Tuesday, September 25, 2012


  Recently, I met a few wonderful and interesting guys. They are 1, 2,3, 4, and 5. Each have taught me a few things about Love.

Saying I like you or I love you is easy. You can say that to anyone. Falling in love is also easy, you need time and a bit of money and lotsa appeal. But staying in love? Could you stay in love with the same person, accepting their flaws, their stupidity, their weird likes and dislikes and be there when they are at their lowest?

No 1 taught me that Love has no limits.. so what if the lover is sick and have a fragile health, I am here now with him. He may have a limited time but so what.. He loves me and I him. Should I ignore all the good memories cos he is dying?

No 2 taught me that Love is not a glue.. Understanding each other, accepting that he is not perfect makes the relationship work. He might farts in bed while he sleeps but again, my cooking sucks, should we just call it quits?

No 3 taught me that Love needs sincerity, He may be rich, he may be ok with me sleeping with others, he may be ok with me spending his money on other guys but he still is there when I need him the most, not those boys who I randomly pick for a good time.

No 4 taught me to love a person purely for who he is, he maybe loud, he may do then think.. but that is the guy who I pick to spend time with.

No 5 taught me how Love does not need time. We may be far, we may be busy but in that moment when we are together, we are sync

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am currently doing my masters on cancer research, focusing on drug discovery. And I swear that I will kill the next guy who said that my work is super hard and high level thingy. Trust me, I have killed before.

Anyway, the work is not that hard when ur enjoying urself with it. I hate those ppl who post TGIF on Fridays; pleaselah, if u hate ur job then change it, do not go and bitch about it.

Ok2, back to story, the project is a multi-part project. Yes, I can do my Phd and Postdoc with the project if  I want 2 and the powers that be still want me 2.

Right now, I am focusing on whether the drug works aka Part 1. In part 1, there is 3 parts. I just completed part 1.1.1, part 1.1.2 and part 1.1.3 is awaiting optimization; a word that I hate.

Hopefully, I can start part 2 and part 3 next year, if everything is there and everything is perfect then I might finish it by 2014.

So wish me luck guys. Hopefully I won't go crazy any time soon.