Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of POP has passed away

This morning, when I woke up,I received an sms saying that Micheal Jackson has passed away. Not believing the words of a fren and trusting that the phoenix will rise again,I googled it and it seems that the phoenix would not rise again.

Yes,Micheal Jackson is indeed a Phoenix,each time when his popularity levels drop or got involved in a scandal,he will always come back and reclaim his throne but no more,no longer.

His songs united ppl,gave hope to ppl and gave inspiration to ppl. To honour his death,this blog will go offline for 7 days starting today. May his soul rest in peace and among the ppl who God had promised Heaven. Al-fatihah

Thursday, June 25, 2009


What's PPSMI? Is it a virus? Nah,its actually an acronym for Pengajaran dan Penbelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris or in the anglo version,its Learning and Studying Science and maths in English. See how smart our government in making acronyms.

Anyway,this topic is highly debatable these days and there are 3 factions involved which are those who want change,those who want Bahasa Melayu to rule supreme and those who doesn't any changes.

So who are actually in these factions.They are:

1) People who are english educated or the younger generation form the 1st faction.

2) People who are malay educated or the older generation form the 2nd faction,These includes ppl who support the idea of direct translations of English terms like those which ends in -logy- into -logi- so the word sounds malayish.

3) People who are afraid that their culture will be diluted,mostly are Chinese or Tamil educated

I support PPSMI but I feel that the foundations aren't being laid properly cos the teachers aren't that good in English and the English being taught in school is focus more in communication than in learning. I also think with the usage of English in these fields will improve our technological level in research and development.

Some ppl are against the idea cos they are thinking in the lines of the Japanese and French or they are saying that we shuld be like the Arabs who translates all the foreign ideas into their language and forced the foreigners to learn Arabic in order to study in Arabic Unis.

For me this view point is immature cos:

1) We don't have good translators
2) We aren't not technologically advance than the western world

PPSMI is a good idea to help the country to be technologically advance and thus improving our R and D sector. When we become the leader in these sectors,then we can start to force the world to learn Bahasa Melayu. Muahahahhahaa

ps: pls share ur thoughts on this issue with me

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


When I was reading Armanique's post,I suddenly feel sad and lonely and empty.I had flashbacks of my life in Spore.

That period of time was the best time ever. During primary school time ah,the teachers would organized trips to the Zoo,Bird park and swimming lessons at the end of the year. So practically,every schoolboy would have gone to these places countless of times till they muntah darah.

Then during Secondary school time ah,we would join the E.C.A grups for points so that we could get a good poly or JC. The E.C.A grups are divided into 3 categories which are Uniform,Clubs or Societies. I was a member of NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps). Every Friday nite,my boots would be polished until I can see my reflection. Not easy,u know to do that,I used candle wax,shoe polish,spit etc. The main reason why I choose this is becos of 2 teachers who are Mr Tan and Mr Wee,they are the cutest male teacher in that school and they look cuter in the blue uniform.

The NPCC uniform is like police uniform so we can't wear it to sch,we had to change in school. So troublesome, rite? But that was my pride and glory,my uniform was the most rigid of all cos of the starch.Just imagine,I bought 3 cans of starch spray every month. Lucky,the ants didn't eat my uniform.

Not to forget,Sporean food is the best in the world. I can tell u all the good makan places in Spore,if u want Seafood go Punggol,if u want Nasi lemak go Boon Lay,if u want Indian food,go Tekka,if u want Malay food,go Geylang but avoid Lorong 14.

Sori,Msia but the food here doesn't meet my expectations.I'm not saying that the food here isn't excellent but sumting is missing,no Umph at all.

Next is the Fashion,Sporeans guys dress better than Msian guys. The guys there are Fashion angels,they know their brands and their colour. And their body is buff,must be cos of NS. Want the latest fashion line,go Orchard road or just go to the neighbourhood mall. The clothing line is the latest one.

Oh,I forgot, TRANSPORTATION. I missed riding the MRT. MRTS never failed to provide me eye candy. The buses and the cabs are also efficient there. I prefer riding the SMRT buses than SBS buses.

That's it,I'm going to Spore this October during my uni break, I miss her too much de.

Ps: Ichi didn't get paid by the Singapore Tourism Board to write this.This is purely rants of a guy that misses his hometown.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Have u ever said someting that u regret or just blab sumting that u might regret later on? Well,I have done the above to many ppl,I have said stuff that shuld not be said. Mostly,my frens would kena this and now Little prince also have been at the receiving end of this stupid statements.

A long, long time ago,I was a different guy with a totally different attitude and behaviour,I would label that Being as Kuro-Ichi. I still have that Being in me,just that I learnt to control it a bit.

When I'm in that mode,I don't really think about my actions or the consequences of it.I'll just do it. I'll have these weird mood swings like I'm polite at one moment and the other moment,I'll be rude. Some of my frens noticed this. I was so unstable that anything can be a trigger even if my frens reject my offer to go CC also can trigger that Being. The feelings that I have are multiple,from Anger to Depression and swing back to Happiness.

But the funny thing is no one said anyting about this to me until My 1st Ex scolded me and pointed that I got this personality. Yes,I owe a lot to my 1st Ex,he pointed all my mistakes and corrected my behaviour. Slowly,black turns to white. I began to understand a lot of stuff.

But lately,I have been saying dumb stuff,words that are supposed to be understood by the other party but somehow,the meaning is lost in translation.

Some ppl think that its easy to say," I hate u" or "I want you out of my life". Hating a person really need alot of energy cos u have to find his faults,every single one and u'll have to keep remembering his faults and words so the hatred will burn continuously.For the Shiro-Ichi,saying that he hates someone is quite a rare thing,he'll try to shrug it off and still be frens or if the person is quite close,he'll try to put the blame on himself but for the Kuro-Ichi,saying these words are rather easy and he'll never change his decision.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I had not been diligently updating my blog,the reason is too many things are happening around me so I want the cloud to settle 1st that I would blog about it.

So far these are the issues that I can blog about:

1) Little prince

He's going through a hard time with his bf. So far,I can conclude that he's being very patience with the guy. If I were him,I'll just dumped him after giving 3 chances to improve himself.

Actually,I don't want to butt into their issues but as an elder guy,I'm butting in. He shuld understand that ppl won't change easily and he has to get a life or else he's going to suffer in the long run.

2) Shisha

I'm hooked on this thing. Smoking it is like being in 7th heaven,I tried smoking it at 2 places de, wanting to smoke at David's cafe cos it uses milk as a filter but see how lah,k?

Btw shisha isn't like smoking ciggarete,its more refined and elegant.

3) Dating

Met a guy last week at pak li.He's really sweet and serious in looking for the One.Rite now,we are just frens,easy to get to know each other's quirks and personality in that way. I don't want to rush into things that may make me regret later on. So far,I think that he's my type of guy.

4) Baby

I met Baby at around 3 pm yesterday. I was kinda missing him so I called him and arranged a meet.

When I entered his house,he hugged me and cried and I found tears running down my Tshirt. He said that he was sorry and wants me back. A part of me wants to re-enter his life but rite,now,I want to have wine not beer. I want someone that I can rely on and I really want a long term relationship.With Baby,I'm just fulfilling my lust.

5) Facebook

Earlier in the year,I said to my Best fren that facebook is for popular guys,ppl who always update their pics and have the urge to tell ppl about their lives but I'm hooked on facebook.I found it to be very user friendly and its fun.

6) Uni

My new sem is starting next week,can't wait to learn new stuff. Rite now,I see that there are few good job opportunities for my field in Msia,maybe I would try to go overseas for exp or what.This decision of going overseas isn't that easy to decide cos I'm quite happy here with my frens and Little prince. Maybe,I'll go for a short overseas stint,just to fulfil my promise with Him.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gimme blood

"Sir,would you like to donate blood.Its a good thing to do.It may save a life."

How many times we came across a blood donation drive and how many times do we actually donated our blood? Usually we could see these blood donation drives in malls and in Lrt stations such as Kl sentral. Its easy to spot these blood donation drives as most of the people around it are nurses or doctors and of course there are beds and refreshments.

Why don't we donate? Some say they are scared of kena infection,some say that its not important,the worst excuse is,"why shuld I donate? The blood isn't for my kin or for me to use,so what's the point?"

Blood donation is important cos blood can't be stored for a long time,the maximum time that we could store blood is a week and the donated blood is used for treating those who had blood loss,this includes those who are being operated or trauma cases.

Just imagine if a family member or a lover need blood tranfussion but the hospital don't have enuff blood for him and the worst case scenario,his blood is a rare type,let's say his blood is Bombay Blood and he died caused of lack of blood. He could be saved if an idiot stopped giving excuses and donated blood.Now imagine how those people whose relatives or lovers died cos there's not enuff blood.Just because someone was being selfish. Do you want to be that someone who was selfish,who didn't stopped and gave a pint,just a pint ( 500 ml) of blood.

The requirements of a blood donor is minimal. The donor must be free of diseases that can be transmitted via blood,of legal age,healthy and not underweight.

Please donate blood when u see a blood drive near.Don't give stupid excuses to avoid donating. You may need it one day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Banana leaf and Shisha

About 5 hours ago,I had a Banana leaf meal at Nirwana.It has been so long that I eaten it,the last time was in Serangoon Road,Singapore. To me,the meal was ok lah not as heavenly as the one in Singapore but its ok in the local standard. (Ppl,pls tell me where I can get Heavenly Banana Leaf meal).

The meal consist of rice,fried masala bittergourd,masala chicken, fried cabbage,acar timun and raasam. I went with the Gang. What I like the most was the traditional indians sweets like laadu and Gulap sumting(forgot the full name of it).

We had fun bitching and dissing each other but the real fun session was at Canai Cafe at ss15,we had Shisha for about 2 hrs. I didn't want to shisha at 1st cos of the health hazards but since everyone is shisha-ing,might as well I join the fun.The shisha had a nice taste and it wasn't that smoky.

When we left the place,the Gang decided to go to a Cafe in Bangsar to try the Shisha there this weekend,its said that they use milk as the filter instead of water so the taste might be better.
Erm,I think I'll join them cos I'm starting to like Shisha.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Glad that Its over

For the past 2 weeks,My house have been transformed into a motel. Relatives from all corners of Malaysia and Singapore came and stayed at my house. My bedroom was taken over by a mob of small kids and toys being left all over the place and I think they traumatized my fishes.

I shall break their stay into 3 periods as each period,there's a different set of relatives.

1-4 of June

My relatives from my mother's side which includes the tranny uncle came. I brought them shopping for clothes and other stuff,mostly there's a lot of reunion dinners,each hosted by my family and 2 other uncles who stayed in the Klang valley.

This set of relatives are kinda close to me cos mostly,my holidays are spent at their houses so we kinda talked about everything.The most popular question was regarding the marriage issue cos many of our distant relatives' children are married or getting married. So I had to be smart to avoid the issue.

5-7 June

My 2nd Aunt with her husband from Spore came down,they were thinking of migrating here but I think my dad was against it cos they are alredi in their Golden Years and they wanted to stay in my house which we'll disagree with. Its not bcos we are being selfish but their way of doing things really make us feel suffocated.

I didn't bring them out much,just brought them out for dinner and that's it.

9-13 June

This set of relatives is the most easy and out going of all. My Pak su and family plus Mak Ngah came down from Spore. We went out for practically everyday but my Mak Ngah stayed at home most of the time which was a blessing cos she's no fun at all. I'm not that close with her cos she has a rotten mouth,keep finding fault with others. Sigh

On Other hand,my uncle is a fun person but he's scared of heights and rides, so the Genting Trip was canceled cos of him but he bought me a 8 Gig pen drive and a few other stuff so he's forgiven.

This period is also full with makan sessions,I think I had found a good place to eat Nasi Berani which is near Sunway Pyramid and guess what,the owner of the restaurant is a family fren's uncle's sister's husband's brother.

Yeah,my family is kinda huge and the family tree is kinda blur cos my ancestors tend to migrate a lot and don't really keep records of the family tree. So far, I know that we got distant relatives in Penang,Patani,Acheh and of cos India. Maybe I shuld try and make a huge family gathering or try to update the family tree.

13-15 June

My mum's step bro is staying with us rite now.Its seems that 3 of his frens are getting married so he's here for that.He's sleeping in my room now so I can't make my Lil ichi happy,to think about it,it has been a long,long time since I did it. :)

Although I'm kinda pissed that my private space was intruded and I didn't get to go out with Little prince and my other frens,I'm happy that They came and reallllllllllly enjoyed themselves.

To Little prince and the others,I try to make up to u guys some way or other,k.

Stay safe

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daddy isn't a superhero anymore

I rarely blog about my family cos if I do,I'll get emo. But since Father's day is near,I decided to talk about my dad.

My dad was a superhero to me,he was everything,even Spiderman,Superman or even the greatest villain,Joker couldn't beat him. I loved the time he spent with me,we went fishing,swimming and all.God,that was the most happiness moments in my life.

Then Puberty came,my thirst for knowledge made me realised that the Man that I worshipped was wrong in so many things,so many untruths I discovered.Its a sad thing when a child realised that his dad isn't a Superhero anymore.

I don't know how I made this conclusion of him not being a Superhero anymore maybe its because of the time he spent away during a time that a boy needs his dad to explain why his lil bro discharging white liquid or when the boy discovered that he's into guys.Or maybe its because the boy has been treated unfairly. Or maybe cos of the promises he broke.Or maybe the lack of communication between the father and child.

Dads are suppose to be the ones who u can trust with anything,Dads are suppose to the ones that would always be fair.

Sumtimes,I curse myself to be a know it all but I realised that the world isn't similar like how he painted it,I had learnt that the world isn't just Black or White but there are shades of grey.

Sumtimes,the dad shuld let the boy explore the world,he shuld not limit the boy with his ideas. A dad shuld learn to let go of his children and not control the kids till they suffocated.

I have a DAD but sumtimes seeing the Dads of others make me turn green,looking at how they treat their children make me wish that I have their daddys instead.

I don't know where we went wrong but no one is making an effort to strengthen the bond.......

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Every nite,I kept starring at my blog,wanting to write about sumting but the text always seems not up to par with my emotions.Yes,I always have a emotional prob,I can be happy but at the same time I can be sad.Some say its me who wants the drama,some say that I can't face the truth and some say that I think to much.

The thing with me is I hate relationships cos they are hurtful in nature.I may be frenly and all but seriously I have <10 frens who I really could trust them with my emotions,the rest are what I labeled them as "come and go frens",meaning I'm just being frenly cos I have a need for them like for instance,Nsmates,after Ns,I don't really bother to keep contact with them.

Some may think that I'm being cruel or heartless but this is the truth of life.I mean ask urself how many frens that really know u since young and how many are recently acquired.You became frens cos you share the same interests once that interest is no longer mutual,you stop being frens.

Rite now,I'm thinking of cutting a few ppl out of my frens list.Sori but I don't like the way that u have been treating me lately,the amount that I have been giving doesn't not equal to the amount that I'm receiving and I can't keep lying to myself that u're being u.

Sori,but its the truth, U could go all the way for others but for me,u just don't bother,maybe u're thinking that I'm okay with it but ...........

Whatever my decision is I hope you'll change for the better in future.

Monday, June 8, 2009

NS lingo

As some of u know that I'm an ex Singaporean so I did my time in NS before exchanging the pink Ic for the blue one.

In NS,we have our way of saying things,so I'm going to share it here with the others. The meanings are in italic,k.

Ns Lingo

1) Cover ass

To be able to justify ur mistakes and protect urself from a lecture from ur officers.

2) Kena fire

A lecture session from ur officers for a mistake that u did.

3) Cross fire

The person who is under fire drags u down in his shit.

4) Extra

Its a kind of punishment for small mistakes like coming late or what.Often its extra duty.

5) Roll-call

Happens every morning before u start ur duty.

6) Cover for me

Usually said by seniors or those who are higher in rank,this happens during roll call

7) Fly kite

A hopeless dream.Those who have on the ball officers suffers this.

8) On the ball

Ppl who often follow the book till death.

9) Mc

This term is often mistaken for Medical leave but actually its an excuse to get a day off.

10) Leave

The days that u are intitled for R and R

11) Off

A reward for doing back breaking work.Usually the Off isn't worth the work

12) Kena burn off

Usually affects the Off days. Off days had to be clear within a week or sometimes kena burned if u did a mistake or didn't clear in within the time limit.

13) Ord leave

The days left till u ord.

14) ORD


15) Lim peh

The officers especially the captains and above

16) NCOs

The ones who really know everything and anything in company.

17) Lieutenant

The ones who becomes a shield for the NCOs against the Captains and above.

18) Recruits

The scum of the universe.

19) Carry balls

Basic skill for NCOs,to be able to cajole the officers in doing things that u want.

20) Wayang

Another basic skill for NCOs,to be able to fake ur hardworkingness in front of ur officers.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Moving on

Yesterday was Man's bday. For the newbies,Man was my ex fuck buddy who turned into a fling who has a personality disorder (No,I'm not going to trash talk about him).

Back to the story,I sent an sms wishing him happy bday for the sake of burying the hatchet,we kinda part on bad terms which in retropect,I blamed myself for being choosy. Below is the snippet of our conversation:

M: Man

I: Happy Bday to u.May wealth and health be ur faithful companions 4ever.

M: Thank you. Long time,no hear.How are u?How's baby?How's Little prince?

I:Huh? Oh him,I think he's at some lorong selling himself.Btw how you know about Baby?Lp is fine,got a new bf.

M: I see that u never change,I know him tru ur Blog,dufus.

I: A tiger never changes his stripes. Hahha,I see u got wiser.

M: Hahaha,erm,I know u won't msg me for trivial matters.Spill!

I:Ok2,just wondering how are u doing? Since that day,u didn't call me or msg.

M:u really know how to stir up things ah? How about you didn't bother to explain urself?I didn't get an apology or what?

I:Erm,U want the truth naked or sugarcoated?

M: Anything.

I: U were pushing me too much.I told u that I needed time. But u were too much,I gave u a few chances to better urself but u keep doing the same mistakes.I know that ur smart enuff to let time take its course but ur emotional side,too much for me to handle.So I'm not going to say
sorry for ur mistakes.

M: I see that ur really being a sakura these days.Btw,I'm in a relationship rite now.He's a lecturer in ur Ipts,He kinda had met with you once when he was staying in ur gf's bf's house.

I: Oh,that's great. Just don't repeat the same mistakes again. Bye

M: Bye.

Well,at least my objectives were met,rite? In the end,I'm happy to know that he's happily in love. But 1 thing makes me wonder;the lecturer,I thought he loves muscle guys............

Friday, June 5, 2009


I don't know how to write this without making anyone unhappy but seriously, I wonder how could a person use love as a controlling tool or try to gauge the sincerity of his lover by demanding the lover to do stuff like quit smoking or stop msging his frens etc

Erm,actually I'm not a saint,I had done the above before and I found out that its not worth it. I mean the lover have his own ways to do things and for me to expect a change in him in 3 mths,its ridiculouslah. I also realized that the lover would always choose his frens over his lover in the end.

Being in a relationship isn't that easy,as a lover,we need to balance 3-4 things in our life,Work,frens,family and him. We can't devote an entire heart to him alone,Love relationships are fickle and its not forever if we compared it with Frens and Family or even Work.

I always tell this advice to those newbies who approached me," Life goes on.Its doesn't matter if ur in love or single,the clock keep ticking away. You must fulfill ur dreams no matter what.True Lovers never compromise or demand u to be someone that ur not."

I really hate those ppl who thinks that their love is eternal.I mean try to be realistic lah,Guys aren't meant to be bonded in a long term relationship,we aren't lesbians,u know. Another thing is if u broke up,u think that u'll die,not able to survive another day? To think that way,its damm stupid lah,so what if he isn't there anymore? U still can live,breath and eat rite?

A wise fren told me to wait for a change is a waste of energy,get a life and be merry,U don't owe the world anything and the world sure as hell doesn't owe u anything.

ps: Sorry if I'm too harsh with the words I used. Dumb ppl sickens me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Clubbing,No thank you

To the clubbers,I'm sorrry cos this is a hate post about gay clubs in Msia,so if ur not happy with the post,i'm really sorry.

When I was in Spore doing my Ns,I often go to gay clubs at Orchard road or Tanjong Pagar.I love the scene there,the guys are so approachable and the music is nice.

Then,I came back to Msia,went around a few clubs and I found that clubs here aren't my cup of tea. Most of my frens are clubbers and they usually go to clubs every week unlike me who are under my parents' roof so my movements are kinda restricted and their testimonials supports my theory.I'm going to talk about 3 clubs that are kinda popular in the Gay circle.

1) La Queen

Located at Jln P.Ramlee. I went to this club before at that time,the Dj was Dj Ivan and the emcee was Kak Vivianna. The music is good but sometimes they spin songs like Aspella to please the crowd. This place is a usual lepak spot of my gang aka Gang Tangga (those who were in G4m forums know that there is a feud involving this gang and some other gang).

So far,according to my frens,the drinks are ok and the guys are cute here.The dance area and the club is quite big as it has 2 tingkat. The emcee then which was Kak Vivianna really knew how to work the crowd and I really enjoyed my nite there.

2) BB (Blue Boy)

Located at Jln Bukit Bintang. I had also went to this club before. This club is the oldest club in the country. Those who are new in the scene goes here to get popular or whatever so there's plenty of new meat here.The dance floor is small and seating places are kinda limited.

From what my frens said about this club is its a meat market,ppl come to get hook up or laid.The drinks are so-so.The crowd is usually new meat but you can meet a multitude of ppl here,from Mak Hayams,Anak ikans and others.

What I like about this place is actually the kedai makan jalanan beside the club,fondly known as Kak Ara's Lounge or Kedai Kak Ara.The prices here are kinda steep but who cares rite? I like the shop owner who is Kak Ara,she is the loud,no nonsense type. Go and dine here and U know what I'm talking about.

3) Marketplace

Located at Jln Yap Kwang Seng(I hope I got the spelling rite). Its a 2 storey bungalow so its kinda big.The entry fee is also quite steep.When it was new,the crowd was decent,now.........

I had never went to this club before but my friends told me that nowadays to enter the club is quite challenging cos u need to go through the dance floor before you can get to the seating area or something like that. So for them,its like Hell when U want to enter.

After ur tired form clubbing,you could always go to Old White Coffee or Rasa Sayang to eat. The food at Rasa Sayang is kinda steep but since you already have the money for the club,you shuld have the money for this place.

Ps: I know that there are other gay clubs around the Klang Valley like Oblique or Orange or Plu but I think the ones that I had listed are the popular ones.

Pss:There's one club at KJ ran by Raden,I hear that the crowd there is mostly chinese. Erm,maybe I'll check it out one of these days.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Me updated

It has been so long since I had updated my recent activities in this blog.

1) Uni

Finished my Finals,waiting for uni to reopen on the 19th which is on a Saturday.(damm) This short sem is the worst ever,just imagine I had 2 weeks of no classes what so ever. My Lecturers are damm slackers,teach just a bit and expect us to know everything.Even Msia studies was a bore.

2) Personal life

I have gone below the radar lately,too tired to meet new ppl online or offline.There's this Jap guy who wants to meet up for sex but when I saw his pic,he looks like a regular chinese guy.( Poser perhaps).Many frens advised me to go and meet him up and have fun but I'm feeling sian lah. Our conversations on the phone is too dull and requires me to say it in simple english.
Example of our phone conversation:

I: Ichi
J: Jap guy

J: Hello,Can I fren u?

I: sure

J: U where stay?

I: Shah alam

J: Gay u?


I know that he has probs talking in English but I don't really feel turn on with him.

Enuff of that issue. A new improvement in my life is I had gotten myself Braces. The braces are ok lah but its a bitch to chew my food especially eating mee or beef items and I have to brush my teeth everytime I eat or drink,so troublesome but Beauty has its price,i guess.