has been years since I had touch your body.I had missed ur softness.Oh,baby,U finally came back to me.I'm so happy that ur with me again,this I swear no one can separate us.

Baby,I missed playing with ur joy stick, I missed the sounds you make to wake me up every morning. Baby,ur my 1st, a lot of replacements had came and left me but you waited for me to realise that ur the one for me.

Baby,words can't describe how happy I am when I found u again. Baby,stay with me and keep me company.

Baby,thanks for making me the happiest guy in the universe,I won't break ur heart again.

My baby,I love u so much

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 more days

10 more days to go before my bday. Now,I realised why Willy was so afraid of his bday. I agree that each time,we blow the candle,it makes us realised that a year had gone by and we tend to ask this question whether we had used that year well or we had wasted it.

To me,I think I had a good year.I met a lot of good ppl and some that I could depend on for support and there are u guys,my fellow bloggers. Ur blogs and comments made me realised that I'm not alone in battling my monsters or solving my probs.

Now for my wishlist:

I wish that gays all over the have equal rights and treated humanly.

Hahahaha,I'm not Mother Teresa,so i'm going to ask for worldly possessions like:

1) a new com
2) a pendrive
3) digi cam
4) a brand new hp

5) I wish that my frens are with me always.


Guys,I'm sorry that the saga is taking a hiatus again.There has been too much of drama these few days. 1st was by Little prince's aunt's friend and the newbie

I'm going to comment on each issue here:

1) Lp's Aunt's friend.

When I saw that Vid,I was kinda shock cos Lp said that his aunt is straight when he told me about his family but there were warning lights blinking all over.Erm,maybe its my gaydar. I decided to not press the issue at that time but after seeing the vid,I'm never going to doubt my gaydar ever again.

Call me busybody but since I'm Lp's gor,I think his family issues are mine too and then I saw the bitch's comments on his page,she insists that she is "helping" her to come out and all that made me angry.To me,the decision of coming out is up to the individual.The stuff that I wrote here are just my thoughts on the various issues.

She was insisting that what she did was rite. I kinda blast her a few times cos of her actions cos she was painting a dark pic of LBGT folks that we are crazed psychos who don't take rejection lightly and insulting a person who did her no harm.

2) The newbie

Against of what I wrote yesterday,I met him today at a coffeshop near my place,he is kinda cute,tall and skinny.We had a talk on gay issues and he said that he thought being gay was easy before my talk and now he realised that being gay is quite a challenge.

He told me how he became gay,he was from an all boys boarding school up north.The seniors would pick the juniors as a mentee.The seniors were kind during the 1st mth,they would offer protection and guidance to their own mentee and of cos try to answer the juniors' questions about life.

So he melted at the kindness of his senior who helped him in coping his transition into the boarding sch. One nite,the senior asked him to share his bed with him. At some point,the senior started to fondle his lil bro and gave oral sex,the boy was then asked to do the same ting back. This ting repeated a few times and the boy realised that most of the seniors were doing this to the juniors. Gradually,the "kind" senior took his virginity and shared him with the other seniors.
He left the school cos his studies were going down the drain and the parents realized that their boy had changed from a cheerful kid to a loner.

When I sent him home,he gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me to come over his place during the weekdays. I don't know what the boy was thinking when he invited me over but I'm going to try my best to control his desires.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ichi's interview

I met a new guy online today,he seems to be a newbie in the gay world. I really don't know why I attract this type of gays while I'm still trying to figure life out.So far I met with 10 newbies in the last 4 years,maybe God is asking me to take up teaching as an occupation so that I can corrupt young minds early.

Below is the interview I gave him.

N: Elo,I got ur ym id from planet romeo. Can we be frens?

I:Erm,planet romeo? Sure,why not. Stats pls?

N: Yeah,planet romeo or G4M. ************** Ur stats?

I:***********. (I shuld delete that profile,long time never logged in.)

N: cool,I'm from the same place.

I: what are u looking for?

N: frens or sex. Which is ur pick?

I: I think let's be frens. I seldom do ONS.

N:ONS? what is that?

I: How old are u again?

N: ****-3. please i'm new at this.

I: shuldn't u be studying?

N:I was bored. Please what's ONS

I: hey,kid.ONS is one nite stand means we meet,fuck and say bye2.

N:erm,seriously meh? can we try that?

I: Nope.1st,ur not my taste.2nd,ur too young.3rd,gays don't fuck frens.

N: Erm,ok2. can u tell me how u become gay? Where are the gayspot in Shah Alam?

I: read my blog,its all in there. Gayspots? go 2 seksyen 7,pak li kopitiam or any restaurants there.

N: Erm,can we meet? I want to ask u a lot of questions about this.

I: Can u tell me how u know ur gay?

N: I was from a boarding school,the seniors raped me weekly.

I: read more on gay issue,getting rape isn't an excuse to be gay. Experiment on ur sexuality 1st,make sure ur really gay.

N: Wow,ur so smart.Could u tell me where to find gay porn?

I: Use yahoo search,kid.I'm not smart if I'm smart,i'll be in Montreal with my hubby beside me.

N: U got a bf? Wx4 and H?

I: Nope.Long story,no mood to tell it now.maybe when we meet up,i'll tell u.

N: ok,can I be ur bf?

I: sori,kid,Ur too young. Ask me again in 10 yrs. and pls keep ur heart safe,don't be a slut. ( suddenly, Willy's face appeared in my mind,sori uncle.Winks)

N:Why? I thought we can be "frens".

I: Oh man,ur too young lah. Let's be friends 1st. U don't know whether I'm a murderer or what?

N: Laughs. Oh shit,my mum is coming up. Need to pretend to study.

I: see u later,kid.

N: ok,this is my no ************. Sms me,k?

I: Sure.

After our ym session ended,I just realised that kids nowadays are really brave or stupid and the gay population is getting younger every year.I remembered how afraid I was to go to the CC and enter those gay chatrooms,each time praying that I don't get caught by my frens or I end up with a maniac. I wonder if next year,whether the old pretty leng cais are still in demand.

An advice to those newbies,do some research or at least go and download Queer as Folks. Most importantly,don't give ur hp no or addresses to strangers.

To the old birds,don't take advantage of the newbies' tight assholes. Guide them or the very least,corrupt their minds.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The perfect rose?

1st of all,I would like to say happy 1st anniversary to Veronica and partner,may the both of u grow old together.

2nd,I would like to share a story that I think most of u had heard of but still I think its one of the truest and honest story I had heard of.

One day,a man meet God and ask,"Oh God,I have been looking for true love but I can't find it."
God replied," Oh my wisest among of all creations,go to your rose garden and pick the most perfect rose among the roses there and u'll get ur answer.But there is one condition in finding this perfect rose,u have to go forward and never look back till u found it"

So this guy went to his rose garden and saw all of the rose bushes were in bloom.So he went to the 1st bush,he compared the roses there and decided none were worthy of the title so he went to the 2nd,3rd and 4th bush,then he saw a beautiful rose but he thought since every bush is in bloom so maybe there is a better one in front. After checking 5 more bushes,he saw again a beautiful rose but he said to himself," Relax,I have only checked one fifth of my garden,surely there is a more beautiful rose in front."So he went and each time,he saw a beautiful rose,he kept saying that the one in front is more beautiful.

The next day,he went and see God again and said," God,I couldn't find the perfect rose,I had failed in your task.Pls enlighten me on the reason of ur task."

God said,"Oh Son of Adam,U had found the perfect rose 30 times but you keep going forward in hope of finding a better one.U tried to find perfection but since perfection is an illusion,you'll never find it even if you searched it in all of the rose gardens on Earth and beyond.Your question on finding true love has been answered by doing the task that I gave.You could find honest love but never true love."

Dear readers,comment on what u think is the moral or the msg of this story,k?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st day back

In Shah Alam,there's rarely traffic jams but today,when I was heading to my campus,the roads were at a crawl and there is a sudden increase of Kancils,Kelisas and Myvis. To a Shah Alamite,these could mean that uni students are back in town.

Shah Alam is home to UITM,MSU,Unisel and various other colleges and tech schools. You could say that Shah Alam is a student city but the cost of living is quite high.

Ok2,back to my rants,I slept at 3 am,woke up at 7 am. So I have about 4 hours of sleep. When I went down for breakfast,my dad was saying that I must improve on my pointer and mustn't play around,mustn't spend time in front of the com and blahX3.

In my mind,I was like why didn't I go down,I shuld take a bath and wait for Lim peh to go to work,then I could have my breakfast in peace.

Then at 9 am,I drove myself to the Campus.Usually,it takes 10 mins for me to get to my campus,I think the distance from my Campus to my home is 10 KM,i got 3 traffic lights and 2 roundabouts to face. This morning,I took 25 mins to reach my Campus,had to stop at every traffic light and almost shouted at this lady driver who wasn't sure of which exit she had to take at the 1st roundabout.

Then I reached my Campus,spend 20 mins finding the classroom and a parking space.After that,I had to wait 30 mins for the lecturer to show up.While I was waiting,my frens called me for breakfast so I followed them.In my uni,there's is a unspoken rule,if the lecturer is late for 30 mins or more without giving the reason,the students could go back so I went to eat my breakfast,the waiter screwed up my order,I ordered a horlicks ice and a roti,he gave me two hot horlicks and a roti. How stupid can a person get?

After breakfast,I went to the CC and guess what the Cc was full so I had to go to another CC which has a lousy connection and my facebook lags big time.

As I'm writing this blog,I'm waiting for my 2pm class which is Entomology which I have a feeling that it might be cancelled too.

Dear readers,when Ichi doesn't get enuff sleep or caffeine,he gets grumpy and easily irritated by trivial issues like someone's pointer drop by 0.01 and she is worried that she might get worse or someone forget to hang his clothes.I get the fact that ur worried cos we are almost at the end of our uni life but its just 0.01? Can die meh? To the guy that forget to hang ur clothes,u have a hp rite,call or msg ur roommates lah? U call urself a Uni student,come,let me feed u,k?

Omg,ur gay

"Omg,Ichi,ur gay? but we used to talk about girls in class. We used to compared who had the nicest cut."

" Hahaha,I knew it.Ur too much of a gentleman."

" Are u serious.We had been friends for 8 yrs. Now u tell me,btw I'm gay too."

" Gay is a sin"

The quotes were examples of ppls' reaction when I told them that I am gay.Yes,I'm out of the closet finally but since I'm a wimp,I told my dirty little secret to my frens and uni mates only,I need to grow bigger balls if I'm going to tell it to my family.

What drove me to shout it to the world?

Well,there were 3 reasons:

1) There was this bitch that told ppl that I'm into her.She even called her bf to chat with me. In the end,I had no choice to tell her that I like Joes not Janes. She termalu sendiri when I told the world.

2) I was bored of lying to my frens,they were all asking whether if I like that girl or this girl.

3) I felt trapped,insecure and afraid that my dirty little secret might be uncovered by someone sneaky and they might use it against me.

So in my final sem of foundation,I told my grupmates,my ex classmates and I change my details in frenster and myspace,joined G4M and Trevvy.

The line that I used was "Hi,can we chat privately for a while? I just want to tell u that I'm gay.There's nothing different with me,I'm still the Ichi that u had known yesterday.Just that I'm into guys."

After the shock had subsided,most of them except pt one said a version of those quotes above.The one fren who was silent just walked away and never to be from heard again. I guess he wasn't good enuff for the true Ichi.Those who had stayed had million and one questions and all of them started with Why,When,Where,What and How. Most of the girlfrens became my Faghags,some even tried to bring me on a blind date with their girl frens,just to confirm or tried to get me horny.All asked me for dating tips and bed tips,some trust me enuff to help them dress and shooed their bfs out during the process.

What did I get from coming out? Well,I got to know my true friends,got a rumour in uni that I'm a bf-stealer and strangely,I felt peace with myself.Its like I lost a heavy burden that I had been carrying around for years,I had truly felt that I had embraced the real me.My BGFs and I share all of the the details of our hook ups from the size of his pecker to his performance in bed.Sometimes,we just go to the mall and do boy-watching,feasting on our eyes on the various types of boycandy.

Now u may ask why I didn't tell my family about my dirty little secret? Well,my parents are the Conservative type and they might throw me out if they know,actually that is a lame excuse that I use.The real reason is I want to be prepared in all aspects before I tell them,I want to show them that even gays could achieve goals and I don't want to burst their hopes of having a daughter in law or grand kids or a man in the family.

As a moral of the story,u have to come out of the closet,sooner or later and its best that u come out on ur own terms and the air outside of the closet is damn fresh and sweet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't leave me behind

As I lay down on my bed and let my thoughts wander,I found myself thinking about the 1st quarter of this year,many events had occurred, many people had a really good time but I feel myself stagnating,still not letting go,still no changes that I had brought into myself.

Change is the buzzword for the last 6 months,a president was elected by that single word,the economic world is now being force to change or die,nations are undergoing changes in almost of aspect of their affairs. Each time,I read the papers,the world changes a bit. Locally,we had many changes but why doesn't the change bug bite me yet? Am I immune to change?

Each time,I meet my gang of friends,they have something new to say or someone new that they love. Some of them had even or going to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.Even in the blogosphere,I could see changes in the lives of my fellow bloggers.

I wonder why I'm not going through any Change,even a small one.I'm still the same person as I was 10 years ago. Still unhappy about the same issues,still wanting the same stuff. Maybe I shuld let it be,Change isn't for me....

I'm not saying that I'm being ungrateful but I can't see a new person in the mirror. Friends of yesteryear tell me that I'm still the same guy,still the loner.A fren told me,"Ichi,from what I could see,you have trouble inviting ppl into ur personal life. Even I who had been with u for long time could see that you put barriers on certain aspects of ur life." I said," Is not that I don't let ppl into my personal compartement,its just that I had been hurt too much by too many ppl who I had loved in the past,you could say that its my defense mechanism." That fren walked away and left me with an advise which is " Do you stop breathing if u kena choke once or twice?"

I'm a wimp,I won't jump unless you force me to which makes me a bad lover.I mean why should I jump in the 1st place? Sigh.

The Saga of the Golden Dildos pt 6

As Prince Jerry heads towards the Royal 4,the messenger dove reached its destination.

Queen Willy: Why is Straightland doing this? It has been years since we put sanctions on the cursed island.King Bengbeng shuld be held responsible.Let's summon King Bengbeng here. We,the Royal 4 should recovene the Heavenly Court.

King Nase: Wait,Willy,don't be impatince. We must undercover his plot.We can't simply recovene the Heavenly Court.

Queen Willy: Nase,u know anot my face needs treatment,my hair needs to attend to and my body needs to be washed. We have been walking around without any guide.The Eastern Witch said that he would inform us on the location of the Golden Dildos after they scryed for it.It has been 5 days since we set out of the Pariach's castle. Don't tell me that the 5 most powerful magicians can't detect it.

King Kenji: Relaxs,Willy. We know that u need ur treatments. We are also suffering here.Don't be selfish can?

King Ichi: Why are we quarrelling,its so an unroyal act.We have to wait for Prince Jerry to join us,then we can decided on our next move.

Suddenly,the 4 Royals were surrounded by 30 assasins. Each Royal took out his Heavenly weapons,King Nase with his Sword of Heaven,King Kenji with with his Dragon Staff,King Ichi with his Rainbow Bow and Queen Willy with his Moon Mirror.They began to counterattacked those intruders.

With the help of the Moon Mirror,King Ichi could shoot those assasins that were hiding between the trees. King Kenji and King Nase attack those who are near the group.The Dragon Staff and the Sword of Heaven were unstoppable,their enemies dropped dead on contact with those two Heavenly Weapons. Queen Willy unleashed his Moon jutsu,a jutsu which creates an illusion which bends time and space making its victims to lose their bearings while King Ichi used his Unlimited Cum Jutsu to blind and bind the assasins.

After 4 hours of intense fighting and cumming,the Royal 4 won the battle but when they wanted to question the survivors,they found out that each had taken the Devil's pill which causes the user to die if they told their captors of their true intentions.

Queen Willy: Quick,come here.I managed to use my Moon jutsu on this slut before the Devil's pill could be effective. Quickly,interrogate him.

King Ichi: Oh,assasin,who had sent u here? Tell us and we might be able to save ur life.

Assasin: Ur so dumb,even if I tell u who sent me,you won't be able to stop the gears that are in motion.

King Nase: Assasin,we have the antidote to the Devil's pill.Tell us on whose orders ur acting on,if not we'll kill u here.

Assasin: King Nase,U want to know who did this? Let me give u a hint....

King Nase: Tell us quick!

Assasin: He who lives in the Fort of Silver and Gold sent us........Long Live the Silver Hand.

King Ichi: Nase,check his pulse,we might still be able to save him.

King Nase:Its too late,for the Devil's pill acts quickly if the user is telling the truth.

King Kenji: Well,We know who he is referring to rite? He's telling us to seek his master,The Grandmaster of The Silver Hand.

Queen Willy: Great,now we have to across the Silver mountains to go to him.

King Nase,Ichi and Kenji: Willy,quit complaining will u!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Saga of the Golden Dildos pt 5

Although I had said that I'm creating a new blog for the saga,I found it to troublesome so the story will be continued here.

The next morning,Prince Jerry woke up with a hard cock. As he was still young,he haven't fully control his lust. So he headed to the water fall to release some steam.Little did he knew that the Western Witch was watching him closely. When he went behind a rock at the water fall,the Western Witch got control of a lizard so that he could feast his eyes on Ichiland's most eligible bachelor. He was unlucky again cos Prince Jerry ejaculated too fast like most young men and denied the Western Witch a wonderful sight.

After breakfast,Prince Jerry and the Western Witch continued with their journey to Gayland. At midday,they had arrived at King Nase's palace. The palace of Gayland was a masterpiece,the finest gold,the clearest diamonds,marble of the highest quality was used to create this work of art. Each nook and cranny is filled with the most expensive art pieces for Gayland is the second most wealthiest kingdom among the 4 due to its active gay trade.

As Prince Jerry and the Western Witch entered the palace,they couldn't help to be awed by its majestic beauty. Prince Jerry informed the palace guards of his intention and they summoned the royal Physician.

Royal Physician: My lord,I'm honoured that you came to look for me instead of your own physician.

Prince Jerry: Remember I came here under the orders of the Royal Four. If it was for me to decide,I'll go and seek consult with my own physician.

Royal Physician: Oh yes,I'm sorry,my lord. I thought that you had no one better to treat poisons.

Prince Jerry: Don't let this affair make your head bigger than its present state,oh Healer.

Western Witch: Enuff of this batter,Healer examine me now or I might turn you into a frog.

Royal Physician: Yes,oh witch.What are the symptoms?

Western Witch: I'm ok but my cock wouldn't harden,no matter what stimulation is?

Royal Physician: Not even Prince Jerry could aroused it?

Western Witch: No,he couldn't.

Royal Physician:Ok,I need to draw blood,oh Witch.

After the Royal Physician drew blood and did a few tests,he discovered that the poison was from the land across the sea which Straightland and its creator was the Royal Scientist of Straightland.

Royal Physician: Do the 4 lands have a dispute with the cursed land that went against the Holy Books?

Prince Jerry: Why do u say that?

Royal Physician: The poison was created by them,the heretics. Those whose unnatural acts of fornication had made this. This poison is created by their scientist.

Western Witch: Could they be the ones who created turmoil in the 4 lands recently.We need to inform the Royals of this.

After the Royal Physician had given the antidote to the Western Witch,they sent a dove to the Royal 4 to inform them on the latest information.Prince Jerry and the Western Witch parted ways,Prince Jerry was to join his brother and the Western Witch to the nearest brothel to relieve his cum load.

Touched by an angel

"Greater love hath no person nor angel than to give her life for another."

Have u watched the TV series titled Touched by an Angel before?I'm sure those who are 25 yrs and above had heard about the show or at least had watched it before.If you haven't watched it,I recommend you to download it.

The storyline is simple,in each episode,an angel named Monica would appear and help those who are in distress.Seems easy rite? The catch is God send the angel to a certain household or town but He didn't state who or what the prob is,so Monica have to do some detective work and help the right person in the given time.She is helped by her team of angels who are Tess,her supervisor and Andrew,the angel of death.

The story deals with all sorts of problems from trying to let go of the past to a father accepting a gay son.

I loved the show cos it shows that with a little help or a helping ear,you could find your way in this world which brings me to my reason of why I blog.The reason is I want to share my sufferings and joys and hope that someone would be nice enuff to write a few words of encouragement or sympathy in return.

I watched this Tv series when I was like in primary 3 till primary 6,it was aired on Channel 5 (Mediacorp). I was asking myself how I could help people like the angels did,so I thought of being a doctor or a therapist.Through the years,I realized that we needn't be a doctor to be able to help ppl,we just need friends to help us.

A final word,try to brighten the lives of those around you,even a small smile can go a long way.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sorry,guys.The Saga of the Golden Dildos is on hiatus again.I need to rewrite the whole thing back.

Tonite,I'm going to do a review on WaT.WaT (Wentz and Teppei) is a group composed of singers/songwriters Eiji Wentz and Teppei Koike. They met each other in 2002 and formed WaT.
They have been rumoured to be a loving couple cos of their way of reacting to each other.Each christmas,they have been sighted together doing romantic things like dinners.Teppei-chan had even bought Eiji-chan underwears and Eiji-chan wears them proudly in his shows.

So far,I love their music which are mostly ballads and have deep meanings to it at least to me lah.Just click the two mvs,u'll get what I mean.

Bokura no Love story

For Little Prince

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Service Before Self

I wonder how many Mayflowerians are reading my blog. Who are Mayflowerians,u wonder? Well,Mayflowerians are students from Mayflower Sec and pri school. Those readers from Spore might recognise this school which is located in Ang Mo Kio.

I am proud to say that I'm a mayflowerian to the core. Mayflowerians especially those who are from the primary school might still remember the motto "Service before Self".

The motto contains just 3 words but on reflection those 3 words are damm strong words.I mean how many of us truly put others before ourselves,helping others out no matter what the cause.

I remember of one occasion,this happened in my Pri 1. I forgot to bring pocket money to school one day.So instead of going to the canteen during recess,I went to the R & R area to play.My close friend Lim Bowen,as in Bowen Secondary Sch, asked why I didn't buy food.I was kinda ashamed to say that I had no money so I said I'm not hungry but this guy saw thru my lie and he
shared his sandwich with me.His reason was he wasn't that keen on the sandwich.This is the spirit of Mayflowerians,help ppl without asking.

Yes,I know that sometimes being helpful is a major character flaw,helpful ppl are too easy to be make use of and I had been a victim of my character. This scenario had happened to me on numerous occasions,"frens" had exploited me in doing things that they need but don't want to do or treat me as an easy way out to their problems. I know I'm being stupid,so stupid not to learn from my mistakes and stop from being cheated again. But if you know me well enuff,I got this thing for trusting friends with my life,seriously I'm that kind of guy. You can ask me to jump a building in order to save ur cat and I'll gladly do it for the sake of friendship. Crazy huh?

I really don't know whether my helpfulness is caused by my upbringing or my crave for appreciation. But one thing,I know I would always help a friend out no matter what the outcome is.

This is the school logo

Friday, April 10, 2009

Non la mia tazza di tè

Io voglio fare qualcosa di diverso, oggi, per cui sto bloggando in Italian.My storia sul Golden Fallo è in pausa, per il momento, perché io sono uno scrittore di blog e ho bisogno di scrivere qualche capitoli it.Sorry ragazzi prima di postare i messaggi.

La rabbia che ho giocato qualcuno ha raggiunto il cuore nel mio inbox.Some stato che io non sono fiera di dare il ragazzo uno di combattere per essere la mia amante, ma la verità è che non vedo io con lui a lungo termine.

Credo che intenzioni di svolgere un ruolo importante nei rapporti, non fare un cazzo di amici un fidanzato o un amico in un lover.It sarà strano, almeno per me.

Allora ragazzi, si prega di rispettare il mio decisions.Yes, sono aperto a suggerimenti, ma ci sarà un tempo che ho a mettere giù il mio piede su determinate questioni.

Sempre sul tema dei motivi per cui i respinto lui, alcune osservazioni che ho ancora i sentimenti di una speciale someone.Yes, ho ancora do.I significa non passare relazioni che facilmente giusto? Un momento, siamo appassionati e gli altri momenti, noi siamo fratelli. Ho ancora utilizzare per ottenere l'idea di essere vicino a qualcuno che utilizzata per condividere con il mio letto.

Oh mio fratello, perché hai la mia risposta non è stato dei messaggi. Come occupato può essere u?

Ps: Scusa, ma ho bisogno di pennello sul mio italiano a causa di alcuni lavori che ho bisogno di finire.

Ps: Si prega di lasciare i vostri commenti nella stessa language.Thanks.

A funny MV

Thursday, April 9, 2009

After a month

In my last post,I blogged about Man. Last nite,I went to his place for an sleepover/sex.It was kinda last min. Although it was supposed to be fun and games till he asked about d commitment. I told that our relationship is still young and we shuldn't talk about this yet.He stopped touching lil ichi and went to sleep.Since I have an early morning today,I followed his steps.

At 8 am,I woke up and he was busy getting ready for work,i think. I asked him to wake me at 7 am since he'll wake up early and do the morning prayers but since I said the above,i think favours are out of the window. he brought me to the nearby mamak for breakfast and sent me to the KTM.Our conversation were minimal,the only loving response was to salam me and he sped off.

At 10.30,I reached Times Square to meet my Ah Ti.It has been like a month since we last met. He brought along Melvin to brunch,then sent him back home.Melvin has kinda quiet but I could see that Little Prince loves him much.

At 12 plus,I bought the tickets for Fast and Furious.I thought of watching Talentime since its Mama Yasmin's movie but since Little Prince asked,I don't really have the heart to say No to his requests.I know I'm such a wimp but I missed seeing his happy face.

At 1 pm,Little Prince came back to Times Square sweating since it was hot outside so we went up to the food court and took our lunch. After that,we went into the Hall and a miracle happened,we were early for once even though Little Prince took his time to finish his cigarette in the toilet. Just imagine,after like a dozen movies,we were early for once.I had an epiphany.

After the movie,we went to his house cos he wanted a medical opinion on something.

So I went back at around 6 pm or so.Remember I'm taking the KTM during rush hour.From his place to KL Sentral was a breeze,I got a seat even but it was hell in Kl sentral back to my place.The train was full but I spotted this guy who was mixed,if I'm not mistaken his pedigree is Caucasian and Chinese.In the haste to get into the train,I think someone grabbed my butt and I think I touched the guy's ass,too crowded,I can't see which part that I touched but by everything that's holy,that guy had a solid ass.He alighted at Subang station.

Another thing that occurred during the journey home was Man smsed and called me a dozen plus times.I didn't realised it cos the Hp was on silent and I forgot to put it on vibrating mode.His last msg was "Don't bother to call or msg me.Have fun playing ppl's hearts.Good bye."I was like what the fuck.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday to Monday

I had a great weekend last week.That's the reason why The legend of the golden dildos was delayed.I got great comments on the saga and many ppl can't wait to get featured in it.Thanks for the support,guys.

Back to my weekend,as the readers might noticed I got a fuck buddy.Yes,Ichi is a slut,he can't live without sexs.Call me whatever but a Gay man need cocks other than his own to play with.His name is Azman or Man for short. He is good in bed and the best thing is he shares the house with his brother since his parents loves to travel,can say that he is kinda rich.

But,oh yeah there is a but,he is too emo for me.He is the type that tends to fall for a guy easily like what Ah ti says when referring to this type of ppl," Day one,meet.Day two,fall in love.Day three,declare.Day 4,break."

As you'll know that I'm looking for a long and stable relationship so I don't think he's suitable.

Back to the story,k. On Sunday,I spent half a day with Man.Yes,we had sex in between but we talked about our past experiences and I found out that he had a lot of exs,wouldn't say the exact number but his list exceeded mine. I'm such a noob in sexs,hahahaha.I give u more updates on him whenever necessary.

On Monday,I had a busy morning,driving around Shah Alam to settle my stuff and to tie loose ends up.

At nite,I met up with the gang which consist of Veronica,As and Rupaul at Amin Thai in Section 7 cos the waiters were kinda cute,there is this guy with a huge basket.Tempted to get his no but a Diva can't do that rite,we have to wait for them to come to us.We had a blast of a time but pity Rupaul,he had to take a blast from me.Sori Uncle but you see,between me and u,we have a Generation Gap issue. I found out that the cc next to Amin Thai has a harem of cute guys,I was feasting on them mentally.I went back and chatted with Ah ti till 4 am,thank god,I could still function on the next day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Legend of the Golden Dildos Pt4

Sori guys,I didn't have time to write the sequel on Sunday or Monday cos I had a few things to do.

So the next day, they left the Patriarch's castle,The 4 Royals went east and Prince Jerry and the Western Witch heads South to Gayland.

In the chambers of The Eastern Witch

Eastern Witch: Oh,my talking mirror,connect me to the King of Straightland.

King Bengbeng: Yes,witch.What you want?

Eastern Witch: My king,the Royals had set out to retrieve the Golden Dildos. The Gathering of The Royals had decreed that the search for the Golden Dildos and to treat the Western Witch is the top priority.

King Bengbeng: You stupid witch,can't you do anything rite? I told you to delay them but ......

Eastern Witch: My king,the Royals are a big pain in the butt and the Patriarch was adamant on the issues.

King Bengbeng: It seems that I have to do everything here. Eastern Witch,you shall be my spy,inform me of their plans.

Eastern Witch: Yes,my king.Ur command is mine to follow.

2 days had passed,Prince Jerry and The Western Witch had reached Gayland but they still had a day's journey to reach the castle of King Nase.

Prince Jerry: Let's stop here for 2nite,this is a good spot and there's a waterfall,we could refresh ourselves.

Western Witch: Yes,my lord.I agree with you. My lord,please go and refresh yourself while I set up camp.

Prince Jerry: Yes,pls do that.

While Prince Jerry went to the waterfall for a dip,the Western Witch took out his wand and start to conjure a tent,a bonfire and a table full of food. Then he muttered an invisibility spell and started to walk towards the waterfall.

Prince Jerry was busy washing himself, soaping his slender arms and solid abs. The Western Witch was having a severe nosebleed looking at the Adonis in his sight. He was taking in the scene,looking at Prince Jerry's pure white skin,beautiful toned muscles.He was waiting to catch a glimpse of Prince Jerry's family jewels when his talking mirror was activated.He had to wait for another day to feast his eyes on the virgin prince for Queen Willy was online.

Queen Willy: Where are u? We had been trying to contact you for while alredi. Don't tell me ur fucking someone cos ur dick can't stand. Hahahaha

Western Witch: My queen,pls take pity on my poor condition. My balls are so full with cum.Sigh

Queen Wiily: Ok2,Witch,how far are you from the castle?

Western Witch: We'll reach it the day after 2morrow.My queen.

Queen Willy: Oh,wow,ur fast. Anyway,ask King Nase's messenger to go to my castle and inform my hairdresser,my designer,my caterer,my beauty advisor and my masseur that I'll be away for a month and the affairs of Slutland would be handled by my sister.

Western Witch: Yes,my queen.Ur command is mine to follow.

Queen Willy:Oh yeah, King Ichi says keep ur hands and eyes away from Prince Jerry or else he'll give u a free operation below ur waist.

Western Witch:Yes,my queen.Ur command is mine to follow.

The Western Witch quickly disconnected the line and rushed to the waterfall alas he was too late,Prince Jerry was alredi dressed and cooking stew for dinner.The Western Witch decharmed himself and went to eat his dinner.

Prince Jerry: Who were you talking to? Was it my brother,King Ichi? He is really a worrier.

Western witch: No,my lord.It was Queen Willy,asking me to cancel his appointments.

Prince Jerry: Hahhaha. Queen Willy is a really something,keeping himself pretty and all. Sigh,its a pity that he doesn't have a King.

Western Witch: My lord,I think you'll be suitable for him.

Prince Jerry: My bro was right,witches do have a sweet tongue. Let's go to sleep,an early day awaits.

Western Witch:Yes,my lord.Ur command is mine to follow.

To be continued

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

The saga of the Golden Dildos Pt3

Meanwhile at the Patriarch's castle,King Kenji and King Nase was waiting for the arrival of King Ichi,Prince Jerry and Queen Willy.

King Kenji: Why the Patriarch don't want to tell us what happened till he needs all of us. Sian.

King Nase: Yelah,that old fart must be busy with his monks. Never mind,its good that we came early,we can mediate a bit.

So they mediated for 5 days and in between they had group sessions with the young monks.

After 5 days,King Ichi's group arrived and the Patriarch and the rest of the coven came out and greeted the royals.

The Patriarch: After such a long time,again we meet. The reason behind this gathering is stolen was the golden dildos.The Western Witch will explained further,he shall.

Western Witch: It happened last week, I was guarding the Golden Dildos at the time. I could only remember that someone gagged me and tied me up.The intruder also used a poison of unknown origins, since that time I can't be turned on by those young monks.

Northern Hermit: Ur really a witch,so sex-oriented. I hadn't had sex for so long,also never complain.

King Nase: erm,I think u shuld go and see my Royal Physician. He is the best among the 4 lands.

Queen Willy: Eh, so just because the Western Witch can't do it. You call all of us. So troublesome.

Eastern Witch: My Queen,as the legend states the Golden Dildos is essential for keeping the peace between the 4 lands and its powers are so great. In the wrong hands,it can be used as a mighty weapon.

Prince Jerry: So how?

The Patriarch: We need to get it back,no matter what the cost is.

King Ichi: Ok,we got that part so who wants to volunteer?

King Kenji:Ichi,this is our responsibility so we all must go.

King Nase:I agree but we need the Four Heavenly Weapons to help us and The Western Witch needs to see my Royal Physician.

King Ichi: Ok,how about this,We go and search.Prince Jerry will follow the Western Witch back to your land and after getting the clues,he join us mid way.

Prince Jerry: Ok gor.

The Patriarch: Its settled then,Southern Hermit,bring the 4 Heavenly Weapons out.

Queen Willy: There goes my beauty regiment.

The 4 Heavenly weapons are created by the 1st Patriarch to protect the 4 lands from danger. Each weapon is unique and has special abilities. Each Royal has his/her own Heavenly Weapon which are The Sword of Heaven belongs to Gayland,The Moon Mirror belongs to Slutland,The Dragon Staff belong to Pornland and The Rainbow Bow belongs to Ichiland.

The 4 Heavenly Weapons' power is The Sword of Heaven can destroy an army in a swing,The Moon Mirror could sense traps or lies,The Dragon Staff could expand or contract at wish of his owner and user of the Rainbow Bow will never miss his target.

So the next day, they left the Patriach's castle,The 4 Royals went east and Prince Jerry and the Western Witch heads South to Gayland.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Saga of the Golden Dildos pt2

The Coven immediately called for the Gathering of The Royals for the peace of the lands were at stake.The Gathering of the Royals is a summit for the rulers of the 4 kingdoms. Only the Patriarch has the power to call the summit. The Gathering of the Royals is a platform for the Coven and the Royals to discuss state or urgent matters.

Many of the rulers were shocked at hearing the announcement of the Gathering of the Royals cos the Patriarch had not call upon them for about 20 years. King Nase and King Kenji answered the call of the Patriarch without hesitation but Queen Willy called King Ichi for a private meeting in King Ichi's court cos she didn't believe the announcement.

2 days after Queen Willy got the announcement,she arrived at King Ichi's castle. Queen Willy is actually a drag queen but she is the most beautiful lady in the 4 lands,smooth skin with sexy red lips.All the men wanted to be her consort but she didn't like any of the men that propose to her cos she wants a guy with a long dick after all,she is the Queen of Slutland. On the other hand,King Ichi is gay and loves to stuff his dick in his lovers' mouth or ass. It is rumoured that King Ichi has 365 man servants to serve his chambers. He is looking a guy that can make him happy and has a tight hole. King Ichi has a brother,Prince Jerry who is under King Ichi's watchful eyes. Prince Jerry is the most handsome guy in the 4 lands. The ladies and sometimes the men would envy Prince Jerry cos of his smooth face and killer smile but unfortunately his heart belongs to someone else.Prince Jerry kept it a secret from King Ichi or so he thought.

At King Ichi's court

Queen Willy: Ichi,U sure anot the old man wants us to go to the his castle for this gathering. U
know that I need to cancel my beauty spa,facial treatment and massage
appointment for this. So troublesome lah.

King Ichi:Willy,U think U are the only one that has problems ah? I just got a new batch of man
servants from Russia. The merchant said that their holes are super tight and full of
cum. I want to taste them before I go to the gathering.

Queen Willy: ok2. Ur brother still single ah? I heard that he has the longest tool in the 4 Lands.
True anot? If true,U can be my Bro-in-law and can have half of Slutland. Plenty of
sluts for u.

King Ichi: No,ur can't have my brother. Ur too slutty. Cannot give u,later you spoil him.

Queen Willy: Ok2,lets go and sample those russian servants.

After 3 days of feasting,King Willy with his bro,Prince Jerry and Queen Willy began their journey to the Patriarch's castle.

Meanwhile at the Patriarch's castle .............