Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Reading Kidz blog reminded me of sumting that I used to do every night b4 sleeping. Some ppl might think saying "goodnite" to the lover is a stupid,waste of money and childish thing to do but for me it means a lot cos that person was the only person that I said good nite,every night for 2 years without fail.

I'm sure that all of u realised that I'm not close to my family in many ways,the times that we talked per day can be counted with 2 hands and the times that we see each others' face can be counted with one hand and yet we live in the same house.Btw,I'm not adopted or anything but the bond isn't there between me and my family.

Its funny how a word that mean a lot to someone but have so little impact to another person.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 days de

I have started my internship. So far,I have been up to my nose reading journals about mosquitoes and those which are related to its order; reduviids, papaya fruit fly and etc. I am Insectoman. I share my office with a cage full of Aedes spp. Lemme recap what happened in the last 2 days.


- met the head of dept,she shown 2 fingers and asked me to choose which I want.
- met my supervisor and got a stack of journals.
- read 3 journals and 2 thesis
- my fren's unit burned down


- read 4 journals
- learned how to differentiate the different mosquitoes that suck ur blood daily
- stare at the cage which is full of mosquitoes

Seriously, I am having a new found respect for them;fyi: the males mates with males and females and at random. THEY ARE NATURE'S CASANOVAS.

ps: can't tell u what I'm working on cos its secret,heck even I don't know what I'm doing.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Living Quarters

Sorry for the lateness in updating my blog...

Since there are nothing much happenings in my life (waiting for internship to start),I'll talk about my new living quarters. :) so happy to get out of Shah Alam.

Before I start,I would like to clarify that I don't dislike Shah Alam,my reasons for getting out of this city is personal and would be happy explain them in an email.

Anyway,I'm staying in my COUSIN'S place (not BF's place) and would be sumtimes disturbed by the Aunt. Blame the cousin for agreeing on that.

Well,the house is huge for 2 ppl to live in,its a 3 storey Semi D,the basement was changed into a gaming/ jamming area by the cousin therefore I have 2 levels to myself most of the time. :)

The breakdown of the house chores are:

My coz is in charge of bills, food and misc while I'm in charge of cleaning,cooking and maintaining. Thank god for giving us a good cleaning lady who comes in every 2 days and also for inventing food delivery.

Rite now, I'm spending half of my time in Ampang and the other half in Shah alam but when the internship starts,75-90% will be in Ampang.

So far,this arrangement isn't set in stone yet cos I'm not working yet.

ps: I recently found that its so easy to claim that ur this person or that person in front of naive ppl.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moving out

In a week's time,I'll be staying in Kl,mostly for 2 reasons which are 1) cos of my internship is in Kl and 2) I hate Shah Alam. Shah Alam is for good for raising up ur kids,here,we don't have major distractions. Ur kids will be smart cos they have nothing but the internet to distract them. (hahahaha).

But still I hoping that someone will ask me to stay here....

Friday, April 1, 2011

How leh?

I was talking with a fren while driving to check out a room in Setapak d other day when he asked me whether status can make a difference in a relationship.

To me,sumtimes status can be a stumbling block especially if the other guy is still in the closet cos he needs to "jaga muka" (keep on appearances) but if he is out and no one gives a damm,why bother? But yeah,u need to be subtle; within close frens,its ok to let ur hair down but during an official dinner,DO NOT proclaim that he is urs with a DANCE.

The other thing is what if the guy is richer than u? Do u let him control ur every action or try to tone down or at least match his share of treats. DO NOT LET HIM BUY U THAT DIAMOND TIARA THAT U WANTED SINCE 10. Its not proper,I mean he is ur lover not a sugar daddy.

Sumtimes ppl use their wealth to show affection which will shackle the other person to do their bidding. U have be smart to know the difference of a genuine gift and a gift with intention. (This implies to both parties)

Always remember that u love the person not the size of his account.