Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have been good for 2 years,having sexs with ppl who I had a relationship with jer. Being good, having Vanilla sexs is so boring for me. Yeah, I have said it having Vanilla sex is so boring yet safe. Tell me how many guys would be turned on with I start fisting their cute bottoms, the last bf that I did that with, ended the nite with utter shock on his face, although, I could say that he was very "high" while doing that.

I'm not referring to nipple play, rimming or the occasional shouts of Who is ur daddy that a few of us enjoy. Sorry that is still Vanilla for me. My type of pure sinful and delightful nite is full of pain, moans, and letting go all of ur inhibitions to me. Being a dead fish on the bed does not turn me on,ur just making me want to finish thing fast so that we could sleep. Silently pleading while shouting for more, makes me wanna keep raping u endless.

Someone once ask, when would I stop? How to stop to breathe? My 1 rule is not doing this to those who I love, a sub/slave is just a thing, a thing to play with. My limit is Lovers, once I start to love u then that's is when I'll say good bye.

Rite now, I'm having a few to play with; a couple, a dog, a twink and my favorite, a guy from HK. Having sessions with a pair of lovers is so kinky, denying them of each other. I'm such a bitch.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pi pi kaaaaaaaaaaaaa chu!!!

I'm addicted to Pikachu. Pikach u is very cute, wish that I could spend more tme with PIKACHU