Monday, June 25, 2012

Just One Day

  Sumtimes, I wondered if I could spend a day with u, just 1 day, just 24 hours to show u how much I care for you.. To be able to spend 1 day completely with u, with no disturbances or distractions from others. Just us for 1 day..

I am not those type who will pursue a matter till death or would show how much I like you with presents or organize an event..

I wonder if I have 1 day with u, maybe u will change ur mind about me or the very least know who I am when we are not in front of a bunch of ppl who despises our kind. I am afraid of what They might think or who I might encounter. As strong as I am, I am still weak when dealing with Them.

Just 1 day, I ask, nothing less, nothing more. Just 24 hours.

I might not show a whole new world to you... maybe just the Me who fears losing you.

I wonder if making you to be close to me could achieve anything.. I love teasing u especially when u make those silly noises.

Having 1 day with u, it may change may change something...

Maybe its true that I am the last guy u may think about.. cos u have hidden that smile of urs from me..

Should that chance come, that u grant my wish, of being with u for one day.. I wonder if I'm lucky enuff to think that it may come true..

Many ppl had asked their lovers of why they were picked... To answer that, I need to know how can I make u mine.........

I wish that u will give me 24 hrs..just a day.. nothing more, nothing less...