Saturday, January 30, 2010


While I was working and minding the shop,there this cute guy with nice biceps,pecs and face came to me and shown me his hp's screen.At 1st,I thought that he came into the wrong shop,then I thought that this is a new pick-up method,u know I show u my screen,u show me urs...

Then I saw the words on the screen," 1 nasi bungkus." That perfect"David" was actually a mute and deaf. I was shocked cos his face was so cute..Seriously if he enter Mr universe,he could at least get 3rd place easily.

After attending his needs,my co-workers came and asked what happened,why I was giving hand signals to that guy. So I explained the whole thing and one of makciks said,"its a pity that he's cacat. Susah nak dapat bini nnt."

My retort was," Walaupun die cacat pendengaran,at least,die tak si miang seperti laki lain yg hensem,bertukar pasangan.Mane tau,die tu akan menghargai bini die,untung perempuan yg dapat die"

The incident reminded me of a joke among bald ppl that goes sumting like this:

Those heads that God had created imperfectly,He covers it with hair while those which are perfect,He left them bare.

Why seek perfection when it brings u unhappiness. Be contented with what u have

Friday, January 29, 2010

A warning

I really don't care,don't want to know or don't take sides between the war of words that is taking place in here. Both parties have my highest respect but hear my warning,I don't like ppl dragging others into their pile of shit especially my ppl.

My advice for the both parties:
Either u both be gentlemen or be ladies and settle it with a face 2 face talk with witnesses present
walk away and lick ur wounds.
Calling each other names isn't a dignified act nor its regal.
Respect takes yrs to gain but mins to lose.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


2 mths have passed since that incident in facebook and I still haven't got any comments from u about the incident,I guess everything that u said in the past was just empty talk and I was such a dufus to proudly claim that ur my best fren in front of my frens and urs.

For the past year,starting from May 09, u have crossed the line over and over again,insulting me publicly each time but I always thought that its just playful banter among frens except for 3 occasions which I still can't comprehend how you could do that to me. As u always have said,"frenship is just a form of entertainment",well I do hope ur "frens" are entertaining u enuff.

Frankly and strangely, I know what u said about me among of frens of which I had never taken to heart but since this is the last time that I'm going to discuss about u,let's bare it all,k?

But unfortunately,I'm too noble to do that but my advice to ur troupe is don't make u a trustee or just follow ur way blindly cos u'll be kicked off the bandwagon when u ain't entertaining enuff.

I just remembered one of ur words which I quote," I like when ppl say that I'm wrong.It helps me to realize who I am". Unquote.

That,my fren, is the greatest bullshit that I had ever heard.Criticism simply bounce off ur face.

Anyway,thanks for everything.

Ps: Guys,this is my personal view of a person. I won't and don't force my views or actions on anyone. If u want to be frens with him,go ahead but I don't want to hear anything about it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maid issues

As uolls remember,I blogged that my maid is going back to Indonesia for a short holiday somewhere in last Dec.

Guess what? She is making that visit permanent,she wouldn't be coming back as promised. Actually,I wasn't surprised with her actions,its just a typical thing that an Indon maid would do.

I don't understand why the Gov. is being unfair with the new maid ruling,the maid got a better deal out of it while we got to suffer and tahan with their drama.

So what if the Indons ain't sending their ppl here for work,there are plenty of other places to get maids and in the long run,Indonesia is the one who suffers while at least financially.

As for a new maid,we might be hiring a Cambodian or Vietnamese maid soon but the mum still wants an Indon.......... see how lah...

Ps: Bear2,can send ur maid to my house on the weekends tak? My pipes need some cleaning.

Not bothered

Ichi: What! he did that!
Fren: Yeah... Blahx5
Ichi: Oic..then
Fren: Blahx9
Ichi: Oh...
Fren: Blahx100
Ichi: hrmm,hurm
Fren: Blahx30
Fren: ichi,are u listening?

Stop coming to me for advices. Not caring about anything now....Zoning out... Lalalalalalala,I see birds on the moon lallalalalalala

Sunday, January 24, 2010


As usual,I went for my dental checkup,the difference was I drove my ass to the clinic which is located near the Curve. Another weird thing is I felt the pain after the check up,Its seems that the dentist went to the next phase which is pulling the teeth inwards instead of aligning them which made me felt the pain.

I heard the song in my playlist while watching Talenttime,I thought it was sung by a foreign artist but actually the singer is Aizat Af5. I always thought that the local singers especially the Malays are too jiwang but this song is perfectly jiwang.


Innocent? I'm not

I was at a fren's place when they produced a bottle of wine,thinking that I'm a malay,they didn't offer me any,till I asked for a glass of it.My fren's housemates were kinda shock due to the request while my fren told them to chill.

Its funny how many ppl thought that I'm a good boy,don't have any vices or know any curse words. Is it due to the clean look or to the nerdy personality,I wonder?

Must a sinner wear black robes or Can he sin while wearing white?

Friday, January 22, 2010


Kahoe: Why u need to study hard? No matter what,in the end,u'll get help. That's why I hate ur kind of ppl

Hafiz: The reason why I'm working hard so that I won't need that kind of help.

" Talent time" by the late Yasmin Ahmad

Most shops like those in food courts or small shops selling clothes or whatnots or those small shops that sprung during the festive seasons need part-time workers cos full-time workers are either too expensive or demanding. These small mama-papa shops also need part-timers so that they can relax or do sumting else while the part-timer works his shift.

Sumtimes u get good part-timers who does his work properly without any kelonging,sumtimes u get part-timers who are kings of kelong or just want to settle their bills or rents for the month.
Most of these part-timers will quit once sem break begins,some would continue after their break but its only like 1% will do that.

Since I'm staying in Shah Alam which has a "Green" majority,I find that most of the part-timers belong to the 2nd category which is kinda sad cos on the 1st day,they are fill with zest and energy but as the week progresses,they only think of when their shift ends. By looking at their attitude,u'll realize that its no wonder why most of the "Greens" really need to be helped and they are really not the working kind. I mean the owners hire u to man their shops which often than not are their only rice bowls,so be a bit responsible lah since ur shift is like only for 4-6 hrs je. Don't pour dirt into their bowls,k?

A typical gay relationship flow

Most gays would turn to the cyberworld for flings,let it be chatrooms,frenster,facebook,myspace, trevvy or planetromeo.

A basic msg would contain queries on the person's status,role,age and the most important thing is the pic of the person. Upon receiving the info,the questioner could choose 3 options which are:

a) ask the other guy for a date
b) just limit the guy as an online fren
c) ignore the guy

Options A and B could lead to more possibilities such as exchanging of numbers. This act would make the relationship a bit more intimate. Also don't forget that sex is being added to the mix,sumtimes in forms of queries or taunts.Both parties would test the waters before asking for the real deal.

Now the plots thickens.

After milking the juice out,the 2 would face a dilemma on how to carry on the relationship. The options are:

A) Stop all contacts
B) Clear the air and say that its a one time deal and leave
C) Become couples
D) Become sex partners till one is fed up with the excuses of not wanting to be a couple

Options A and B would make life easy as both would walk and store their encounter as a memory. Options C would make them happy till reaching a time limit while Option D would make life hard for each other and both would leave with a bitter aftertaste.

After breaking up,the parties have other options which are:

A) Have a cooling down period and try to make amends to rekindle the fire
B) Stop all contacts
C) Be mutual frens
D) Spread evil rumours about the other party so that his value would go down

Most gays would choose option B as its the easiest way out,option A is for those idiots in love,option D is for those who will die alone with 60 cats in his house.Option C is hardest to choose and often or at least in early mths,he would be full of envy of his replacement.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Think about it

Money,Fame and Power.
The things that ppl love the most are the things that ppl shuld avoid the most.

There is a building in Paris that was deemed ugly,untasteful and hideous by the residents of the city when it was in its early years. Now, that very same building is being praised by the residents of the that city,they even gave it an iconic status and some say that if that building was demolished,the whole of Paris would weep.

Have u guess which building that I'm talking about? The answer is the Eiffel Tower,the building that is so phallic in nature.

1st impressions can be so deceiving at times. Beautiful things can be so ugly and yet the ugly things can be so beautiful.

Gd nite.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Since I have indian blood,I'm quite hairy and hair covers like 90% of my body.Its really a bother to take care cos if I shave in the morning,by night,I have a stubble de.Yes,I'm that hairy...

Anyway,let's just focus on hair on my head. Its unruly,untamed and messy. I think Mr Sasoon would faint if he sees my hair. I tried a lot of products especially shampoos and those hot oils thingy and its still messy and hard.

Recently,I found out from a fren that all hair products regardless of brands have the same contents.For example,Rejoice shampoo have the same contents as Tresemee shampoo or Clear shampoo,the only difference is the amount of the ingredients in it.

He recommeded me to use Dove shampoo and conditioner (Guys,conditioner is important). I tried the shampoo for a week,its seems that my hair is getting managable and 2day,I tried the conditioner and Voila,my hair is soft. (Wanna touch it).

So now,I need to change my hairstyle.I don't want those Indian barbers to cut my hair anymore. (Yes,I'm a noob when it comes to fashion).

Is there any good salons out there? Someone recommend me sumwhere decent..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Its hard to reach high places but its easy to drop to the pits
House of Beor

As I said earlier,my mid-sems are over.So this means 3 things which are finals are just around the corner, date of lab tests are near and the period of adding/dropping subjects are over.

I noticed that as we are getting nearer to graduation,the odder ppl get (maybe due to stress) and the changes occurring is from good to worse.The changes spare no one,I'm more selective in choosing ppl to hang out with these days.

There certain things that I'm not happy with this sem,most can be ignored cos I really don't care except for 1 which is:

Professional English

This subject is the 5th component of English that we need to take.In total,there are 6 components. This component,we learn how to communicate with our employers or co-workers,sumting like business communication.

Unfortunately,I had to drop this subject due to:

A) Didn't add it during pre-reg.
B) The class is too big
C) The lect. is too picky

The truth is I'm ok with the dropping of subject but I don't like the way the issue is being handled by all sides. Let's review the reasons,shall we.

A) Didn't add it during pre-reg

So? The office and mentor say can..Why u can't? U big isit

B) The class is too big

Thanks,guys. Cos of some of u who don't want to follow ur given timetables,we the Tuesday class need to suffer. So what if on Monday,u got only one class. Petrol costs only rm 2 and if ur using Ron 95,its only Rm 1.85.

C) The lect. is too picky

Hey,Mdm. I'm sick of ur experiences in New York although I heard one experience that u had,i'm sick de. Btw,I counted the photostatted book that u asked us to but before asking us to drop the subject and guess what? It doesn't cost Rm 10,its less than that. Did u add ur petrol money,ur tea into the cost? Thank god,I'm taking it during short sem.. I need to tahan ur blabber for half the time.

The outcome of the drop subject is dumb. It seems that a certain number of ppl need not to drop subject but need to shift to Monday class. Oh yeah,Thanks for not telling me about that.

The silver lining is I heard that the marks for mid-sems for this subject are around 0-20. (Its true,I know its hard to believe that they managed to flunk the students in language paper).

Ps: Pls don't apply to MSU,go to Aimst or Utar.
Pps: Orang lain pernah ade bf/gf jugak so jgnlah over2 sgt.
PPps: Tangan nie sgt gatal,nak call Jais lah

Monday, January 18, 2010


It had been hard to have put more truth and untruth together in a few words than in that speech, "Whosoever is delighted with solitude is either a wild beast or a god."
Francis Bacon

I always thought that "coming out" is a great thing but sumting its too much. I have been hanging out a lot with either set of frens,gay or straight and its suffocating me...

When I'm with my straight frens or girlfrens,they would say:

1) Ur single? Unbelievable.
2) Hey,that's a cutey.Go for it
3) Opps,sori,din't mean to insult u but he's too sissy lah
4) U know I had sex with a guy/girl.... he/she got rashes
5) Which set of clothes looks great on me?

And the list goes on and on and on.....

When I'm with my gay frens:

1) U know anot that .......
2) Siti's attire looked charming lah
3) U think I shuld go for him.. He's ur type lah
4) Shuld I wear thongs or go combo 2nite?
5) This guy is a good fuck

And the list goes on and on and on.....

Sumtimes I wish that ppl would have sumting more to talk about than the mundane. They just have to remind me that I'm gay 24/7.. Maybe I need to get new frens... But again,I love the gossip,guys and dirt.. but let's keep it to a tolerable level,k

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm back... My com was unwell for the past few days and got a brain transplant. I tried to go to the CC but when I'm there,I tend to fight with others instead...

Anyway, My mid-exams are over. I think I did good with Pharmaco and Parasito but Clinical Patho is such a pain in the ass(The lect. gave 7 case studies instead of the normal questions).

I was hanging out with my straight boy frens when suddenly one of them asked,"Ichi, how do gays find frens? So far,I hear only about ur sexual encounters"

My reply:

1stly,I do have gay frens,those guys who I don't have the intention of fucking or being fuck by are my frens. (Wait,listen to my explanation).

Gays are uber shallow sumtimes. Ppl who are handsome,cute or manly are always courted to be frens (partner in waiting) or for the sake "naikkan saham diri" or to eat their leftovers(imagine lion(lengcai) eating a deer while vultures gets a peck or 2). Don't believe me on this, go to friendster and see how many lengcais have more than 3 profiles and how many genuine frens does the lengcai have?

Anyway,out of these uber shallow gays,there are shallow gays who don't really care how u look,if u match their criterias,ur in the grup. Their set of criterias maybe based on hobbies,attitudes or wallet size.

Now,we come to the 3rd type of gays,those who really don't care about ur background or looks or wallet size as long as u don't across their boundaries such as making their frens ur frens etc. This type of gays often would open up to a greater and lasting friendships.

Ps: of cos,all of the above mentioned relationships aren't fix in stones. Bitches would often find other bitches as their BFFs.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Too lazy to blog... having exams later...wish me luck...

Got this from Pikey-kun

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education

You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I thought I wouldn't hear these type of news again but when I opened my facebook..... my wall was flooded with ppl announcing it.

Based on the wall posts,a senior of mine commited suicide by eating 50+ pills. The reason behind her act is her bf was cheating on her for a year plus...

The sad thing is she s a pretty,smart and hardworking gal.Although I had limited time knowing her,but when we collided on the corridors or walk ways,her face is full of smiles...

Guys and Gals,don't do stupid stuff for a worthless bastard..He ain't worth it... To my frens or readers,if u got problems that u think that its too much for u,seek a fren or call those anonymous helplines,we may not be able to help u 100% but our shoulders are always available for u to cry on...


I have a fren who is great saver and for some reason,he loves to open up bank acc in various banks,from RHB to Maybank. I took a peek of his wallet once,I found a stack of ATM cards. His reason for convience sake and to avoid paying the Rm 1 charge for using MEPS.

I reaaly like his method of saving up,although its a bit troublesome but it works.

How does it work?

He has a primary acc for bills,payments and salary. Let's name this acc,acc A. At start of the month,after getting his paycheck,he'll deposits 20% in 2 other accs,B and C. 10% from acc B will go to acc D.Acc D is used for the short term goals like getting a new phone,com or whatever. 10% from acc C will go to acc E which is used for the long term goal like getting a house.Lastly,10% from acc E and D will go to his ASN.

My savings plan:

To not save anything.LOL.just kidding. I got only got 4 accs,RHB,Muamalat,Maybank and CIMB.

I'm using his method of saving this year.Last year,RHB acc,Muamalta acc and Maybank acc got only air inside.

RHB acc= allowances
Muamalat = duit sara diri (ptpn)
Maybank= ASB
CIMB= long term saving (House)

Wish me luck in implementing my saving programme

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Toughing the heart up

Before I blog about sumting that I want to talk about but afraid to,I have to say that the Church bombing or arson isn't done by someone who is humane or a believer of any faith.

A surah states," U humans regardless of creed are from a single seed. If one of u are facing difficulty,the other shuld offer a hand to lighten his bro's load.

Jesus said," Love thy neighbour."


1st of all,I'm sure that most of u have either read or watch "Ps,I love u." For those who have not,the theme of the story is to be able to move on after suffering from a major heartache.

After reading the book,I imagined how I'm in Holly's shoes,What would I do especially if I don't have Gerry's letters? Most probably,I would go crazy. (Almost,I did once).

I know that its heaven when he is beside u in the bed,waiting for u to finish reading this blog to cuddle u till morn or spending day in and day out with u,feeling miserable when not being able to touch u for a sec.

But u see like everything else there's a starting point and an ending point so what will u do when it all ends,when he is no longer with u?

Are u able to stand up,brush the dirt off and move on?

The probs with most lovers (me included) is not able to realize that they have been surviving before they met their lovers and they also will survive after he walks out of the door.

The solution is actually simple (got it from a self help book): u just need to spend 24 hrs without any contact with ur lover,don't even take a peek of his photo that's in ur wallet/phone. Spend the day for urself,go out with frens,do sumting that u always want to do but don't forget that The Rules of Fidelity is still in place.

The outcome of this exercise would make the both of u cherish each other more(Blahx3) and of cos,separation sex is sooo way better than "make up" sex.Trust me

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Viva Palestina

Dear Zionists,


That's so cliche rite,being a muslim,ur expected to support it.

Let's strip all the unnecessary ideas and what nots shall we,let the facts be unbiased to all.So there goes RELIGION,CULTURE,LANGUAGE,BLOOD FEUDS and POLITICS out of the window and into the rubbish bin. So what we have left with...

HUMANITY. That's rite,u and I,we aren't that different,We have the same number of Dna,we have the same dreams for a safer future for our kids. So why u treating the Palestinians like they aren't worthy of being humans. Is it becos they are inferior?

It seems that u have forgotten ur history.. Remember Hitler? He and his gang of merry men almost annihilated u,remember the unjust that u went thru? The feelings of uncertainty...Not knowing whether ur going to make it till the end? Remember the chants of " we'll prevail"?

Fast forward to the present, U have a lot of things,a country,well actually u have 2... Since u also control the Bald eagle. Isn't that enuff?

Why are u building walls and such? All u need is to make peace.. I guarantee u that once u remove the fuel from the fire,those power crazed ppl got nothing to ignite the feelings of their supporters. They will lose credibility,they would be shunned into the shadows by the masses.

Sounds crazy rite? Actually,it is not... After all,what we both care about is having a home,getting enuff food and our children. Trust me,the Palestinians would be a contented lot.

So let's give PEACE a chance,who knows? She might do wonders and succeed where others failed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still waters got crocs meh?

1st,a disclaimer: this isn't a whining or an emo post. Its just me letting out my frustrations. Don't read it if u don't want to...

Those ppl who always hang around me knows that:

a) I have few frens but many acquaintances.
b) I do not get frustrated easily unless its my dad that I' dealing with
c) If ur good to me,I'm super good to u.
d) I don't bear grudges,I'll just ignore ur existence.

So why am I frustrated? Well,there many pp who misjudge my "kindness". I really don't care what/who u were,as long as ur nice.. But know my limits lah..

For example,I'm working in a foodcourt,the stalls must be closed at 10.3o pm,if u close shop earlier,u'll get saman from the management.Normally,I'll do the closing. My neighbour's goods always finishes b4 the closing time so he would always ask my help to close for him. Btw,I'm helping him freely,I get nothing,no even a treat. Just now at 10.25 pm,he told me that he's going back so pls do the usual. I told him that there is 5 mins more to closing time so why not just stay for another 5 mins and close it himself. Want to know his reply? I quote," Alah lagi 5 min pun masa gak,saya duduk jauh so kalo balik awal boleh rehat awal" unqoute.

My reply was," kalo nak rehat,baik buka kedai kat area umah awak atau upah org suruh jaga. Saya pun penat gak,lari ke Putrajaya and ke Damansara td. Lepas nie,nak studi.Dah baik,saya tutupkan kedai tu tanpa tuntut upah."

This what I hate about ppl... Don't assume that sumone is willing to do it means that he could be taken for granted. Even God gives rewards for good deeds so why not humans.

Maybe I'm being too nice to ppl till they make my head as a doormat.. But come on lah,this is a basic social rule,TO GET SUMTING,U HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE (Equivalent trade).

This year's motto," Shall not give face".

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bye2 Blackbird

As I had said earlier,I would blog about someone in my past who had changed me from being a self centered jerk to a caring bastard,unfortunately,I can never say how grateful I am to him for the change.

I was in Spore serving my Ns when I met with this guy,his name is Darren. He is a Jc student whose parents were rather influential and are socialites. Unlike his parents,he hates to socialize and often kept to himself and his best fren is the com. He could online 24 hrs a day,7 times a week. His frens would often have to force him to go out,often we would go to his place and wait for him to get dress and all cos if we didn't do that,he would never leave house except for sch.

U may think that he is a fatty asshole but thanks to his genes,he is pretty cute and lean. The other weird thing about him is he never gets high grades in his exams but if ask to explain a science fact or complicated algebra equation, he could really explain till the ah soo next door could understand it.

So he has the IQ,cash and looks but he is a super loner... U could say that he is living in his own world..

At that time,I was a newbie,in love with my 1st ex and had hard time lowering my walls for others and was super jealous of this guy cos my ex is his closest confidant. My ex would rush to his aid no matter how busy he was.

When I asked why he does that,my ex would say that Darren is actually suffering from depression,often than not,he would have thoughts of ending his life. The cause of his depression was due to his parents unrealistic dreams for him and he couldn't come to terms that he is gay.

Anyway, I couldn't care less about the guy.( meanie) I mean who cares what the world think of them,U have one life and u sure as hell don't owe it to others.. Live ur life.. Beggars and wimps shuld just die off. (Remember I was 19-20 yrs old when I said this).

A few months later,Darren found a lover and after a few weeks,the lover dumped him. I guess for Darren,tis was the last straw and the next day,he overdosed himself.

Personally,I felt bad cos I didn't really took the time to know him and a lot of frens also felt the same way.. We were his fairweather frens.. If we had really shown him that we cared aout him,things might have ended differently.. he would realised that as long as there's a hand to support him,life isn't as bleak as he had pictured.

U could say that my overnagginess attitude is some sort of personal redemption for the way that I had treated Darren.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Stop saying it

Sumtimes,in frenships and brotherships,we would go the extra mile like reminding them the small stuff or give them warnings of an incident waiting to happen or even asking them to take meds on time.

They in turn would reply," don't worry too much,can anot. You just focus on urself 1st"

This type of comments would always turned me off cos as a fren or a bro,worrying is part of the job description.

Yes,I'm a nagging fren and bro ( its tough to be my fren/bro). The reason behind it is not becos I have too much a free time to borrow the probs of others but cos I care about their well-being and I don't want them to go thru the same shit as I did.(remember the mom from "Bubble Boy",I tend to emulate her often especially with my bros). I mean which fren/bro would like to see his fren/bro stumble?

To me,showing that u do care is the greatest thing that a fren/bro could do for each other. U may never know how a simple word of encouragement could affect a person. I had learned this the hard way.

ps: Will blog about a certain someone in my past in the next post.

Pps: Yet again,I'm sounding like an old hag.

The perfect sex sequence?

I'm sure that most of u noticed that certain porn films have a certain and fixed steps for their actors to perform.

For an instance, a scene from Bell ami would be like this:

1) Intro: boy A meets boy B
2) Kiss
3) Foreplay
4) A sucks B
5) B cums
6) A fucks B
7) A cums
8) Kiss

This path of events would repeat itself throughout the movie and with other titles which is kinda bored to watch after a few couples. I was damm glad that the "forward" button was invented.

What's the perfect sex sequence for me? erm,lemme think....

Ichi's perfect sex sequence:

1) Intro
2) Hugging and minor pecks on the face
3) Heavy kissing
4) Strip
5) Foreplay (cheeky me)
6) Suck the guy
7) The guy suck me
8) Suck the guy again and play with the love hole
9) Fuck the guy
10) Guy fuck me
11) Cuddle and kiss
12) Repeat steps 2-11

LOL.... Once is never enuff for me.

What's ur perfect love sequence?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a caring Govt. we have

I love to be a Malaysian, the govt is so caring,they even raised the price of sugar so that we wouldn't end up sitting on a chair undergoing dialysis in future.

F u lah

Do u think that we are going to lessen our consumption of sugar just becos u raised the price.


I and u,we both know that when we raise the price of any goods,the price of the other goods would increase as well. U think that the mamak shops wouldn't increase their price.. Sigh,go back to school and relearn ur economics (PERDAGANGAN),DUM dum.

How about raising the price of the items listed below so that we could be healthy forever?

The items are:

1) Meat

U can lower the nation's cholesterol level.

2) Stop having The MEGA SALE

Dads,husbands and bfs are safe from getting heart attacks when they receive the credit card bills after the SALES

3) Fast food outlets

Ur safeguarding the nation's hope for a better future from a multitude of diseases.

4) Tvs and Astro

Raise the price of a tv and the decoders so that the youth would spend more time in the parks.


5) Prostitutes and Clubs

Raise the price 400000 times over so we'll be free from AIDS forever. This would save a lot of ur money.

Opps,Did I say ur money? I meant the TAX PAYERS' money,Dum dum

ps: For the next G.E,My vote will be under the "UNDI ROSAK" category if the Govt's mentality doesn't improve.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Once a Blue Moon

Last nite,while waiting for the countdown,I finished off some cans of ABC and enjoyed the moonlight from the balcony at my shah alam bro's house. The parents gave me the keys to the house so that I could sort of take care of the house (got wages ok!)

Anyway,I didn't bothered to go out for the countdowns cos last nite's moon was a full moon and its a blue moon (remember the phrase,"once a blue moon). Blue moons are the second full moon in the month which kinda rare cos a single lunar cycle take 29 days and every 19 yrs, a blue moon appears on a new year's eve which is even rarer.

So siapa yg rugi skang?