Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Believe in Me

Faris's POV

U shout that u want to be HOKAGE! U want to be someone.. Do u think its easy,others gave up de on being Hokage.. U still want to Hokage? Ur just a stupid kid..Who will be dumb enuff to give u the rank of Hokage.. U fail at everyting..think that u can protect ur dreams? Just shut up

Ichi's POV

Being Hokage is my dream,this is the only dream that I have. I WILL BE HOKAGE,it may take a few months or years but I will not stop till I become Hokage. I'll make sure that everyone respects me and know me. I may be a genin now,give me time to improve myself. I'll become HOKAGE one day

So trust me and believe me that I'LL be HOKAGE.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a funny rejection letter

As u know that I have been actively applying for work there and here. So there are bound to have a few rejection emails from the company.

But there is one company's letter that I find to be weird.

It started with "We are sorry" plus a bit of background story of why the had to reject me and on what basis they picked the future employees and then,they ended with "Since you are not a fresh grad therefore ur automatically rejected"

Don't get me wrong, I do love rejection letters as they tell me where am I standing but being a fresh grad isn't a good reason to reject someone,just imagine if every company thinks the same way,what are fresh grads to do? Sell themselves at Lorong Haji Taib?

but again that isn't a bad idea..kan?

I'm just rm 50 for a blow...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BLC in Kuala Lipis

Over the weekend, I went to Kuala Lipis to catch Mozzies,actually its at Mela (45 min from Kuala Lipis) & Padang Tunku( 20 mins from Kuala Lipis).

We stayed in a Hotel called Jelai,Kuala Lipis which is around 1
hour from Bentong. We arrived on Friday night,was surprised to see a KFC in town cos i
ts quite hulu. Rested the whole night and went wandering the next night since there is nothing to see or go, we left the hotel for breakfast,lunch and the occasional dinner.

On Saturday evening, we went to Padang Tunku to set up light traps to catch mozzies. A light trap consist of a bulb, Co2 box, net trap and fan (see below).

Then we went to Mela for BLC (Bare leg catch). Basically,we rolled up our pants and exposed our legs for the mozzies to bite,then we'll trap them using a vial which is then stuffed with cotton wool to prevent the mozzies from escaping.

During the 1st night, we stayed at the from 6 pm- 6 am and caught about 500 +/- mozzies from various genus such as Masonia, Aedes, Culex, Anopheles and Armigeres.

During the 2nd and 3th night,we stayed at the site till midnite.

Erm,going to a ulu place is normal to see some unwanted guests especially when the site is on someone's land, I think I saw a few "guardians",luckily they were just watching and didn't disturb except for one nite,when we were a bit boisterous.

And of cos,when we were there,our daily meal consisted of ikan patin, so yummy and delicious and not fatty at all. I also had a taste of jungle fowl. The bird is kinda muscular.

Also spotted a few cute lengcai mechanics and 1 or 2 of our kind there.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Aku fahami aku bukan terbaik
Untuk dirimu
Namun aku tetap aku
Yang terbaik tuk diriku

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lost In Kuala Lipis

don't know why to start with the post...

1stly, I'm in kuala lipis doing part time work for one of the Docs from my intern days. Yes, I have finished my internship.. unfortunately, I didn't get a place for work despite all the hype form my interview in July/June. I was so happy when they confirmed to hire me and sent me for training despite I'm still an intern. Then the mail came and they decided not to hire me cos I have not konvo-ed yet.

For once, I thought what I did was right, all the work,all the times that I had to defend my decisions from my parents and the times that I had to endure their taunts of not being a good son finally paid off. For once, they accepted what I'm doing with my life but then shit happened.

Life sucks, u will never know whether ur doing a good/bad till u get the conclusion. Maybe the rejection is a blessing in disguise.. Maybe I need to work extra hard to get a good life, after all,My dreams are kinda big in their own right.

2ndly, Mr Scorpio isn't happy of where I am heading, our paths is different,we want different life.. Sumting that I have been stressing with him; I can't settle for mediocre things, I want not to be tied down with a place or a certain goals that are pre-set for me. If that's how Life works, ppl should NEVER ask what Hope/Dreams u have in the future.

Yeah, I know, I don't do well in reality...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interview questions

Kinda sien going for interviews especially when ur dream job is taken away due to a stupid technical overlook. So these are some stupid questions that smart ppl asked.


So u haven't convo yet? so means ur not a degree holder lah?

Inner thoughts: If I need to convo and then find job, u'll still hire me?


Why find job now? wait till u convo lah

Inner thoughts: U want to fed me till then?


Aiyo,ur fresh grad..hard to hire u

Inner thoughts: Ur dad had a lab rite,cos then u got a lot of exp


So what are u going to do for Masters?

Inner thoughts: u wanna give me title & money ah?


So what do you consider of doing A,B,C?

Inner thoughts: I want pay.. I'll Do S.U.C.K 2


How badly u need this?

Inner thoughts: As badly as u need sex


Where else u have applied 2?

Inner thoughts: tried to apply at Assassins-are-us but failed due to the height requirement


OOh,u have worked here..why quit?

Inner thoughts: cos my term have ended


Why u choose to work here?

Inner thoughts: cos its near to the salon that I always go to

Sorry,but I'm very2 cranky rite now.. but again,if u have probs with my ATTITUDE,u can always unfren or delete me from ur life..LIKE I CARE kan

Sunday, September 4, 2011

BDSM gone wrong

Spent the whole night at a fren, emotionally and physically exhausted right now. All due to a fren's bad decision.

He decided to play with fire,he opted for a master to fulfill his darkest fantasy, to be a slave.Unfortunately for him, the master didn't know when to let go.Therefore an intervention has needed. Luckily for the fren, I knew the master from my BDSM days so we sorta struck deal and thankfully,the master accepted.

Moral of the story

1) Do not commit on things that u have no knowledge on
2) Do tell the party that its a temporary thing
3) If u want to do kinky stuff,do it with ur bf,the very least both of u know ur limits
4) Do not play with fire
5) Build d trust between u and the other party 1st before deciding to give up ur will
6) Do not call me at 3 am

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Raya report

Am now at a hotel in Ipoh,catching the much needed sleep and rest.

I had the best Raya ever,3 days in Spore and 1 day in Jb,yeah,I'm biased.

This time,I got the time to spend with my Spore frens,collecting more gossips and scandals.


Drove the family down to Spore,it was my 1st time driving my dad's MPV. 14o km/h on the highway till the checkpoint. We were escorted by a police car from Ayer Keroh onwards,really felt like a VIP.

In the afternoon, we went to Geylang to buy raya stuff but ended up buying FOOD; air kathira, nasi ambeng, nasi ayam, nasi padang. Spore food is always SEDAP. Went to Jurong Point and Taka for shopping.


Went to visit Him(my 1st ex) and Mommy (my 1st ex's mum), we talked a lot. Mommy was asking whether I'll be working in Spore in the future and sorta told me that I'm included in her will.I was shocked at 1st but then I told her not to be so charitable cos I'm a nobody and kept drifting away from them. Her reply was simple; I'm a part of the family ever since He brought me home.Even the younger bro was in agreement with the arrangement.. but then,I think I'll decline when the time comes.

Drove to JB to meet my maternal family..super bored but since almost all the cousins brought their lappies, we did an Angry Birds competition; the one with the highest score gets an hour of internet access. 1 broadband, 10 lappies..go figure


Raya..raya.. as usual,the men woke up late, the boys fought for the bathroom and the womenfolk cook..

Re-entered Spore at noon and went around Spore collecting duit raya; yeah,I still get duit raya despite my age; total collection: $1200.


Spent time at graveyard again, its funny when a person departs, u start to regret the hours u lost spent sulking...

Went for another round of yamcha,actually it was lunch+tea+dinner+supper with the gang..


Drove back to shah alam,repacked the case and went North for R&R