Monday, August 30, 2010


Case 1

I: Hey, have u done ur part for the presentation?

Fren1: Haven't lah, been busy with FYP

I: remember the due date is so& so

Case 2

I: have u submit ur part for the folio?

Fren2: Busy with abstract.. no time yet

I: remember the due date is so&so

Case 3

I: Have u done ur report?

Fren3: Haven't lah... busy with other assignments

I: erm,ok.. but I need it by fri

Case 4


I: I had emailed u last saturday.


I: ok,I'll email it by 2morrow.

Fren4: EMAIL IT BY 12 PM

I: I'll try...


Seriously this fren is going to receive a lashing from me soon.

Btw,Happy Merdeka to those who are truly merdeka.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Highschool of the dead

Highschool of the Dead is written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shuji Sato. This anime/manga is about a group of highschool students facing a zombie apocalypse. The group consists of 2 guys and 4 girls. Btw,this anime/manga belongs to the Ecchi genre therefore expect of lot of big boobs actions.

The plot

Our hero, Takashi Komuro who is a highschool student suddenly witness a zombie attack at his school and tries to save his childhood love and him from being affected by the sudden outbreak and along the way,he gangs up with his other schoolmates for survival.

The cause of the outbreak is unknown but many of the characters speculates that it is a form of biological weapon. Unfortunately, the govt failed to control the situation and the outbreak spread world wide.

The anime/manga shows how society could easily break down when all of controls are lifted and how humans try to make sense of chaos. In anime/manga, there are people who took advantage of the chaos to try to create a new order according to their personal liking.


The illustrator's works are mostly hentai so that kinda explain why he draws the female with super big boobs,there is even a scene where the females plays with each others boobs shamelessly.

The author's past works also deals with alternate story lines,this is evident in one of his works which is Red Sun Black Cross. The author challenges the thought of the readers to think outside of the box. For example in this anime/manga, it shows what really happens when survival becomes the top priority, frens would not lift a finger to help one another when their lives are stake.

I give it 3 out 5 due to the big boobs which is a big turn off for me

Friday, August 27, 2010

6 - 1 = 5

This month is very special for the both us,not only cos in falls in the puasa mth but we both are busy with various uni related activities and the time we have for each other in only during the weekends.

At day 1,we were 2 completely different persons,we have less than 20% of stuff in common and yet,we are here celebrating our 5th month anniversary. Day by day,week by week,mth by mth, we keep learning new things about each and unconsciously trying to mold each other to fit with another,trying to find the perfect key and lock mechanism. Not a day goes by unappreciated by both of us, yes, we do have quarrels,disagreements,heartbreaking moments but somehow all of that vanishes with a simple sentence or a hug or a kiss.

Someone once said that love is sweet but we strongly disagree, love is sweet,sour, bitter and salty; it is sour during a quarrel, it is sweet when after the quarrel, it is bitter when the partner is busy and lastly, it is salty when our hearts are unknowingly being hurt by the partner.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Scientists go crazy

Sumting funny that I got from a talk about PCR 2day....

GTCA song


Monday, August 23, 2010

The weekend

20 Aug

I met up with Rizal at around 11 pm. He came back to check up on his house. I helped him to clean the house and was hoping for some playtime but both were tired from housework. :(

21 Aug

Woke up to a cup of maggie mee at around 5 am and then cuddle to sleep with him. At around 7 pm,broke fast with a cup of water and Rizal. Its true that absence make the heart grow fonder, he was moaning like nobody's business and the secretion was plenty from both parties. After the hard work,both of us had a long session of bed talk,talking about what happened the past week and blahx3... when he suddenly noticed that I didn't wear his ring and he went into merajuk mode. I mean its just a ring rite? The amount of love that I have for him isn't stored in a ring but is stored in my heart. I mean if wearing a ring or love memento is enuff to show ur love,I'm pretty sure that most couples won't break up or looking for "dishes" outside.The nite ended in a stalemate but somehow during the nite, we ended up cuddling each other to sleep.

22 Aug

Woke up, found a few nice music videos of Mayday.Yes,I know that they are a very old band but their music is nice,I fell in love with their song "ING" during my sec years. At around 1 plus,I brought Rizal to 1u to watch Lee Hom,watch a movie and shop. While doing some window shopping,I spotted my aunt in the mall so quickly entered the cinema to watch "The sorcerer's apprentice". After watching it,I still prefer the book version. I know that most directors would take a different storyline to tell the tale but for me, I like the original version.

After the movie, went to see Lee Hom. OMG,he is even cuter in person.Yummylious... Seeing me screaming my lungs out made Rizal a bit paiseh so he went and book a place in (New York)2. When mingling in the crowd,I think I saw Pluboy but can't confirm the sighting... After inflicting maximum damage to my voice box, I went to meet up with Rizal for Buka. Then,went back to Shah Alam,to get my specs and for him to do some shopping for his uni clothes.

At around 5 am, we both said goodbye and went home.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a week

I was so damm busy with a uni program which lasted from 17th to 19th called Health Science Week also known as Health Science Day to my seniors. It is an event organized bi-yearly by the final year students of my course.

The preparation of the event started around 2 months ago,was busy looking for sponsors,speakers and audience. Unfortunately,my booth group managed to find a sponsor and a speaker je.. Truth to be told,I had found an audience for the talk who was my juniors from my sec sch but since ade org pandai2 potong jalan,we lost the audience. Its simple logic, U won't give help to ppl who u don't know,rite?

My booth group started the deco for the booth on the 16th,rite after breakfasting,we did it till 11 pm and then I went to help my frens in the central committee till around 2 am,reached home around 3 am,slept at 4,woke up at 5 am. U know that ur old when u can't survive the day with 1 hour sleep.

On the 17th, the whole day was great, I lost my voice on that day too. The flow of events was just rite although there were hiccups but it was well-hidden (?). Went back and automatically went into living death mode,waking up only for breakfast and sahur.

On the 18th, I was kinda mad cos it seems that most of my group committee were in MIA mode, I had to cover a few asses and took over a few duties like taking attendance and etc. My booth members were great,they constantly think of things that 2 be sold to make profit.

On the 19th, my group committee organized a treasure hunt. It was smoothly done and many complained that the clues were hard.

Overall,we kick-assed in doing the event,got praises from the lecturers and of cos a few comments from the critics. Datin Jun was unhappy that the CC overruled her decisions regarding the usage of Lecture Halls but do we really care about what she thinks (evil laugh). Besides,MSU is a IPTS so the needs of the students who are the customers must be catered 1st. Another revelation is the Admin side is so fucking similar to the ones we find in the public sector,all need to be pushed hard if not nothing will be done. They are kinda lucky that a fren of mine didn't use whips on them.

Additional comments,we failed in micro-managing,updates were not properly passed down from those in the committee to the participants and some were playing students' politics. In the end of event, we all realized that the real goal of the event is to get marks.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Can u feel the love 2nite......

My muse is back,well for the 48 hrs at least... am going to spend the 48 hrs with him meaningfully and gonna catch Lee Hom at IU on Sunday....

Enjoy ur weekend

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watching the raindrops fall

Watching the rain drops from my window set a few thoughts in motion,some were about the situations that I went thru in order to get a good results,some were about how easy are the lives of some ppl that I know.

Then, I realised that we really don't know what others are facing in their life,even between best frens, they won't really know what the other is thinking about at times. Let's face it,no matter how good u know a person, the person might still surprise u with some unexpected news or methods of doing things. A person isn't like a drop of rainbow; when sun shines thru a raindrop,we can see the 7 hidden colours not like a person who may still have unknown sides.

Anyway,the probs that I'm facing rite now are related to my uni-mates,sumtimes they can be a real bother especially when they are the sort that when given legs,want thighs. Some are discreet but some are very obvious.

The other prob is I'm a picky person when comes to work,its either I'll give 100% in it or I'll slack in doing it. This will ultimately depend on the type of lecturer that I'm having;the good ones will get good work while the bad ones will get shit.I know it is not a good way of doing things but I have always been a person who will not follow those who don't have deserve my respect.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lost the MOJO

I'll be taking a break from blogging...

I really have no mood to blog....

To my readers,I'm so sorry

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things do change

1st,I would like to wish my muslim readers,happy fasting.

2nd, Rizal is going back to stay with his parents till the 1oth day of Raya due to his new sem's timetable. The stupid timetable states that almost all of his classes are going end around 5pm and we all know how jam the roads will be at that time so its better for him to return to his parents' house so that he'll be in time for break fast.

How do I feel about this? Well,there won't be any more love making sessions at least for the 40 days and the only contact would be thru phone and IM. No more dinners...... Life sucks for me rite now.....

No mood to blog.......

Friday, August 6, 2010



Koike Teppei - Only You

I want to see you, I want to hold you, these feelings are overflowing
I just love only you, only you

The times that Ive sighed, Ive become unconscious of them
The past that has gone cant be changed

This impatient feeling, when will it be gone?
From that faraway sky, I make a wish

Living in this word and having met you
Those are miracles; no more no less, Im thinking of only you

I want to see you, I want to hold you, these feelings are overflowing
Its really just only you, whenever I closed my eyes, my heart squeezes
Your lips, Im melted in this sadness of missing them
I just love only you, its just that

The kisses from you are like wonderful spells
Making my profound heart burning

No matter how painful it is, no matter how miserable it is
I want to walk on the same road with you, till the very end

Forever, lets both of us grow our love freely
Whether its those smiles or those tears, lets fill up this chosen melody with them
This is not a lie, this is not a dream either, your lips drown me in happiness *
I just love only you, its just that

Living in this word and having met you
Those are miracles; no more no less, I am thinking of only you

I want to see you, I want to hold you, these feelings are overflowing
Its really just only you, whenever I closed my eyes, my heart squeezes
Your lips, I melted in this sadness of missing them

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caught a bit of Sun

This is the most silliest road trip that I had done. On last Wednesday, I and the lover went to Cherating to catch a sunrise. We started the trip at around 2 plus am,drove up till we reached the beach and left the place at around 12 plus pm.

The trip up was a scary cos normally I only use Plus to go south not east and this trip was the 1st time that I drove up. The roads we meet a few herds of cows on the way so u need to wait for the cows to get off the road before u can proceed.

Anyway,the air at Cherating is clean and clear unlike Lembah Klang's air which heavily polluted. The smell of salt in the air is really sumting. As u watch the sun rise,u can see the villagers start doing their morning chores and the town comes to life.

The food is nice and fresh although its at the road side stalls, the owners were friendly and will chat with u if they got time to spare.

This is the 6th sunrise that I managed to see and each time,it never fails to invoke feelings of awe and in a way,it reminds me that each day is blessing and I should stop to smell the roses once awhile.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby will be back

Baby is coming back to Shah Alam for Raya. Yeay,me. Who is Baby u ask? Well,Baby is my step-bro who is currently living in East Malaysia.... Yeah,I know naming ur step-bro baby is silly but what 2 do... He and me go way back...

Rizal isn't happy with this news due the past events but I had to assure him that nothing is going to happen and I'm going to depromote Baby's title down to frens cos I don't want the banana tree to fruit twice... Its not that I bear any grudges or anything, my temper easy come,easy go...

Anyway,at least I'll have a gaming partner for Starcraft 2... just got it this morning,a special thanks to Damien.... Love u...

Really can't play now cos of exams and other things.. Don't u just hate exams... Anyway,to those who have this game,state ur email below and I'll add u if I remember... Why this request? Buy the game and U'll know.......

Stupid adverts

Watching adverts between shows really irks me but having to be forced to watch bad adverts really makes me wanna put a fork into my eyes.Below are some stupid adverts that I had to watch daily........

Astro advert

Remember the advert that shows 2 football players who are asking to be invited into the house of a malay family.. look at how the dad's facial expression when he saw the players, doesn't he look gay?


Ok,this advert really shows that the creators of this advert flunked geography... They highlighted 3 countries, Singapore (shown at SEA region), Malaysia ( Middle east), Timbuktu ( Central America). Will the tourism ministry say sumting about this? We don't want any more bad publicity rite?