Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There are topics that are not to be discussed publicly in our society. Although,Gays are supposed to be super open about any subjects,sex is still taboo,btw I'm not referring to the acts or to the amount of sex but the aftermath of it.

Aftermath? Again,I'm not referring to the things u do after orgasm. All of us know that having sex especially bare-back has its unwanted side-effects which is STDs or worse,dreaded H.

Recently,a fren came to me and asked how to go about seeking treatment when u have STDs and after the session,he told me that the matter cannot see the light of day cos he afraid that ppl might label him as a slut or a whore. I was like wtf,in the 1st place,it wasn't his mistake and the other party shuld have been careful about his health,I mean if u have S,would u go around and insert ur dick into someone's mouth. I would never do that even if the mouth belongs to Brent Corrigan.

I had a talk with my straight and gay frens,the topic was if a person who have STDs is whore. Unfortunately, most agreed that having STDs is a whorish attribute.I,myself agree to the statement to a certain extent,if that person got STDs by sleeping with a ton of guys,he is definitely a whore but if he got STDs by negligence,he is a victim of the situation.

I realized that stigmas like this makes ppl uncomfortable to seek treatment or to self-monitor their health and thus infecting others. I do hope that my work could educate others to be brave enuff to at least go for a self-checkup yearly.


Hear: to perceive or apprehend by the ear

Listen: to hear something with thoughtful attention

Could you spot the difference between those 2 words? So have u been listening or just hearing when someone talks?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its not just Yamcha.....

I'm on holiday but it doesn't mean much cos the Spore trip is canceled and most of my mates are having exams or whatnots so the best time to hang with them is around 12-4 am at the local restaurants and puff shisah all nite long. (I don't smoke cigarettes.)

Anyway,I like going for yamcha even though its uber late cos at some point,we'll talk about interesting/serious stuff so its actually yamcha + roundtable discussions+ Oprah+Hoo chak session.

Btw,most of my frens are nerds so faham2 jelah...

Last nite,we had this argument on which is a better Sci-fi movie,Star wars or Star what's the name? Obviously,I pick Star Wars over Star What's its name again...

Reasons why Star Wars is the best movie ever:

1) It keep us in suspense for a long long time. Episodes 4-6 came out 1st and I was like where the heck is Episodes 1-3.. Then after a few years,Episode 1-3 came out and Episodes 4-6 made sense.

2) U can spot a few historical events in Star Wars. Surprised? Remember the scene where Luke and Leia hanging in a pit or the scene where Anakin and a few Jedis were fighting in Episode 3,don't they remind u of Gladiators in the Arena?Or the scene where Anakin finally become Darth Vader? He was stripped of his humanity and turned into a monster. Echoing Frankenstein?

4) The visual masterpiece was stunning. Every scene was carefully picked,every detail was perfect.

5) Master Yoda. Oh yes,he is only alien that got away by ruining the Rules of English.

6) The Imperial March. Remember when Darth Vader appears,there's this music that accompanies him so the diva kan.

7) The ships,the droids,the cities simply awesome.

8) C-3PO and Chewbacca so adorable and cute....

And this is just a partial of reasons given of why STARWARS should be the one close to ur hearts not star traxx.

Ps: I bet a bunch of trekkies would get pissed.
PPs: A short man has a long dick.How long is Yoda's dick?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stages in love

I know that many wise ppl said that there are 5-6 stages in love (Google it,will ya). For me,l like stuff that aren't so troublesome so I'm going to narrow it to 3 stages.

1st stage of LOVE

The waiting and finding part. U cast ur lines or like some ppl throw boatloads of oranges into the sea/river/lake and wait for them to bite ur bait.

2nd stage of LOVE

The falling in love part. The romance,the sparks,the sugar are in the maximum levels,he can't do no wrong and ur the gem of his heart.

3rd stage of LOVE

The shitty part. The part when both of u really doubts the reason of u falling in love,the part when he farts,u really will run for cover,ur morning breath will make him vomit.But the both of u have swore for better or for worst,u'll be there for each other.

I'm ok with all the parts except for part no 1,the waiting part really sucks. U throw the line,u have to wait,2 get better quality fishes,u have to invest on better bait (translation,looks and etc).

How I wish that there are stats cards like those in card games,just swipe it and u know whether the both of u are compatible with each other or not.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A day with the GIRLFRENS

What a day 2day was,woke at 8 am,ran a few errands,send the car for wash and went to One U
(It was supposed to be Sunway Pyramid but somehow it ended up there.)

We reached there around 12.30 am,wanted to watch a movie at GSC but unfortunately,GSC was closed due to a small fire occurred on Thursday so TGV was the only choice. We had a small debate on what movie to watch,it was either Alice or How to train ur Dragon. (Those who need their dragons to be tamed,mail me). The dragon movie lost to Alice,sorry Helena,will have to see in Lion city.

After buying the tickets,we walked around to find FOOD.all of us wanted sumting heavy so no fast food restaurants were in the list,we ended up eating at Waffle's House (?) which was located near GSC. The food there was like heavenly rays shimmering down on earth,we had 3 types of waffles,2 types of paste,1 nasi ala king and 1 cheesed baked rice with seafood. During the meal,we had a food orgy,everyone was feeding sumone sumting.

Then,we watched the movie. If u ask me to describe the movie in one word,the word I would chose is Fantastical.The movie didn't follow the same storyline as the book,they revamped it totally and they actually managed to pulled it off. Finally,we have a director who has the guts to say "NO" to the writer and the readers. I think we'll see more of this movie cos it is actually a series.Oh yeah,gays could relate to the movie cos one of the themes are acceptance.

To my girlfrens,I'm going to miss u a lot cos each of us have reached the fork in our journey to success.I can't believe that its alredi been 3 years since we 1st met in Campus. I'm reaally going to miss my angels a lot,loving u guys to bits...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dating again

Went out for a date yesterday and 2day with the same person (R). We met in PR,he is doing the same degree as me but he is in the 1st year,studying at an uni in Kl and staying sumwhere near. he is damm serious about everything which I don't like,our degree is alredi tough,so is best to go crazy once a while so that our arteries wouldn't burst which I sorta did with him,brought him to a bowling arena so that he will chill a bit but unfortunately,he went into fully competitive mode just bcos I say that loser need to treat the winner but ended up with him treating me. (sweet giler,the way he coaxed me out of the deal).

During lunch,I tried to be a clown by dipping my fries into my sundae (u shuld try it,its actually nice), he stared at me unblinkingly and said,"Do I need to drive u to Tanjung Rambutan soon."
My reply was," Chill lah,why so serious? Do I need to carve a smile out?"

We went out for 6 hours in total,I saw his smile only twice and it lasted 2 mins each but 2 see that smile,it was priceless,his eyes lighted up,his laugh lines appeared and the sound of his laugh was heaven.Sigh... I'm the clown and he's the king.

Maybe next time,I need to put ingredient X in his food.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clearing the air

Early in the day,I had long chat with someone who had said to someone that I had over crossed certain boundaries with him. At 1st,I didn't want to say anything cos it was a stupid conclusion made by that certain someone in the 1st place. But then,after hearing so many versions of the same tale,the final version that made me pissed was that I was going to rampas his bf ( Helo,I'm fugly,who wants me?). Close frens who heard that version,laughed a loud cos they know what role i like to play in bed.

To make a long story short,we talked and made peace with each other.

To others,I may say stuff either here,in facebook or in real life that doesn't really make sense or completely out of the blue or may be a bit slutty but if u feel offended or what,just send me a email,then I'll refrain myself in the future,k.

ps: Don't worry about the seducing ur bfs part,none of u are my cup of tea. :)
pps: Pls don't perasan sgt.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was reading the MSN newsfeed,when I saw this headline "Okay to be gay in Msia movies,if the character repents". Tak puas hati with the short article,I flipped my copy of NST,read the whole article and was sick afterward.

Being gay is hard,once it was labeled as a mental sickness,then it was labeled as a gene mutation and now this...

When would ppl understand that being gay isn't a choice,its forced upon us.Is not like we could switch off and on our gayness factor like a switch,at 2200 hrs,I want to be straight and at 2230 hrs,I want to be gay. Happy?

Fuck the stupid rules.

I have an idea,let's boycott all movies that shows a gay repenting or easier a gay themed movie but 1st,I want to buy a few door locks and a good security system cos we would never know when the mob will come with their pitchforks and torches.

Monday, March 22, 2010


One nite,2 strangers were in a room with the lights off,when suddenly,one of them said to the other,"Hey,where's ur dick? I can't feel it."

Very embarrassing rite? But don't fret,u might be suffering from Genital Retraction Syndrome or Koro or shuk yang ( 缩阳). Don't believe me,check the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) (4Th edition) which is published by the American Psychiatric Association.

This syndrome often occurs at China,SEA countries and Africa. The 1st documented case can be found in the Chinese medical book,Zhong Zang Jing which states the cause of the disease is caused by the unbalance of the Yang humour and its a sign of death.

The common cause of this syndrome is mass hysteria,anxiety to "perform" and the feel of guilt over masturbation. Basically,this syndrome is neurological cos the true culprit is the brain. Koro often affects those who are gullible in believing old myths like the fox demon or believes that frequent ejaculation could affect one's longevity.

The symptoms are:

1) loss of sexual drive
2) acute attack of genital retraction or genital shrinkage.
3) fear of death
4) penile dissolution
5) loss of penile muscular tone

To diagnosis this syndrome is quite hard cos most of the time,the penis appears to be normal to the doctors.(Alice syndrome). In western medicine,it is suggest to give the patients,sexual counselling while in Chinese medicine,the practitioners often try to correct the imbalance or exorcism of the fox demon.

As I said earlier,most of the cases of Koro is caused by mass hysteria. It had occurred in:

1) Hainan Island and Leizhou Peninsula (Guang Dong) circa 1800s.There were other reported outbreaks which the latest were in 1984-85 which had affected 3000 ppl in 16 cities.

2) Singapore (October 1967).The outbreak lasted for 10 days affecting 970 ppl (estimated value).

3) Thailand (November 1976).It affected 350 cases

4) Africa ( 1996 and on-going).The1st cases were reported in Nigeria and Cameroon which spread to rest of Africa. Most believe that its the work of penis thieves.

ps: This syndrome also affects women.In their cases,their breast disappears but who cares rite?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lunch and Dinner

Finally met up with Will,Mark,SK and a few other new frens such as Alan(going to work with him soon) and beau and regulars like Salmon and Bear. Its nice to finally get to know the faces behind the blogs,hope to meet up with others also soon.

It was my 1st time driving to Puchong where we all were supposed to have a feast at Yuen's Garden. (Now I know why Will likes to go there often). I was kinda late because of:

1) I really don't know the way to go there so have to rely on the signboards.
2) Got lost near Bandar Sri Puteri but spotted a hospital there,maybe can do LI
3) While finding a place to park,got a call from my cousins regarding the stall that we opened

When I arrived at that place,my eyes spotted about 3-4 cuties. The waiters are freakin cute
( not all lah). Then went up and saw the whole gang eating de..Then I spotted more cuties but unfortunately,they are underage (have to wait for them to mature a bit but isn't eating fresh stuff is good for the health?). Matilah

Since they were eating,I just ate what they have on the table and hoping that they would order char siew but after eating 3 dumplings,we shifted to Papparich (thanks a lot,guys for interupting my visual feast).

At Papparich,we just had drinks and chat like no one's business,jumping from one topic to another. At around 4 pm,I had to leave with a heavy heart and go to Sunway.

Arrived at Sunway at about 5 pm,then waited for the other set of frens (Ex-Myspace buddies) to show up at Starbucks,had a slice of chocolate brownies but wished that they had inserted ingredient X,I was getting sleepy de. At 6 pm,I was starting to be cranky (HATES WAITING), when they started to arrived,it was weird cos they all arrived at the same time,after interrogating,I found that they had just finished watching movie.(Cibai,never say early2) We chatted a bit at Starbucks and then we left for Windmill,I had the steak and it was nice.

On a personal note(pointed out by Vin),its true that sumtimes the blogger's attitude is completely different from the blog's attitude,in the virtual world,we could create avatars of ourselves,say stuff that we won't say in the real world cos afraid of what others might think of us.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My wish

As I lay on my bed,waiting for sleep to engulf me once more. I wonder if the coldness I feel is temporary.

Would an angel appear in my dreams tonite? I wondered while waiting for Sleep to make her appearance. So long it has been since the last time,I dreamed sweet dreams.

As I lay on my bed,waiting... I wondered about the proverb," you sow what u reap". What I have done to deserve a quiet bed? Maybe I saw Love on the other side of the pavement but walked pass it unnoticed. How the other day when that guy smiled at me,shuld I had at least said hi?

As I lay on my bed,waiting.... maybe this is my rest year,a year without any commitments with anyone. I held a broken vase once,trying my hardest to fix it,it still broke. Maybe the bond isn't that strong. Better move on before one of the pieces stab me.

Damm,Sleep isn't coming tonite,no chance of resting my brain 2nite.. Looking at the stars now,they say if u look closely,u can see the 2 lovers separated by the milk way and they meet up once a year. I wonder could I last that long? Only 1 nite to touch him after spending 364 nites staring at him.

They also say that they could grant wishes of those who wants love or lovers wishing for longevity. I remembered once someone told me to plant an Amaranth but these days,I only know how to plant Morning Glory. How tragic is she,the Morning Glory, She blooms when her lover rays touch her and die when her lover has gone far.

Looking back to the skies,I said my humble prayer,hoping that my heart still believes in LOVE,Oh sweet Purple Lilac,pls bloom in my heart one day......

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving In

"Yeay,he finally wants me to move in," said I among my grup of frens one nite a few years ago. Most of them were like saying,"u know when u move in with the beau,u have to stand his attitude 24/7. He may look ugly when he wakes in the morning." I ignored their kind advices and moved in the next weekend.....

After 3 days

I wanted to move out before Wednesday ends. His habits were ugly,the pans and the kitchenware was left in the sink for later,the room wasn't cleaned and I had to clean it after my shift.U see during that period of time,I was working a 24 hrs shift and got 2 days off while he worked 9-5. So just imagine how I was when I came back in the morning and saw the house looked like 5 frat parties were being held together. I mean how much mess can 1 person make in 24 hours..

My reaction to all of it was simple,took his Visa and went shopping,got back in the evening and draw out a cleaning timetable with him.

Many would think that move in is great,finally a major leap in the relationship but seriously,its not like a date where one could go back after the movie has ended,u'll learn more about his quirks and stuffs that u will never know he has and he'll realise that when u don't get ur cuppa in the morning,u'll turn into a grouch.

Moving in also has its perks especially when u feel low and just want to lay on the bed and cuddle up or times when ur get so stressed out and start to yell and shout,his soft hands becomes a shield........

And of cos,what's his automatically becomes ur property too. Just hide the bills till he is in a totally good mood.

Ps: Obliviously,I'm talking about sumting in the past. Super single and super available these days.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Which bf u prefer?

I met up with 2 my frens during the weekend,each of them was complaining about their BFs's attitude but funny though,for me,I think that the Bfs are actually sweet. Below are the characteristics of their BFs,A and B.


- Rich and well educated
- Seldom spend time with his lover
- Hates to cuddle
- Always buys the lover gifts
- Likes to eat at fancy places
- Often misinterprets what his lover is talking about
- Got a few scandals
- Likes to spend time with his frens
-Thinks that his lover's frens are shit
- Often top up the lover's acc and hp
- has a big dick


- poor and kinda clumsy
- wishes that he has a lot of time to spend with his lover
- Buys gifts for special occasions
- Always put the lover's needs before his
- Doesn't care who the lover is with,as long as the lover knows his boundaries
- Prefers to stay at home and cuddle
- Has a medium size dick
- Likes to eat at cheap places
- Tries to divide his time with the lover and his frens equally

So which one do u prefer?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The pressure is on

I fucking hate my eldest cousin. This afternoon,during high-tea with the whole entire family,he announced that he is going to get engage with his gf.

The moment that he announced it,the womenfolk leaped for joy and the spouses' faces were full of wrinkles.Knowing my aunties well,they are going to turn the thing into spending spree. All of the womenfolk started to scheme and plan the perfect wedding for my coz. I do hope he has the balls to say no to their requests. Last I heard that they are going to do in Sri Carcosa.

The other 3 cousins were also shell-shocked. This news of my homie is getting engaged means they have to follow suit or have to face the wrath of their mums. One of my aunties were asking us whether we have the same plans like the eldest coz so that they could plan a double wedding.

The idiotic coz even had a date in mind which is 12/12/12. How cliched his plans are...

The womenfolk are going to start the ball rolling with the "Rombongan Merisik" which is like an interview with the girl's side to check the "compatibility",the abilities of the girl and blahx3. One of them even suggested a practical session to check the girl's cooking abilities. May God help u on that,Sis.

Being curious,I asked my Mak Long (the coz's mum) on whether she is going to be like her mother in law. Her reply was," I'm going to be the best Mak mertua ever." But I swear I saw a small glint of terror in her eyes.

Personally,I feel bad to my mum cos she would never have the experience of organizing her eldest wedding or have the chance to bully her daughter in law. But on the good side,I'll be helping her to save tons of money.

The main concern now is,Shall I be the one to control the womenfolk's enthusiasm or Shall I let the Cousin burn slowly in their embers.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Opening my Pandora's box

Pandora in her foolishness opened Mercury's box and causes mankind to curse her for eternity but a few wise men praised her for opening the box a second time and releasing HOPE.

Its weird to see how an innocent tag changes into a serious matter. I seriously salute those who faced their darkest moments and persevered by their self determination. To me,these ppl are the true heroes who uses HOPE to hold on,all Gays deserve a Medal of Honor.

I'm not saying this cos of trying to sympathize with uolls but I do know how its like to feel the despair creeping on u and trying to understand why things happen the way it happened.

I had known that I'm gay from pri 2 cos I used to have this crush on a fren,his name was Terence. I used to imagine that me and him do stuff that adults do in movies when the screen turns black or try to hug him or just talk to him. But u see,I don't dare to do all that cos I'm afraid of what he might think.

Years passed by. In secondary sch,I was the odd one, I don't go out,stuck at home studying or reading books which sort accelerates my maturity but since I'm trying to find acceptance among peers,I hid my true-self and blend with the crowd.

At the same time,I was struggling with my relationship with the family.Do you know how miserable it is to be in one house but doing separate stuff all day?

During form 4, I sorta snapped,started to yell,shout and fuss about everything.My daily routine is go to school,go to tuition and come back and lock myself in the room and stare at ceiling. There was a time that I almost tried to swallow a whole boxful of panadols just for fun. Everytime,when I read a suicide story,I would sigh and say how lucky is that person or how brave is that person.

Also during form 3-5,I experimented with sexs,I could proudly say that I had eaten a pussy before but I didn't get the same feeling when I made a guy orgasm.

All time until I met with an angel,I was living 2 lives,Ichi who desperately seeks acceptance from his frens and society (The good Ichi) and Ichi who wants ppl to see the real him (the Bad Ichi).
the good Ichi would try to make ppl who he wants to be close with accept him by treading carefully,its ok for ppl to step over his head as long as they want him. The bad Ichi is selfish,snobbish person who wants ppl to bow to his needs,who thinks ppl are just accessories to his life.

Then one day,an angel told him that what he's doing isn't good,he shuld accept both Ichis and try to make a new persona from both.So he changed slowly uner the angel's guidance and found that the new Ichi is quite okay,he found that ppl actually don't like being right all the time and ppl don't like being treated like shit all the time (ok,some still deserve shit every day).

After a few months later, a fren did what the old Ichi wants to but the new Ichi found that taking one's life is a super selfish act and overcoming the darkness takes more courage than letting go.....

I still am trying to conquer my darkness,trying to find inner peace with the world but the old Ichi has died a long time ago,the new Ichi is growing stronger each day. Its funny how emotional/mental scars don't fully heal,a small cut is enuff to make a larger hole......

ps: I know I act weird when I meet up with new ppl,sumtimes I embrace u with my care-free attitude and sumtimes I tend to be in my world. Don't fret,its just me trying to make connections.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seven Days

How long does it takes to fall in love with sumone? 1 min or 1 day or 1 month or 1 year?

How about falling in love in 7 days?

Meet Seryou-kun who accepts a proposal from girls on Monday and dumps them on Sunday. His reason is he doesn't love that girl although he tries to be the perfect boyfren for the given duration.

Enters Yuzuru Shino,a 3rd year highschool student who always kena dumped by girls although he is quite the looker. His frens and exs often comment that his face is such a waste cos his attitude doesn't match with his face.

Yuzuru offered to be Seryou's date for the week as a prank but learns that matters of the heart isn't for play.

Will Yuzuru be the one for Seryou or will Seryou dump Yuruzu on Sunday?

Read it urself at

ps: I personally love the dialogues in chapter 7 and 8. Reminds me of myself....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last nite while chatting with Bear,I realised that my sleeping habits ain't normal at all.

My bedtime is at around 3-4 am,even if I'm on the bed,I don't go straight to sleep cos I'll be tossing and turning,trying to find the perfect landing spot for my head which changes daily,last nite,the spot was somewhere at the edge of the pillow,the nite before last nite,my head have to face the window. After that,I need to slow down my brain's activities till minimum due to the fact that my thoughts often run around the activities that I had did and have not completed.

This habit gets worse if I'm reading a book before bedtime,I have to finish it before sleeping. During form 5,I bought "Harry Potter and order of the phoenix",started reading at 10 pm and finished it at 6 am and still aced the biology quiz in sch. Crazy kan?

My wake up time is at 9-1o am and that's enuff sleep for me. I can perfectly function up till the next bedtime.

The only time that I sleep early is either me forcing myself to self or I'm stuffing myself with meds.

Just now,I reading a journal by the American Cancer Society that states," those who reported sleeping about 7 hours per night had the lowest rates of mortality, whereas those who slept for fewer than 6 hours or more than 8 hours had higher mortality rates. Getting 8.5 or more hours of sleep per night increased the mortality rate by 15%. Severe insomnia - sleeping less than 3.5 hours in women and 4.5 hours in men - also led to a 15% increase in mortality. However, most of the increase in mortality from severe insomnia was discounted after controlling for comorbid disorders. After controlling for sleep duration and insomnia, use of sleeping pills was also found to be associated with an increased mortality rate."

So will I have a long life?

Kiss and don't tell,k?

When ur single,horny and desperate need of assholes,who do u call? Ur fuck buddy of cos. Some may have a long list of fuck buddies while others have one or 2.

What is a fuck buddy?

Well,its a fren that u have sexs with and have no string attached to the relationship.Their existence is to fulfill ur sexual needs. No,they are not toy boys cos they offer free service.Just call them and they shall appear unless they have other stuff to do.

So do u meet with them for yamcha or movie or for dates?

Well,a small percentage do proceed to be bfs but mostly no,no dates or yamcha sessions with them,just purely for sexs.

What happens if u demand for more?

They will vanish without a trace.

What happens if one of the fuck buddies is dating ur friend?

Pls check ur gay manual book. Gay rule no 2,keep ur mouth shut. Gay rule no 3,don't flirt with him.Yes,both u had sexs before but that's in the past.

What happens if the guy starts to reminisce about ur body?

Again refer to ur gay manual. Rule no 1,don't be a bf stealer.

But everyone is someone's leftovers...

True but its ur fren were talking about here. Is the guy worth it?

What happens if u get bored of ur fuck buddy?

Should I answer this? Just go and get a new one lah.

Can we recommend the fuck buddy to other friends?

What are u? a PIMP...

What if the fuck buddy is someone in higher authority? Let's say his ur boss's husband or one of ur lecturers?

Milk it... If he's ur boss's husband,call him up after u kena screwed by ur boss and screw him. If he's ur lecturer,tell him to give u higher marks or u do a Saiful.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Ipoh and Back with a Full Tank

Tmnet fucking hates me, it was been 24 hrs since I had used the home pc for surfing. The reason is the fucking server can't be found. It seems that every 4 months,I have to call the fucking Tmnet to troubleshoot/reboot the fucking connection.

Anyway,yesterday after I chatted with Armand (the Vampire?) and after reading Sotongzai's blog,I decided to go Ipoh on a whim. So I filled the tank up and start to drive to Ipoh. After half an hour of driving,my braincells start to work and I realized that I had no fucking idea of what to do in Ipoh and besides that I need to be in Shah Alam by 6 pm for work.

After calculating the cons and pros at a nearby R and R,I decided to go ahead. With my stereo blasting out "Lemon Tree",I started my journey to oblivion.

Things that I noticed in Ipoh:

1) The houses there are damm big. I'm not sure which part of Ipoh I was but there is this long stretch of Government houses and a few housing estates that I drove by.

2) The food there is relatively cheaper than the food here. I had lunch at the main Bus Station area.

3) The roads are not filled with cars unlike Kl.

4) Ipoh has a lot of hills (?) and the air is fresher than Shah Alam.

5) The boys in Ipoh are quite fresh too. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Prithe andwyrde tis pleas

Help me to seek for I lost it there,
And if that ye have found it, ye that be here,
And seek to convey it secretly,
Handle it soft, and treat it tenderly :
Or else it will plain and then appear ;

But rather restore it mannerly,
Since that I do ask it thus honestly ;
For to lose it, it sitteth me too near;
Help me to seek.

Alas and is there no remedy ?
But have I thus lost it wilfully ?
I wis it was a thing all too dear
To be bestowed, and wist not where :
It was mine heart, I pray you heartily
Help me to seek.

Sir Thomas Wyatt 1503 - 1542

Sunday, March 7, 2010


As all of u know Ichi is really a devil who acts like an angel. So here's other ugly truth about Ichi.


Oh my,pls don't faint. I told u a thousand times that I'm a bad boy who deserves a spanking (Happy,want to do the honors. :) ).

The 1st time,I ate pork was at Bishan Swimming Complex (Spore). It was during those end of the year school activities where we learn to swim. (I have the certs to show). If I remembered it correctly,it was a pork sandwich which I thought was a chicken sandwich. Stupid rite,I only realized that it was pork when I was having the last bite,a Malay fren came and shouted,"Ichi tgh makan Babi!!" Erm,I wonder how he knew that I was eating pork.

The 2nd time,I ate non-halal was at a restaurant in Spore. A fren forgot to mention that it was non-halal. I was kinda mad but another fren was even more angry at my attitude. He scolded me for being a hypocrite,his words were,"Biler cium mamat cina,tak kisah pula.Mane tau,die baru lepas makan babi."

So from that day on,I would eat non-halal stuff if there's no other alternative.Like when meeting up with ppl and they are in a non-halal place,happily eating,I can't expect them to leave halfway thru their meal,kan?

And of cos,there are times when I have the urge to eat at a certain restaurant with my frens or the majority decides which restaurant to dine at.

So there u have it,another shocking fact about Ichi

Ps: Sori about the language.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I had watched "NINE" which is actually a musical earlier which wasn't intended at all. My frens and I went to Sunway Pyramid during a lesson gap and wanted to watch ALICE but unfortunately,the times available weren't suitable for us so we watched "NINE" instead.

Frankly,u need ur braincells to understand this movie and its plots,its sumting like Book of ELI.

On the surface,it tells a story about a director who is like James Cameron.He has released a lot of fantastical movie till the critics labeled him a maestro but unfortunately,his last 2 movies were a flop. The events in the movie occurs when he is getting ready to start shooting another movie but he doesn't have any script or idea for the latest movie.

Deep down,the movie tell us:

1) How he got inspiration for his movies from 7 different women which are his momma,his fren,his wife,his mistress,his leading actress,his childhood crush and finally his critic. The 7 women is akin to the 7 muses in Roman mythology.
(Calliope,Clio,Erato,Urania,Thalia,Terpsichore,Euterpe,Melpomene and Polyhymia).

2) The 7 women also show us the persona of Woman which the faithful wive,the loving mother,the nurturing fren,the seductresses,the adviser and the short sighted.

3) It also shows us how a genius is forced to maintain his achievements so that he wouldn't be forget and how a genius copes with the fame,fortune and women.

4) I think this movie shows how horny the Italians are. This guy has is actually playing "kayu 4-5 not kayu 3".

Enuff about the plot. The scenes of this movie is fantastical.I think if this movie is played in Spore,its going to labeled R(a) which means only those who are over 21 can watch it,its high in erotic content. I was surprised that it is played here. U can definitely think that Bacchus had made this movie instead of humans. The songs were superb,the moves are EROTIC.

My favourite parts are during Kate Hudson's,there plenty of Italian men wearing suits dancing,when Nicole Kidman's song,she look refined and lastly,Penelope Cruz's song,I actually regretted being gay. Fergie looked a bit plump in the movie.

Overall,I'm happy that I agreed to watch this movie.

Ps: if u want to learn lap dance,u definitely have to watch it.
Pps: I know that some books stated that there are 3 muses je but really do I care?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was at the Shah Alam Lake the other day when this dawned to me,life is pretty much like a river.

A river will sumtimes flow fast or flow slowly. In life,there are times that we feel a minute is like a day and there times that we feel a day is like a minute.

A river will sumtimes join other rivers to form a lake and part. In life,there are times that we'll meet frens and go our own separate ways after a time.

A river will always flow,no matter what obstacles is in its way.In life,time waits for no man,even when we feel low,life still goes on.

A river will always be affected by its environs. In life,our decisions always will be affected by the situation at hand.

And lastly,all rivers will empty into the oceans.We will always meet each other in the afterlife.

Jiǎng Huáyǔ

Since the day that I returned to Msia,my mandarin is on the decline. Oh yeah,I can understand Spoken Mandarin and talk a bit of Mandarin,thanks to Channel 8 and my Ns buddies but surpisingly,just now at work,someone asked me to translate a bit of Mandarin and it took me four replays and I could only tell her the gist of the conversation.

I know u guys must be saying it this guy for real? A Malay speaking Mandarin? Well,to cut the story short,I'm a dork and had a deprived childhood.

Can someone pls teach me Mandarin or at least gimme a site for me to download Mandarin Teledramas?

Ps: I also would like a Chinese "sausage" :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waiting for U to come around

Sigh,2 more weeks to FINALS. I haven't start memorising my notes for the subjects I'm taking this sem. So far,the only subject that I'm ok with is Pharmacology cos I like to take drugs.

Anyway,I realized that I always start studying properly 2 weeks before exams and always burn the midnite oil,the rest of time was spent on outings,yamcha and other stuff. My frens know when my exam period is cos during that time I would not go out (90% of the time anyway).

The thing I hate about exams is the lecturers want us to vomit everything out word by word,sentence by sentence although they insist that understanding of the topic is important,not memorizing it which is a chore for me. I like to use my own words and ideas to explain the concept of things and hate to vomit things out blindly.

Someone,pls rescue me from the pile of notes that is clutter around my bed.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A gay activist?

5 years ago,after finishing my Ns in Lion City,I came back to Tigerland and I was shocked at the gay scene. (Thanks to G4M). Gays here are either looking for meat or for popularity which was completely different from the Gay scene in Lion City,the gays in Lion City are full of passion for improving the gay lifestyle by consolidating the Pink Power and Pink Dollar., IndigNation parties,ppl like Alfian Saat,Alex Au,Arthur Yeap (Yawning bread),all of these events,webs or ppl try to educate the society about gay life and the stigma surrounding it. So when I return,I was expecting that gays here are trying to do the same thing while adhering to the law of land but I was proved wrong. Most of my gay frens told me that its best to focus on my education,career and frens,gay issues are best to be discussed among gays only.

The statement given by my frens weren't convincing enuff,so I did a little research and found that 2 NGOs were supporting the Gay rights (indirectly of cos) which are MAC (Msian Aids Council) and Pt foundation (Pink Triangle) while PFLAG (Msia) is trying to consolidate Pink power. Then I realized that being a Gay activist in Msia is useless. The society sweeps LGBT issues under the carpet,the Gays are focusing on their life,trying to find a niche in society and hopes no one uses Section 337 against them. Even those who came out are either being shunned by their families or being ridiculed. I do admit that 1-2% have their families' support after they came out.

I'm not saying that there is no hope for the LGBT community but the mindset of gays need to be changed,we shuld not be contented with the 4Cs (car,condo,card,career) and being the heart of the show.

There are some ppl who wants change in the mindset of the Society,each in their own way,trying to explain that gays are no just make-up artists or cross-dress or chefs,gay life isn't limited to gyms,clubs or back alleys. To this group of ppl,I salute you. Always remember that a small stone could make a big ripple and those ripples could someday create waves.

Ps: sorry if my words offend u.. Still figuring out how to write about the things I'm passionate about. Do hope that uolls get the gist of it.
Pps:One of the three NGOs mentioned have strayed away from the gay path,they choose frequent flyers points instead of the community.