Friday, October 30, 2009


In you,
we find vitality and calmness
Come to me,AIR
In you,
we find destruction and regeneration
Come to me,FIRE
In you,
we find relaxation and strength
Come to me,WATER
In you,
we find support and perseverance
Come to me,EARTH
Finally,In you,
we see the wisdom of the past,present and future
Come to me,SPIRIT

Tonight is the night when the veil between the living and the dead are the thinnest,when the magic is the strongest, we celebrate the changing of the seasons from spring and summer to autumn and winter.

Tonight,we feast and drink to give thanks to the Goddess who preserves,protects and bless us with her light,in showing thanks to her eternal vigil,we pour a cup of our finest wine,we spare a plate with our finest harvest.

Tonight,we spare a place in our table for our ancestors,thanking them and celebrating our ancestors who gave us wisdom,honoring our wise folk who keep the wisdom and praying that our descendants would pass on the wisdom in eternal circle of life.

Tonight,in the spirit of Samhain,we clean ourselves from evil,let it be in physical or mental or spiritual. We let go of grudges,of blood oaths,of misunderstandings,of confusion.

Tonight, We hope of a better future,a better harvest and a better understanding of the world.

Blessed be.

I thank thee
For the wisdom of the past,present and future given,
I bid farewell to thee,SPIRIT
I thank thee,
For the support and perseverance given,
I bid farewell to thee,EARTH
I thank thee
For the relaxation and strength given,
I bid farewell to thee,WATER
I thank thee
For the destruction and regeneration given,
I bid farewell to thee FIRE
I thank thee
For the vitality and calmness given,
I bid farewell to thee,AIR

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spring in Orchard part 2

Days gone by and slowly it became weeks before Dan had the courage to call Chuck.

Dan:Hi,erm,could we meet?

Chuck: Sure,where u want to meet?

Dan: Anywhere......

Chuck: Erm,do u know how to get to Cathay Building? I'm at the YMCA

Dan: Yeah,I do.

Chuck: See u later.

After an hour,Dan reached and found Chuck.They had dinner and walked around while talking.

Chuck: I haven't seen u at Borders these days.What happened?

Dan: I have been busy. My senior Orded so I have more work to do. Besides......

Chuck: Erm,let's get a cuppa.

Dan: No,I can't drink coffee now. I can't sleep later.

Chuck: Oh ok,want to go to my place? Its nearby.

Dan: erm,will I be safe there?

Chuck: I promised that I won't touch u,at least,not 2nite...

Dan: Ok.

Chuck drove Dan to his flat in Bishan. Chuck made tea for the both of them and Dan opened up to Chuck,told him of his fears and sense of loneliness. He felt that it was hard to connect his colleagues and the work that he has in the office. Chuck just listened to Dan's words all nite and gave encouraging comments now and then.

Dan: God,look at time.I need to go back.

Chuck: Sleep here with me.

Dan: Erm,look,I'm happy that u're willing to hear my probs and that but I'm not a slut,k? If u had sex in ur mind the whole nite,I'm sorry to disappoint u. I'm looking for a fren,nothing more,nothing less. Good nite.

Chuck: Hey, Did I mention sexs? Come on,its alredi 3 am,u must be crazy if u want to take a cab at this hour.

Dan: I'll manage.

Chuck: I promised u that I won't touch u. Here is the guest bedroom,I'll be sleeping at the other room.

Dan: Look,Chuck.I'm really happy that ur willing to do this but what proof u have that ur not one of them psychotic ppl?

Chuck left the room and come back with a bunch of keys.

Chuck: U want proof? Here are all the keys to the rooms in this place. I'm placing in ur care.

Dan with tears in his eyes: Why? Why do u care for me this much?

Chuck: Well,I know how it feels to be alone and fighting the world by one's self.

Dan: Fine,I'll sleep here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spring in Spore

Dan loves books a lot so where better to hang at Borders in Raffles city and spend time looking at books and shopping for them during the weekends after a busy week at camp.

His pick for 2day was How to Kill a Mockingbird when his peace was disturbed by a stranger.

Stranger: Excuse me,but where did u get that book?

Dan: At the that corner over there. U shuld ask the sales ppl for the details.

Stranger: Oh,ur not working here but I see u every Saturday here.

Dan: erm,I'm just unwinding myself. Ns is stressful.

Stranger: Ic, are u done for 2day? Let's get a cuppa

Dan: sorry,Mum said not to follow strangers.

Stranger: Well,aren't u a mummy's boy.My name is Chuck.

Dan:The name is Dan not Danny.

Stranger: Let's go,k? Dan not Danny

Dan: Hahhahaa,Aren't u a charmer.Oh ok then,its ur treat btw.

At Starbucks,both of them talked about literature and which Superhero is the best till late. When Dan left,Chuck gave him his number and small peck on his cheek.

On ride home,Dan was smiling brightly thinking of the incident earlier.

Hey Mr Anon

I know that I had posted this earlier and I had taken it down after a few hours.

This post to dedicate Mr Anon's hard work in digging out the past and spreading it to the world.

Mr Anon,ur spineless git,I'm giving u 2 options here:

1) Confess ur identity and we'll forget the whole fiasco.

2) Keep on doing what ur doing,just remember that Karma is a bitch. Sooner or later your dick and balls will shrivel up and drop off.And if I got to know ur identity,I'll pray that you are in God's grace cos I know that I won't be as merciful to u.

Last words from me,

Mr Anon, I know u have been reading my blog and Jerry's since we both started blogging and u may have a personal vendetta towards us,maybe cos one of us rejected u or whatever. But seriously,u have picked the wrong person to mess with.I pray that none of u will ever see my dark side.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stick together,we shall

I was at the Immigration office at Putrajaya to submit forms for my passport application when my sensitive ears overheard a conversation between 2 guys.

Guy 1: This place is so grand but only got 1o counters and 3 of them are empty. If we go to SIR,sure all counters full.So sian u know?

Guy 2: Shutup cananot? I need to focus on the number counter. Why they can't use English to inform the number?

Guy 1: Hahhaha,told u so to learn Bahasa.

Guy 2: Fill the form in Bahasa lah since ur so good.

I can't believe my ears,They are Singaporeans.Yeay.

I approached and started talking to them.It seems that they are also migrating from Spore to Malaysia due to their parents request (their parents got a company based in KL). After chatting with them,Guy 1 became Vincent and Guy 2 became Alvin and they're brothers,both in their 20s.

Since I had nothing to do,I helped them to decipher the forms and explained them the whole process of getting a passport. They were surprised at the procedures cos normally if u go SIR @ Lavender,it normally would take a day or 7 working days to get ur passport.

After everything done,we went to the cafeteria for brunch when we spotted Nasi Ayam ( in Spore,nasi ayam is easy to find. Don't believe ask Robby). I opted for Nasi Beriani since I know the standard of nasi ayam at these type of cafeterias. (Not to complain,k. If Indonesia can claim Mee Jawa as their own,Spore can claim Nasi ayam as our own national dish).

The shock at their faces were priceless. Everyone knows that the secret to a good nasi ayam lies in 3 things,the rice,the chicken and the sauce.This cafeteria's nasi ayam sauce is made out of diluted chili sauce. (If ppl in Ipoh went there and eat,sure they will burn the cafeteria down). They didn't finished their meals,I guess I shuld had told them the no 1 rule in Msia earlier which is NEVER EXPECT THE FOOD TO BE GOOD.

The 2 brothers are studying at Taylor's,staying in Subang Usj,drives a Nissan Sentra,both were in the police during for their Ns,both are homo-frenly.

Its so good to hear the Singlish once again.Good times indeed.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I realized a few things in the past week,some were fun to do and some were a bit sad to hear.

1) Ex got Aids

One of my ex who kept bugging me for almost the whole year finally confessed on why he is bugging me for... He got Aids and wants me to take a Hiv test which I took on Friday and thank heavens,the results was negative for ALL STDS. The reason why the moron didn't came clean earlier cos he wants to patch up with me so that we could be a lovely Hiv positive couple for the rest of our life. Pls sum1 give me a good idea on how to kill this guy. I didn't realized that there are ppl who actually wishes others to get ill luck.

2) Friends

Those who really understand me know how I treat my frens. I don't insult them,I don't backstab them,I don't wish them ill and I trust them with my life. I'm the sort of person that if I can jump into a pool of crocs to save the lives of my frens,I would happily do it without asking any questions and I expect my frens to jump into the fucking pool to save me but I realized that reality is completely different.

3) Never let go

Again this sub-topic involves my understanding of relationships. So far,as I could remember,I had never said,"let's end this" once I had accepted someone as a close fren but I realized that some ppl don't share my point of view.

4) Scars

Some one once told me that having scars is a good ting although its ugly,scars teach us on how wiser and stronger so that we can avoid the same mistakes in future,well at least till it fades away.

5) Nefertiti

I know that most of u had heard about this queen who has the perfect face but do u know that all records of her were erased.This act of erasing the records of someone either in painting or in writing is the ultimate curse that an Egyptian could do cos the act makes it impossible for the victim's soul to be reunited with his body in the afterlife. The reason behind this foul act may be due to the fact that Nefertiti and her husband were promoting the idea of One god. If this is true,it might be the oldest record of monotheism.

6) Projects

My cousins and I are deciding on how to make money out of the kutu money.So instead of wasting the money on stuff,we want to make more money out of it. So we might be investing our money on a burger stall or sumting else. The great thing about this venture is each person has the power of Veto. So its going to be long process to start this project.

7) The previous post

I don't know about the rest of the taurusians but I really value trust and loyalty.This 2 virtues are damn hard to find these days.

ps: Got rid of the dementors by eating chocolate and learning how to do the Patronus charm.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Can u handle me?

Taurus man is a good natured person, very practical in his approach towards life. He is unpretentious and displays his true self in every situation. Trust and loyalty are the key characteristics of a Taurean guy and he expects to find the same qualities in the people around him. Taurus male is hard working and industrious and would labor for hours, at a stretch, to receive the kind of admiration he wants. A Taurean male is sensuous, tactile, giving, practical and stable. He has a sense of humor, but fails to laugh when others crack a joke.

Taureans are known for their stubbornness and the trait is quite prominent in the males. They rarely change their point of view and stick to what they believe is right. When left alone at a new unknown place, they can get extremely suspicious. Though Taurean men do not get angry very easily, they can have a bad temper if aggravated. They are also very protective of their wife and would not leave her even at times of tiffs and fights. This factor may be due to the presence of jealously and possessiveness in them.

A caring and loving person, Taurus man takes great care of his loved ones, but is very careless when it comes to his own self. He does not come to fast solutions and takes time to analyze situations, things and people. Though he may have a great number of people as his acquaintances, he has very few friends. However, when a Taurus male makes friends, they remain with him for lifetime..........................

Ps: Still in psychiatry ward due unresolved matters.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm already gone, already gone
You can't make it feel right when you know that it's wrong
I'm already gone, already gone
There's no moving on so I'm already gone

Already gone by Kelly Clarkson

Taking a page out of Evann's book,I'm going to rest my hands for a while.Don't worry,I'll give my comments but I have nothing to write about. I really don't how how long I'll be away but I need to settle a few matters with the emotionally side of me.

So why are you running away?
So why are you running away?
Cause I did enough to show you that I
Was willing to give and sacrifice
And I was the one who was lifting you up
When you thought your life had had enough
And when I get close, you turn away
There's nothing that I can do or say
So now I need you to tell me the truth
You know I'd do that for you

Running Away by Hoobastank

So far,what I have learned is sumtimes ppl on the outside have a better view on things.

I will dedicate
And sacrifice my everything for just a second's worth
Of how my story's ending
And I wish I could know if the directions that I take
And all the choices that I make won't end up all for nothing
Show me what it's for
Make me understand it
I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer
Is there something more than what i've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer
Help me carry on
Assure me it's ok to use my heart and not my eyes
To navigate the darkness
Will the ending be ever coming suddenly?
Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?
Show me what it's for
Make me understand it
I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer
Is there something more than what i've been handed?
I've been crawling in the dark looking for the answer
So when and how will I know?
How much further do I have to go?
How much longer until I finally know?
Because I'm looking and I just can't see what's in front of me
In front of me
Crawling In The Dark by Hoobastank

Thanks,William and Nase for opening my eyes on some matters,sumtimes looking positive on things don't really work. U got to take a breather from all the chaos.

I don't want to be the one
The battles always choose
'Cause inside I realize
That I'm the one confused

I don't know what's worth fighting for
Or why I have to scream
I don't know why I instigate
And say what I don't mean

I don't know how I got this way
I'll never be alright
So I'm breaking the habit
I'm breaking the habit tonight

Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park

Ps:Say what u what, I really don't care.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Double standard

Double standards exists everywhere,let it be in official business or even sumting in frenships.

Let's take the scenario below as an example,k.

A: Elo,let's go yamcha 2nite?

B: Nolah,I got tons of work to do and the dateline is preety close,maybe next time,k?

After 20 mins.

C: Elo,let's go yamcha now.

B: Sure.Pick me in 10 mins.

On arriving at the cafe. B spotted A.

A: What happened to ur "tons of homework" ?

B: Speechless.

Sometimes,we all need privacy to do our own stuff, let it be just watching Tv the whole day or just sitting at home doing nothing. But if you start making rules like I don't have mood to msg u or I'll call u whenever or I'm busy to go out to a party but ur prepared to sacrifice ur rest or even sleep for another party,then u shuld be prepared to receive the same treatment from the other party and blame urself for making those stupid rules 1st cos sumtimes,frens could be mean or plain sic at ur attitude.

This could be one of the reasons of why ur frenless.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass

ps: I'm not a saint.I do practice double standards sometimes but I always make sure my alibi is fool proof.

A prince and a swallow

I was going thru some old books of mine these morning when I spotted a old European folk story which I think is originated from the Nordic region.(Can't recall the author but definitely not written by the brothers Grimm).

The story is:

Long time ago, there was a crown prince who was kind and always helped the poor folk but alas,his death came too soon. The citizens of that country were heartbroken to hear that their beloved prince had died so they decided to build a statue as a memorial of their prince.

The statue was built in the center of the royal city so everyone could always remember the prince and his kind deeds to the people. The statue was a masterpiece and the people contributed their wealth in building the statue.

The statue was made from 4 types of metal,the statue was made from steel,the garments were made from bronze,silver and gold. The eyes were made of the greenest emeralds,the mouth was made of reddest ruby and the spectre was decorated with the expensive stones. The citizens and the royal family didn't care about the cost,they just want the finest materials and stones for the statue.

The statue was completed during winter. It was the coldest winter ever. A group of swallows were on their way south when 1 of them was to tired to carry on the journey so he stopped and rest at the feet of the statue.

As he was resting,he felt droplets of water dropping on him. He found out that the statue was crying and he asked,"Oh my beautiful lord,aren't u happy with what the citizens had done?". The statue replied," No,oh kind swallow. I'm not happy.In building me,the citizens had to sacrifice their wealth. How it pains my eyes to see their suffering."

After a while,the statue spoke again,"Oh,swallow,could you help me with something?"" My kind prince,ur command is mine to obey.But I can't stay long cos the cold is approaching and I need to rejoin my group,"said the swallow. "Could u use ur beak and tear off the metals that covered me and give them to the poor so they have food and fuel to endure the winter?I'll be eternally grateful to u,kind swallow,"the prince said.The swallow agreed and began tearing the metals and passing them to the poor.

" My prince,Can I go now since I had fulfill my duty?" asked the swallow. "Oh swallow,the sight of my people's suffering is tearing my heart.Could u give them the precious stone on my spectre?" "Yes,I will,my lord," replied the swallow. The swallow went around the city and gave the precious stones to the people.

"My prince,my duty is done. Can I leave now?" " Oh, my swallow.It pains my heart to let u go but the suffering of my people pains me more.Could u give the emeralds which form my eyes to the sick so that they could be healthy again?" said the prince. "Yes,my lord.I'm yours to command," the swallow said. The swallow plucked the emeralds and dropped them in the charity basket which is in front of the city's hospital.

" My prince,I have done what u had asked me.Can I leave now?" asked the swallow for the 3rd time."Yes,my kind swallow,U can but before that could u take the emerald which forms my mouth and give to the orphanage. It may help them to endure the winter. " I shall do it but my heart pains me to leave u alone here.I will stay the night here and continue my journey tomorrow,my kind prince," said the swallow.

The next day,the people saw how ugly the statue had became and even worst,a dead swallow was found on the statue's feet. They decided to tear down the statue and replace it with plaque so that no one could defile their memorial for the prince.

At the smelters,when the smiths were melting the statue,they found a heart shaped piece that couldn't melt although they had raise the heat to the max. Without further ado, they just threw it into the scrap pile.

The End

I hoped u had enjoyed the story and gotten the moral of it.I know it isn't ur typical bedtime story with a happy ever after but I hope that u'll narrate it to ur children or nephews or nieces during their bed time.

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hatin to be gay

I was watching Tyra on YouTube and she is so understanding and all,not like an ice queen in her previous show.

The topic of the show was "Gays who hate being gays". Kinda stupid rite.

Case 1: Shane (19 yrs old)

He hates gay ppl,hates the male anatomy and the female anatomy too but he had put a dateline for him to be straight which 30 yrs old. He has a ex-gf who likes his ex-bf.Confusing,kan?
The main reason he chooses 30 yrs old as his dateline cos he afraid to be those old guys who finds young boys for pleasure and he wants a wife,kids and dog.(cliche much?)

My advice is:

Explore the world before you decide anything. Ur still young and still confuse about ur sexuality.Read more books.

Case 2: Greg

He's a small town guy who hates being gay cos the high confidence that gay ppl have scares him.
He don't hang out with gay ppl and not active in gay scene.

My advice is:

Shift to New York and go out more.

Case 3: Elian

He's married to a woman and has a daughter who calls him,Mommy and his wife,Daddy. Both of them are swingers,they bring only guys to their bed.
He isn't happy with the marriage cos the wife wants monogamy but he still needs a cock to make him happy.

My advice is:

Buy a strap-on dildo for the wife.

Case 4: Marc (23 yrs old)

He wants to be accepted by his family so he hates being gay.He goes for those ex-gay seminars and talks but still wants a cock.

My advice is:

Be true to urself and fuck what others might think of u. Ur happiness,Ur life,Ur body. U don't owe anyone anything.

ps: There are other interesting topics like gay for pay and etc so go and watch it,k
Pps: I love Skyler.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Everyone got ego inside of them and like everything in this gay world,size really matters. Its difficult to talk with ppl who have a huge ego cos they are unwilling to compromise. Its always their way or the highway.

So what happen if both of them in any relationship got ego issues? Let's use an example,k? A has a big ego but B has a bigger ego than A. Well,1stly A who has a smaller ego would try to accommodate B and hopefully,sumday,B would change his ways and willing to come to a compromise.

But A also got his pride to jaga and due to B's attitude of setting more and more rules for A to follow instead of compromising or at least passing the helm to A once a while,A gets more and more fed up with B's attitude and starts to walk away.

In the end,no one wins or lose,only heartbreaks and heartaches suffered by both sides. Is keeping ur ego intact worth it?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too soon

The recipient of the peace award shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.
Alfred Nobel

Don't you think its too soon for Obama to receive the Nobel award for peace? Yes,He did gave the finger to Zionists and closed down Guantanamo prison but how about Iraq and Afghanistan.The war is still on and they are adding more soldiers there. The war is escalating and now Pakistan is being involved especially at the northern states.

As always,the Nobel Peace Award is always about politics. Most of the peace award recipients are politicians who caged war and release peace on to the world,rarely we see the award receive by the true peace-lovers.

Strangely,Gandhi didn't received the award post humorously,even ASEAN who created
Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia were not considered for the Peace Award.

Often the Peace Award acts as a political card like in Aung San Suu Kyi case.The only reason why the Myammar Gov. didn't "do away" with her is becos of the fear of retaliation from the diplomatic world.

Maybe this award is a show of support to Obama's multilateral ideas and an insult to Bush's unilateral plans which forced the EC's hands in joining the War of Terror.

ps: I heart Obama btw.

Dry well

In the wee hours of day,I was watching Bel Ami videos.Yes,I love those Eastern European boys a lot.

As any normal homo would do,I started to play with my tool.

When suddenly................................

"Houston,we have a prob. The rocket isn't launching"

Luckily,it was me and my hand,just imagine if there's a guy next to me preparing the launch.

ps: use ur imagination pls.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Just a couple of updates this time.

1) Msian Passport

I got the letter of approval for applying my passport.Yeay me. But on calling the immigration office,they say that the letter is just a approval letter for me to send to the immigration office in Putrajaya for further processing and I have to wait another 6 months for the final approval letter then only I can apply for the passport. Sometimes,I think these bureaucrats just love to bury themselves with letters.........

2) Baby

Baby is officially in Kuching now and I'm the caretaker for their house in Shah Alam since his brother is lazy guy. A quarter of their stuff has been moved,the next quarter would be send later today and they are leaving half of their stuff here especially the bulky ones.

3) Car

My car is back.Double Yeay,me. So now,I got me self legs.Finally, I can enjoy my holidays.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Keluhan hati

Inginku bertanya tapi takut akan jawapannya..............

Adakah nie cuma ilusi.................

Adakah nie penamatnya...............

Atau sekadar mainan akal.............

Bolehkah kau menperjelaskan tindakan kau..........

Atau harusku meneruskan hidupku sorangan...........

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A tribute

Its funny how the blogosphere united in misery when MJ and Yasmin Ahmad passed away but when a fellow Plu died,no one wrote anything about him. He is as popular as the names I had mentioned but still no one mentioned about him. He is the 1st person from the iconic boy bands who came out and proudly declared his sexuality.

Yes,guys, I'm talking about STEPHEN GATELY who passed away during the last weekend.The cause of death was an acute pulmonary oedema which may cause from a weak heart. According to the news,he and his husband were partying in a club in Majorca till the wee hours of night and fell asleep on the sofa to never wake up again.

Mr and Mr Gately

May he rest in peace

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I got a bombshell over the weekend,Baby is going to move to Kuching after his PMR exams. The reason behind the move is due to his parents' work.So can't really blame him for it rite?

He said that he'll visit during the school holidays cos his bro will be staying in the house here or he'll apply a uni in the peninsular after he finishes his SPM. Being perimstic, I would say that the earliest chance of me meeting him and having sleep overs would be some where around the year 2013 unless the Mayan calendar is right,then it would be in the afterlife.

So I'm back at square one with Jerry as my pet bro.

Relationships sucks!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I: Ichi
F1: Friend 1
F2: Friend 2

At a cafe

F2: Elo, do come to my open house on Monday,k?

F1: Sure,I will.Who else is coming?

F2: The usual crowd lah

F1: Sweet

The next day,talking tru the phone

F1: Ello, Blah........ Blah .......... Blah........
Ur going to F2's house? He's doing a open house on Tuesday.

I: What? u sure? I don't know about that.We talked yesterday but he didn't mention

F1: Nvmlah,just come with me.

I:I x suke pi umah org xper jemputan. Ko,jgn cari hal k?

F1: ok2,bye.

Funny how events that are hosted by frens are happening or had happened without my knowing these days.

Maybe I shuld do the same in future and just blame it on my senility.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Hidden gem

I was browsing thru my fren's frenlist and look what I found.

Name: F.........e
Age: 20
Currently at: Wellington,New Zealand
Occupation: Student,Part time model
Orientation: Straight :(

His model shots

His casual shots

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shortcuts to Slimming 101

I'm going to skip those herbal remedies that claims that it can help u lose weight up to 30kg a month by applying it or by drinking it or by inhaling it. I going to talk about those synthetic pills and of cos surgeries that really work.

The basic concept of these treatments are:

1) they block the intake of food
2) they block the production of fat
3) they block the absorption of nutrients

Therefore,they promote the body to use or convert the body fat that is already available.

I just going to mention a few types of pills that could help you to slim down.

1) Mediaxal

Aka Benfluorex. Its actually for controlling improving lipid production and and decrease insulin resistance for those ppl that have type 2 diabetes. It could be also as a weight control for those who want to decrease their BMI like from 28 to 25.

I had used it before. It really boost ur metabolism rate and gives me energy but the side effects were insomnia and dry mouth.

2) Xenical

Aka Orlistat.It blocks lipid from being absorbed from the body but u'll end up with slimy shit which is full of lipid.

Its stronger if compared to Mediaxal but u have to remember to bring extra undies and trousers if u take it in the morning.

Be warned that u may regain the weight after u stop using it.

3) Duramine

Aka Phentermine. It is an appetite killer. U wouldn't be hungry if u take this. Its a very effective way of controlling ur diet but u would end up as a grouch cos it kinda messes with ur endorphins.

Other side effects are:

Hostility with urge to attack

Better warn ur frens that ur taking it before meeting them for yamcha.

The 2nd type of treatment is in the form of surgeries:

1) Cosmetic surgery

2) Vertical banded gastroplasty surgery (VBG)

This type of surgery is for those ppl who are really big size like some actresses or singers out there. Normally,it is used as a last step to control weight if and only if other treatments failed here but in the USA, its a normal procedure done by ppl who can afford it.

This treatment really helps in weight control but u have 2 change ur lifestyle and diet a bit so that u'll enjoy the effects forever.

The risks are:

1) Leakages in the stomach wall
2) The stomach stapling may come apart
3) Gall stones and hernia might develop.

Ps: Please consult a doctor or dietitian before planning on slimming down.They might prescribe better treatments for u. This is just for general knowledge,I'm not to be blame if these treatments that are stated here don't work for u.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The answers

Remember the competition that I post earlier,well its kinda dissapointing cos no one got the answer right.Monument of love
This is the code given:


The answer is:

1) Rearrange it into a square


2) replace the Alphabets with the Alphabets before them


3)Now u can see that its consisted of 4 words which are:


As u can see that the word,"MONUMENT" was spelled wrongly. Its supposed to be a V instead of W so that the word could be spelled correctly. That was supposed to be a hint for breaking the 2nd cipher that I used.

The answer is the Taj Mahal.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Respect lost

I know that most of u have a loving family to fall back on to. Unfortunately,I don't have that luxury.

As I had said before in one of posts,my dad ain't my hero. I reaaly don't know why he becomes paranoid with me. I only want space for myself.

Each time,I opened my mouth to comment on sumting,for an example,if I say the economy is in the shitters, he would just say that I'm too young to understand stuff or if I commented on his remarks,he would not accept my point of view and plainly denied my points without any explanation.

Maybe,our personalities are too strong for each other.

Last Monday,I wanted to celebrate his bday since the family was in Jb on the 21st September and also we were having a family gathering on that nite. I bought him a small black forest cake since that's his favorite flavor. When I came home after the dental appointment,he saw the cake and his 1st comment was why did I bought a cake. I told that I wanted to celebrate his bday even though it was a belated one. He said that I must have someting on my sleeve either a approval for sumting or I did sumting wrong. WTF rite?

So after the dinner,everyone was waiting for him 2 cut the cake but he kept saying,"why shuld I cut it? My bday is alredi over.Kinda pointless kan?" On hearing that remark,I was hurt and really wanted to throw the cake into dustbin. In the end,he cut the cake after being cajoled by my tranny aunt.

Why is it so hard to get his acceptance? All the As that I get,All the achievements that I did but still no words of encouragement form HIM. Sumtimes,I think I'm not his son. I mean what kind of father would just ignore the son even though the son isn't a filial one. Even when he call my name,there is always a "Hey" is front but this doesn't apply to the rest of his children.

One more conversation that made me sentap was:

D= dad
U= Uncle

U: My son has finally left the nest.

D: Well,I waiting for my son to run away. He is so troublesome.

U: U know if he does that,u'll be lonely.

D: Nah,I won't. If he ever leaves the house,I would arrange a thanksgiving feast.

U: ...........

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I'm not going to talk about Blackberrys or Iphone. I'm talking about Public Display of Adoration (PDA).

This morning,I had to go to P.A.S to get a new memory card and repair the N71 that my tranny aunt gave me earlier in the month. I hate doing unimportant things especially stuff that requires spending. ( I want a sugar daddy).

While waiting for the phone,I did some window-shopping when I saw a gay couple kissing in the toilet.I know that P.A.S has a few glory holes for u know what. But this couple is kissing near the sinks area. Lucky,they were Chinese if not Jais would have been there pronto. I just cough a loud and told them to get a room. They were surprised and walk off with smiles in their faces. Too much love between them,I guess.

Next case of PDA was near the Bowling Center, this time it was a straight malay couple,they were just hugging each other,ignoring the cold stares that the others were given.

I am not the person who likes PDA a lot,well maybe in movie halls where its all dark but still I prefer saving all that energy and adoration for the bed room where I could anyting and besides I don't think that I need to tell ppl that He's Mine with PDA,there are subtler moves to do that.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Murphy's Law

I got idea of the post title from Lucas.

Today,I had 2 exams papers,one for lunch and one for breakfast and yet,I still hungry.....

The list of mishaps that happened to me so far:

1) I thought of waking up at 5 to read up a few pages of notes dealing muscular disorders but I end up waking at 6.30,rushed to the shower and reached the campus by 8 am

2) Since my papers' timing clashed and I don't have a time turner,I had to take a paper at 9 and the other one at 2.30 pm. Yesterday,the exam dept. posted the venues and time for the papers,it stated that the exams are at Room C120 A/B. And guess what at 8.45,there were no invigilators in the class so I went to Exam dept. and saw the updated venue which is at Hall F (FUCKER!)

3) When entering the exam hall,we need to show our Exam slip and Id card.Unfortunately, I misplaced my Exam slip so I need to report at the Exam dept. and the Account Dept,at the latter to pay a fine of Rm 5 and at the former,to get a new slip.The lady at the Acc. Dept is so slow,she type a bit and abort. This repeated like 4-5 times. Hey lady,the time isn't frozen,damm shuld have learn that trick from You know who ages ago.

4) After getting the new Exam slip, I went back to the Exam hall and finished the paper an hour early but since I'm under quarantine,I had to stay till the end of the paper and be escorted to the quarantine room.

5) During lunch,I had Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis. While eating,I bit a extra hard ikan bilis and voila,one of the brackets from my braces came off. So I need to see the dentist tonight to fix it back.She is another Slowpoke. Wonder if the pokemons are interested in her?

6) I was escorted back to the room for the next paper. As you know,each Exam hall or room has 2 invigilators.The invigilator that escorted me back into the room had known me from a chat room(Wink2) so he let me start a bit earlier. But the 2nd invigilator wasn't happy about that but what she can do cos I already finished the MCQs. So no point to stop me from doing it,kan?

At least one good thing is going to happen..........

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blood is thicker than water

1stly,I would like to say thank you to those ppl who sent me emails and comments to my posts since day 1. I really love you,guys alot...

2nd,yesteday,I pissed with 2 people,rite now,I'm only pissed at the girl. I'm ok with the dynamite boy.

Last nite,I was chatting with a few ppl on facebook,most of them asked why I don't just ignore him and move on with my life or comments like "He's so childish and immature,why are u keeping in touch with someone like that".

I'm happy that there are ppl who care a lot for me but pls butt out of my personal issues as I believe that I had never ask u to stop befriending anyone before.

Fyi,its ok to insult me directly or indirectly but if u start to insult my frens or family,I will seek ur blood.

And yes,I know that Lil prince and I had quarreled over big things and sometimes over small things but our bond is still strong despite all the things that had happened. So I'm kindly asking u guys to butt out of my personal issues before I use stronger words.

3rd, I really hate those Malays that are over concerned about Halal stuff. The funny thing is they refused to my goods but they have no qualms over buying food from a Chinese shop. Do they really know the meaning of Halal? Stupid Malays they are..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Total random stuff

1stly,my diet is working,I lost like 4 kg in the 1st week.I'm just watching my diet and run for 30 mins on treadmill 3 times a week. I'm considering taking a slim pill like Xenical or Mediaxal or those herbal drinks that helps you to slim down.Actually,I took Mediaxal for 3 days and I gave up. That med works like Ice,my energy levels went up to the roof,I was very hyperactive but I stopped taking it,I found that I become less active,almost like a zombie.

2nd,I am truly pissed at 2 ppl, one is good fren and other has short fuse. I'm pissed at the good fren cos she ignored my advise and took a lame advice from some one who doesn't know her and her abilities and yet this idiot has the balls to give her an advice that totally backfired. I'm seriously going to say"I told you so" the next time I meet her.

About the person that has short fuse, stop searching for hidden msgs in my sms. The things I say although they are kinda harsh or wrong,is just to emphasis on my points. Its really frustrating that u could think in that way...

Well,to the 2 people mentioned,congrats,u managed to make a Tauran angry.(Its not an easy thing to do to a Tauran).

3rd,My princess is coming back to me by the end of week. Yeay me. I need to pay the the workshop rm 1500 for the paint job and miscellaneous. There goes my savings. The silver lining out of this is, I'm using my virginal check book to pay it.Yeay me... half way there to be Taitai....