Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Book of Eli

1st of all,I want u to close ur eyes,imagine a world where only a few could read,books are considered as weapons of power and u have the knowledge of a book which so valuable that men would kill/ransom u for it.

That,my frens, is the plot of this movie. Simple,rite?

I like the movie although it made me yawn a few times,u'll get what they are trying to do at the end of movie. (so buy a cd and fast forward till the last 30 mins).

I think the ppl behind the movie wants to promote reading to the masses (after all, movies are a powerful tool of propaganda). But seriously, who knows with the weather going all weird,the knowledge that u have now could make u a powerful man.

So what's the Book of Eli? As cliche as it might sound,its the Bible,the last remaining copy of it which is memorized by Eli,word for word,verse for verse. The actual book is in braille so its useless to all except for those who know braille and guess what,in that post apocalyptic world,only a few know how to read braille.

So let's buy and read more books and take up braille too...
As all the wise men had said," knowledge is power".

Ps: spare a penny for Chileans


I have done reviews on a few musicians for the past year. This time its going to be about SLIPKNOT. Its a Heavy Metal band from Iowa.

What's heavy metal,u may ask?Remember Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath or Deep Purple? These are some of the bands that I "layan" during my teens. Yeah,I was full with angst. Even in those days,ppl said that my taste in music is weird.

Ok back to story, Slipknot was founded in 1995. They change band members with every album. The unique thing about this band is every band member has a mask which is used during performances.

Their 1st album released during 98.And the rest is history.

Here's a few songs that they had released.Enjoy

ps: Heavy metal is a required taste. Not everyone can see its beauty.
Pps: I'm not the Devil's henchman.

Friday, February 26, 2010

D.I.Y (Sm style)

Sumtimes,in bed,u want to take the sex one more level higher so u and ur partner start to talk about your individual fetishes or fantasies. Then one nite,u start to plan for a surprise sex session,u start to browse all those sex equipment websites and realise that ur partner's fantasy is too expensive for u so u start to D.I.Y.

For example,ur partner is into SM

Tools to make it a reality:

1) Shoe laces or ties.

Just imagine ur partner's smooth skin being bounded with a sexy red tie (s). When u unleash a torrent of kisses at the most sensitive part of his body,he starts to squirm and helplessly resist ur advances.His hands starts to try to push u away only to realize that they are being bound together with shoe strings.......

2) T-Shirt or Bandanna

The lights go off suddenly,as ur partner tries to run to u,strong arms reach out to him and bind him in darkness. He finds himself on a bed incapacitated while forceful hands starts to explore his body.

3) Socks or hanky or undies

He starts to moan loudly and suddenly,he feels sumting in his mouth, he starts to scream only to find that his cries are being muffled. Slowly,he understands that to resist is pointless. He starts to find pleasure while in pain.

4) Fingers or toes

He senses sumting is different down there,there is sumting or sumone stroking his stick but the sensation is different,its more rougher. Pressure starts to build up and unwilling, the stimulation's stop....

I'm not going to finish the story here. Look around,anything can be used as pleasure tool and according to someone,even a doorknob can be super stimulating.

ps: Is this 2010,the year of romance? there are 6 love birds till date.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not caring

" They changed the system for registering subjects this sem,we have 2 do it b4 our hols instead of after," said a fren. " Huh?,sure anot? when u heard this?" I replied.

Its odd that I spend 2-4 hours in my campus,Monday 2 Friday but not noticing the changes around the Uni.

Changes that I didn't notice:

1) Change in Rules and Regulations
2) The uni got a new logo sited at block A.
3) The only bakery in the campus closed.
4) The admin office had shifted to the end of the Block.
5) There are actually 2 atms not 1.

And list goes on. The funny thing is the Uni isn't that big,it consists of 3 blocks and a number of annexes scattered around Section 13. My fren just walked away while shaking her head. One fren asked," U seriously didn't notice the changes meh? or ur just pulling our leg"

My reply was I got no time to enjoy the scenery,always rushing here and there.Besides,I got plenty of other stuff to do off campus.

I used to try to come up with plans to to some bonding with other students but it was a waste of time,most of them have their heads attached to the books so I stopped trying.

Just the other day,a guy came up and said,"hey,Ichi. Nice blog u got." I was like who is this guy,why he is stalking me. It turns out that he knows me from a fren from a fren and shared a class with me a few sems back.

Looking from at one angle,I'm actually glad that my life is not limited to the campus world. Sure,Uni is the place where u become smarter but the world isn't limited to the net nor the books. Be book smart and street wise.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rate of doing work

I'm seriously pissed with the maid and my sis 2day.

1stly,the maid. My mum gotten an Indonesian maid last week from her agent fren. Now,she and I want to strangle her dearest fren. God,I think I clean the house thrice with the time taken for the maid to clean the house once. For example,2day is the day that the house is mopped,the toilet is washed and sheets is changed. So we asked her to do that on top of the normal sweeping and dusting of the house. She took 5 whole hours to clean the bloody house and still I could spot dust around. 5 hours!!!! I could squeeze a nap in that 5 hours and still manage to get rid of all the dust. My mom was nagging at her by the end of the third hour.

2nd,my sis is on holiday since she has a 5 months before continuing her degree. So 2day,we decided to go shopping after I finished my class. We went to a mall nearby and guess what,she took 3 hours to finally convince herself that the top is worth buying.We were like going in and out the same shop for like 10 times when she finally said that she is going to buy the top.

Seriously,I understand the need to look around for other better bargains but don't torture me like this. If u want it,U bloody buy it.Don't waste my time.

ps: I'm not a good shopper,I just grab the things I want and go home and sleep.

Intro to PFLAG (Msia)


PFLAG Malaysia, in affiliation with PFLAG National US, has been established since 18th of March, 2009 by a visionary young homosexual filled with passion and determination to use his strength and with the join-force of PFLAG National US to fight hand-in-hand for a form of equality for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) community here in Malaysia. Edwynn Yeap has first founded PFLAG Malaysia after months of consideration and progressive discussion with people from PFLAG Washington (Main Headquarters). His overflowing passion then quickly spilled out to the hearts of other young GLBT people and the fire of this passion keeps on burning wider and wider each day. Although PFLAG Malaysia is affiliated with PFLAG National US, things are done differently over here. PFLAG Malaysia targets a lot more on the younger generation of the GLBT community, providing them with encouragement through events and meetings held at certain place during a certain period progressively. PFLAG Malaysia believes that the GLBT community here in Malaysia has yet to reach a state of maturity as those from the US to be able to take things in as it is over there. Therefore, PFLAG Malaysia serves as a platform of encouragement for now. "If we reach out to the parents, friends and family first and then only the GLBT community here in Malaysia, it would now work. The only sole reason is that the GLBT community here in Malaysia lack the courage. How can we save someone who doesn't even have the will to fight for his own? The courage in the GLBT community in Malaysia is to be sufficed before we encourage the people around them. I would like to soon see heterosexuals, parents, friends and families of GLBT people come in and join forces with us in PFLAG Malaysia they they are now in PFLAG National US."

[Edwynn Yeap, 2009.]

Intro to PFLAG

What is PFLAG?

What is "PFLAG"? "PFLAG" is Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays. We are a national support, education and advocacy organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) people, their families, friends and allies.

What do we do?

PFLAG supports GLBT people, their families and friends through local PFLAG chapter helplines and support group meetings and locally and nationally produced resources. PFLAG educates families and provides public education on sexual orientation, gender identity and GLBT issues. PFLAG chapters educate their communities through a variety of local projects and nationally PFLAG continues to provide fair and accurate information about GLBT people and their loved ones. PFLAG also advocates for equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Locally, PFLAG activists work for change in their communities. Nationally, PFLAG staff and volunteer leaders lobby for fairness and acceptance.

What are our priorities?

As an organization that believes that change happens on the grassroots level in local communities, it is PFLAG's number one priority to support the work of local affiliates. We do this by providing affiliates with nationally produced resources and the guidance, time and expertise of our national staff. PFLAG's top priorities also include working for safe schools for all students and working to build and support models of inclusion to make PFLAG and our work relevant for all diverse communities. PFLAG works to ensure equal civil rights and protections for GLBT people and works to help make faith communities more welcoming.

Who are we made out of?

Our members come from all walks of life. We are straight, we are gay and we are bisexual. We are transgendered. We are moms and dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, children and allies. We come from large cities and small towns. We live in rural areas. We are people of color. We come from all economic backgrounds. We come from all faith traditions. We are disabled. We are youth and we are elderly. Our membership and our leadership are diverse, but what we have in common is our commitment to grow beyond false and harmful perceptions of GLBT people, to educate our communities, and to stand up for full equal rights and protections for GLBT people.

For more info,pls go here.

Ps:Thanks to PFLAG for the post 2nite.

Monday, February 22, 2010

History repeated

Remember reading about "Kaum Tua" and "Kaum Muda" in history lessons,let it be during SPM or Malaysian Studies. For those who don't remember,Kaum Tua (Conservatives) and Kaum Muda (Modernists or Moderates) fought a ideological battle before and during the Independence period,the Conservatives want religion to be a part of the government while the Modernist wants to have a secular government.Sure enuff,the Modernist won and the Conservatives took the back seat.

At present,the same battle is being played out but unfortunately it seems that the Modernists are losing out,the Conservatives are tightening the noose around the Modernists' neck by using the rules that the Modernists had placed.

The problem now is where is the Society heading to? Towards being a Modernist or being Conservative. What happened to those young modernists? Were they caught by the system and forgot about their ideals or are they bidding time?

Yes,we are using our own formula to achieve greatness but we are facing new problems which the system isn't being build for.Must we wait till some cries that the emperor is indeed naked or just follow the flow and hope that the new blood will flush the old?

How lucky we are if the problems are just internal but alas,the pace that the world is shrinking,external problems can be internal ones and vice versa. The West as always have misread the East. They always think that the solutions that they have is universal but how blind they are in reality.They must be able to understand that a square block can never always be fitted into a square hole.

I wonder how the future looks like? Would the Dragon truly take his place in court after sleeping in deep slumber or would the Eagle still keep her status? But one thing is certain,the Bear and Crane is losing ground fast.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

PFLAG Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2010

Last Friday nite,I went to a PFLAG (Malaysia) dinner event At 1st,I thought that this is just another stupid event which is attended by who's who in the gay world,come on lah PFLAG in Malaysia,its so weird,kan?

So with sweaty palms,I gathered up courage and clicked the attending button,paid the money and went to Baan 26 (opposite Frangipani). When I entered the restaurant,I realised sumting, all of the ppl there are Chinese. Shitlah.

Anyway,I got the seating for my table which consisted of 5 other ppl and started chatting. Sure at 1st,it was kinda awkward since the normal questions were the where's and what's but then we started to crack jokes and help each other to understand what the French guy was talking about.

The food came and we yee sanged together (2nd time eating yee sang). Then the other dishes came,there were like 6 dishes in total. Since all of the guys at my table have small appetites,we only managed to finish 2-3 dishes only.

After eating,we interacted with the other guests and found out that most of the guys were passionate about improving the gay rights here,there were 2-3 foreign representatives (1 from PFLAG Australia,2 from PFLAG Singapore).

After ending the event,we went to Frangipani (My 1st time wor),it was super packed,there were a lot of cute guys especially foreign guys and of course like most gay hangouts,its a meat market,u could see ppl trying to hook those European,American or Middle eastern guys.

My verdict for this event is 4 stars cos everyone was frenly and there were no Divas to throw their weight around.

A special THANKS to Edwynn (Founder of PFLAG (Msia),Vincent and Ramesh (PFLAG) ,Edwin,Daniel,Johnathan,Sebastian and Justin for making it a great nite.Hope to see u guys on the following events.

Ps: Not going to layan PT anymore.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Full House

No,its a not a Korean drama but a restaurant in Sunway Pyramid where I met Pikey and Bear for lunch.

Before spilling the beans on the meet,Let's talk about the restaurant 1st. Full House is located at LG1 96 @ Sunway Pyramid.When I saw the restaurant,I thought I was somehow being transported to Japan cos the waitresses were wearing those cute maid outfits. Very Kawaii.

I had a brownie and a tiramisu ice-blended drink.(Sugar overdose) I didn't order any heavies cos I had a big breakfast containing some "meat" and besides the couple had alredi eaten,so mcm tak sopan.

The concept is really unique,I wonder if the male waiters also wear a maid outfit.(drooling).

Now to the couple,I think by saying that I had Diabetes from the whole affair. They are reaaaallly a sweet couple lah. (finally,understood why most ppl have diabetes just from reading their walls).

I was surprised to find out that Pikey is older than me. Anyway, I had a great time hanging out with them although is was just for 3 hours. Next time,meet earlier,k?

Ps: Bought a Sand ninja emblem,now my Ninja emblem collection is complete. Yeay me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medical Check up

My uni loves to do things backwards. For an instance,when I applied for my degree,the admin staff told me that the students don't need to do a medical check-up as all the students are living off campus and not in its dormitories.

Last Friday,my lecturer cum mentor told us to get a medical check up done and submit it before 28Th of February. Its really menyusahkan cos most of us have either 2 or 3 sems to go before we graduate. So how if the doctor declared us unfit? Takkan kena berhenti blaja kot.

I'm going to do mine at the Government Hospital cos it will be so much cheaper than doing it private which is going to be on Wednesday (the earliest date). I skimmed the form,I need to do a urine test,blood test,std test,general test and an x-ray. Sien betul.

Anyway,hope I pass all the tests with good results.

PS: Do some1 have a private lab where I could all the tests personally?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ebook and others

1) E-book

I tried experimenting by reading reading a book online and boy,it truly suck. I missed the smell,the touch of a book. I reaally don't know how ppl could read an e-book,its just wronglah.If I were mayor of a city,I would ban all e-books. I mean I was reading it using my pc,after 2 hours,my back was stiff. At least with a hardcover,I could lie on my comfy bed or sofa and change a few positions while finishing the book.

2) Sick of reading my Zodiac personality

Most books would state that a Taurus is an ideal husband for he provides stability in the relationship,blahx3.There is even one which urges ppl to grab a Taurus and marry him. In reality,I'm not getting any marriage proposals from either sides. Stupid Zodiac Books.

3) Too phat

Remember the hip hop group Too phat which consists of Joe and Malique, well they are getting back together after splitting 1o yrs ago.Definitely,am buying the album when it comes out.

4) Ipad

Cheers to Apple to revolutionize the way we view laptops.Now we have sumting that is even smaller and fits snugly into our LVs. Am definitely getting one 5 years later cos Apple is like Wine,the longer its in the cellar,the better it gets.

News has it that Ipad has the capability to become a smartphone.

5) Sick

Last saturday,it was just a sore throat,now its has evolve into coughs and running nose.(how absurd is the term "running nose". Do our nose really run?). I have to get well before Friday,got a dinner with a big group of gays. Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year
Have a Roaring Great year ahead

This is so gay


As u can see,I had changed the blog's header from Ichi's Blog to Ichi's Coffee Shop,actually I was mulling with the idea for a long time de,just couldn't find a proper title.

Why the change? It was kinda inspired by the song by Malique titled "Kedai Kopi". I liked the bridge verse and the chorus which goes like this:


masing - masing ada masalah sendiri masalah dunia masalah peribadi
luahkan jangan simpan dalam hati
boleh cerita di kedai kopi


cerita kedai kopi
cerita kedai kopitiada hakim tiada saksicerita
sensasi di kedai kopi

My whole concept of having a Blog is embodied in this 2 verses. I want my blog to be the place where I can talk about anything under the sky without treading on eggshells.Sure,there are some posts that some of u dislike about or felt touchy about but that's life,nothing matter how powerful or popular u are,there are some things that u can't control. The reason why I blog is not for fame or anything,my blog is the place where I share my thoughts or life lessons with u,my readers,hoping that my mistakes wouldn't be repeated by some else.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I got really weird taste in music,I don't really like some of the singers that most ppl would go Gaga over.For example,Mariah Carey, I like her songs like "Hero" and those which are similar but if u ask me to hear her latest hits,I'll puke blood (I know I'm gonna get some heat cos of this).

Even if u give me Whitney Houston,Celine Dion or Barbara Streisand cds,I'll would either skipped a few tracks or throw the cds into the back of the car. I know that these 3 are like the Angels of God but I'll won't say that I love them to bits.

Ok2,got distracted a bit...

I love listening to this guy.. He's a white guy rapping Black music.I mean how cool is that? He got a hard life growing up,his wife left him when he was struggling to make a name on the scene.

His lyrics may be harsh,rude and vulgar but if u look past that,u'll find that his words ain't sugarcoated or his music relies on half-dressed women.His music is pure,untainted with any fanfare that other rappers use.

Btw although he shows a tough persona in his music,his Achilles heel is his daughter. Sweet rite?

Check his vid out

Ps: Pity those who try so hard to get attention

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The misfit

Once upon a time,a mother duck was nesting,looking over her eggs when she decided to go for a swim. When she came back,she counted her eggs and realised that there were 6 eggs instead of 5 so she does what all respectable mother ducks do,she kept quiet and look after all 6 eggs.

After a while,all 6 eggs hatched but the funny thing was there were 5 yellow cute ducklings and 1 grey duckling. The mother duck blamed fate and continue doing what all respectable mothers do which is to teach her children how to quack.

As time went by,all of her ducklings except 1 could quack. Finally,she decided that the grey duckling isn't hers and discarded him at the farm as she thought that either the hen,the turkey or goose might be his real mother.

As the duckling enters the farm,he came across a blind wise dog.The duckling asked the dog where can he find the chickens or the turkeys or the geese so that he can find his true parents. The dog showed him where the Cocks often gather and so he went.

As he reached the place where the Cocks are,he saw that most of them are practicing their morning calls. After finding out where the Chief of all Cocks stay,he went meet him as all Cocks need to have the permission of the Chief before they could crow at dawn. The chief told him the basics and told him that he has one month to practice and have to pass a test before joining the group. As the month went,he found out that he can't crow like the rest,his morning calls are worst that the rest. So he decided to find the turkeys who stay on the western side of the farm.

When he reached the turkeys' tuft,he found that he need the permission of the Mother of all Turkeys to stay and eat there. The Mother of all Turkeys told him her rule which is gain weight before the trees turn brown.So he started to eat and eat and eat.He ate too much till he puke which is definitely a taboo in Turkeyland so he was exiled.

As he walked south to Geese territory, he met with the blind wise dog who asked him about his stay in Chickenland and Turkeyland.He told the dog that both places wasn't for him.

After reaching Geeseland,a old-timer told him to get into a squad and train for the annual winter flight cos all geese goes south for the winter and the only way that any respectable geese travel is with a squad. After a week,he decided that all these training isn't working for him and decided to leave the farm as he wasn't a Cock,a Turkey nor a Goose.

As he was about to walk out of the farm,the blind wise dog came to him and said,"Ur a swan. I saw one just like u when I was younger and fitter. U shuld head to the lake as there are a lot of ur kind there".

The misfit who finally was glad that he had learned of his true identity reached to the Lake and saw others who are just like him. He swam towards them,heart full of joy when one the swans noticed that the way he swam was funny,he swam like a duck.Then,during dinner he gobbled all the food just like a turkey which annoyed the elders.The next morning,he started to crow like all respectable Cocks do which irritated the other swans. When all the swan were flying,he tried to form a formation like how geese often do which is odd as all respectable swans don't fly in formation.

After a month at the lake,he decided to leave that place and find a place where he truly belongs to as he couldn't stand the constant nags of the elder swans.......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big pocket , Big Hole

Since I and my cousins opened a burger stall somewhere in Ampang,my spending power is getting stronger and I'm spending like crazy but not as crazy as those who are working lah.

Last month,I went for a berkam session (rm 130) to drain all the toxins in my body,went to I Need House and bought ******** (Rm 100+),bought a few t-shirts and shirts (Rm 500),Bought books (rm 300),went for a few nights out (rm 400) plus miscellaneous stuff (rm 500).

Seriously, I didn't realized that I spent so much in so little time till I update the books cos I used to buy stuff that I need instead of I want and the things that I need is so limited.

So starting from this month,I going to use my RHB debit card and I'm putting rm 500 in it each month as a spending limit.

Hope temptations don't overpower me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sg Klah Community Outreach Programme 4

Finally,I'm fully recharged from the trip yesterday.

The Biomedicine Club in my Uni organized a Community Outreach program aka Door to Door Medical Checkup Programme. The program for us to gain more experience and insight on the health status in other communities especially in the interior region. Basically,we will go to a place and set up health check centers or go to their houses and do health check for them and do some community work.

Last Saturday,I went to Felda Sg.Klah (I misspell in facebook.Its Klah not Kelah) which in Sungkai,Perak with my batch mates and some juniors.

I woke at 5 am (Damm sien rite) due to my sis hp alarm's tone (super irritating tone,it sounded like birds' chirping but on a higher frequency). Arrived at the Uni at 7 am,drank 2 tins of Coffee along the way there. We left Uni at around 8.30 am after havingg breakfast and reached the forsaken place at around 10.30 am.

The Felda area was hot,super duper hot. One of my frens was literally melting while doing the activities there. I was suprised at the size of the houses and the residents' wealth,some houses were 2 storeys high and made out of stone,some have 2 Astro dish,I even spotted a Volkswagen and a few Mercedes in their garages. Maybe I shuld apply to be a Feldatian....

Anyway,the program was smooth,no major hiccups or whatever. The residents were happy with us and we were happy with the lot except of one person,I dubbed her,Slave driver.She made a few of us paint a center while the sun was scorching hot.

After the program,we went to Sg Klah Hot Springs which is within 10 mins of driving from the Felda cos the majority of the students agreed to go there. I mean its a Hot Spring lah,who will say no to a Hot Spring.After spending like an hour there,we went home to boring Shah Alam.

The highlight of the whole day was during the trip to Hot Spring,the Minorities shown their disgruntlement in an ugly way and someone committed social suicide by showing her true colours. I was disappointed,upset and angry cos of this someone due the facts that she said that Gays are devils' best frens,she is a tudung wearing gal and lastly,she is so ISLAMIC.

Well,like all the events that have been happening lately,it shows that when a person is under duress,their true nature comes out and play.

ps: reminder to all,being the Mean girls is so last decade.
Pps: the pics are in my facebook.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red devils

Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
And the reds go marching on, on, on.

Those who follow the English Premier league will know that the Red devils are currently in 2nd place.So unless the Gunners beat the shit out of Chelsea and Man U wins the next 3 matches and gets 3 points,the cup is going to be won by the Blues. U can do it,Man U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is this significant? Cos I'm a fan the Red Devils. Ok2,I'll admit I used to watch football cos of the guys but after a while,u got the feeling of how the other fans feel when the team wins or loses especially when the main rival wins.U know the feeling of excitement when the team scores or the feeling of rushing to Old Trafford to verbally abuse the goalkeeper and the defenders for letting the ball in..So I changed from being a candy-watcher to a true Reds fan and Man U have the most diva- est manager ever,Sir Alex Ferguson,King of Old Trafford. (Each time,he wants to retire,the fans say no or he changes his mind)

Anyway,the Cup is definitely belongs Man U this season,we haven't held it for more than 3 years in a row.

Enjoy the video pls

Btw Glazer Family,u suck.
Liverpool,pls stay broke. :)
Ferguson,screw the referees after the match not during the match

Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
Glory, glory, Man United,
And the reds go marching on, on, on.

Just like the Busby Babes in Days gone by
We'll keep the Red Flags flying high
You've got to see yourself from far and wide
You've got to hear the masses sing with pride

United! Man United!
We're the boys in Red and we're on our way to Wem-ber-ly
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wem-ber-ly
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wem-ber-ly

In Seventy-Seven it was Docherty
Atkinson will make it Eighty-Three
And everyone will know just who we are
They'll be singing 'Que Sera Sera'

United! Man United!
We're the boys in Red and we're on our way to Wem-ber-ly
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wem-ber-ly
Wem-ber-ly! Wem-ber-ly!
We're the famous Man United and we're going to Wem-ber-ly

Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
As the Reds Go Marching On! On! On!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Children of Hurin

I bought this book way before the MPH bookfair and had just finished reading it.This book is a part of the Lord of the Rings side-stories like The Silmarillion and The Hobbit. It was first written by J.R.R Tolkien and was completed by the son,Christopher Tolkien.

The story was set around 500 yrs before the Lord of the Rings Saga so its roughly during the time when the bad guy was Morgoth not Sauron

The hero of the story is Turin son of Hurin of the House of Hador,he is the great,great uncle of Elrond.

Read the synopsis here.

Turin is truly unlucky fellow cos most of his actions lead either to disaster or tragedy. For an instance,he unknowingly married his sister or mistakenly kills his best fren.

Anyway,all in all,it really captures the spirit of LOTR in the way that the book is written.

I give it 5 stars.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wearing one's heart on one's sleeve is bad policy

I thought that this year is full of joy,happiness and fun but I thought wrong.

Last Dec,I deleted a fren from my life and now I have to delete a bro from my life also.Yes,I have eased all connection from Mr Tan Wei Kiat aka Jerry aka Little prince.

All cos of a stupid reason he gave me...

As u all know Jerry and I were fuck buddies during 2008-2009 period.. Our last sex encounter was during last Valentine. After which he coupled with 2 ppl,Zaizai and Melvin. Some time after Valentine,he got worm infection which I asked him to get treatment or at least eat some over the counter medication which he did till a certain time and too bad for him,the worms are still in his G.I.T.

Now he is accusing me of giving him worms which is stupid cos we have never done rimming so the only way he could get worms is out of 2 ways which oral-fecal route or mosquitoes (blood worms) since he claims that there are worms in his shit,we could safely ignore blood worms and look into G.I.T worms and its siblings.

The weird thing is I'm asymptomatic which means either I'm a carrier or worm-free. I did a check-up and it confirmed that I'm worm-free.(Don't believe me,I'm willing to re-do the test).

The thing that I really don't like is the way he responded for the whole ordeal.. I had told him days after breaking up (again at his insistence,he said that he wants a fuck buddy) that let's part ways but he didn't want that he wants me to be around and regards me as a "Gor" or bro. So I stayed on.

Is this how u treat sum1 that u have high regards for? If really this is the way that u treat ppl that u respect,then its best that u don't elevate him to a higher position.Just learn what he have to offer and then fuck off.

I admit that its my mistake to put faith in a step-bro relationship in the gay world or in any other circumstances.

So this is why I'm deleting him from my life as its my policy to either tahan with one's behavior or to just let him be far away from my life.

To Jerry,

I really hoped that u'll be different from the gays that I have met. Fyi, My intentions was never to hurt u in any way possible. I always said to u that ur my bro regardless of no blood connection and u were closer to me than my real siblings could ever be. Thanks for releasing from my promises. Have a nice life ahead and thanks for everything,including for the lesson.

Conclusion: always trust ur instincts.

4 in 1

I have been gone for a while,got a lot of things to settle and do.Anyway,I'm back so live with it.

1)The Grammys

God.. Its was damm hawt... I like Lady Gaga's performance,who thought the 2 gay idols would unite for a stellar performance. I'm even more Gaga over Lady Gaga. I also read her interview in NST,I quote her words,"I'm not singer but a visual artist"unquote. Maddy,retire ur crown,Gaga is taking over.

Oh yeah,Prince is so cute and innocent,he is definitely in my waiting list.

2) Water and hot oil

This morning,I was making breakfast for myself,it consisted of scrambled eggs,bread and puffs and of cos not to forget,Malaysia's no 1 drink,the humble Milo. So I was heating the oil while boiling water while toasting bread,when my thoughts start to wonder about the events of the previous nite.Then tragedy struck,I absentmindedly pour water into the frying pan instead of my cup. Luckily,I was wearing my long sleeved pj so there were no lesions on my epidermis.

3) Mph Book fair

There was a Mph book fair in Shah Alam over the weekend,went there 3 times and came out with books during 3 days. Bought a few Micheal Albom's books,Salinger's Catcher over the Rye,a few Ahern's and few others.I also spotted a few books that Calvin had promoted but decided not to buy it last min due to below...

4) Msia Post

God,they are so slow at delivering stuff. I thought what happened to Will was a glitch but seriously,not delivering my book voucher when there is a book fair going on is too much,as the Red Queen might say,"off with their heads".

I was happily giving my voucher when the Mph cashier said that the voucher had expired,the date of the voucher was June 2009-Dec 2009.

I called MPH and asked when did they sent the voucher,they replied that the voucher was sent around May 09. I was like WTF,Post Malaysia took 7 months to send a voucher. Luckily, MPH is going to resend the voucher and instead of mailing to me,I asked them to send it to the outlet in Sacc so I'll get it fast and spend it even faster. So the real question is what book to buy?

ps: Not going to send stuff thru Post Malaysia,better DHL or UPS it.