Sunday, November 18, 2012

Good bye, my fren

  The 1st time that I saw you, u were on the bed in one of the hostel dorms in a sec sch not far from UIAM, Kuantan. We were there for a national symposium for biomed students that lasted for the weekend. Diligently, u were studying for exams which were to be held during the following week.

My 1st thought of you was, " man, this guy is a typical ipta student.Studying all the time, must a smart guy." Mind you, I was a part of a small team of starry-eyed students from a totally different background from the majority. Heck, we drove ourselves there instead of having a university bus to send us there like u and the rest.

Then, u smiled and we introduced ourselves to each other. After that, it was my turn to iron some clothes and straighten my looks for the big day. No matter what happens, I want to look nice for the symposium.

The activities of the day loomed, bored by others, I joined your group and tried to do some networking.

After the 1st day, both of us were looking for quiet places to study. Both were shy as we were looking for common ground..

After the weekend, we promised to add each other in FB which we did, try as we may, we kept in contact with our irregular and infrequent msgs. I found that we had similarities and we had differences; u like to explore, travel alone and meet new frens, u play music. The thing that I liked the most was ur patience and ur tolerance of ppl.

In FB, we even pulled a prank with ur fellow frens, making them believe that I am one of ur lecturers cos my nick and his name was the same.

Dear fren,
 After a while, I sense a change in u, although none would tell, I told myself that u will tell me if its vital. And u did, when we were chatting in Mcd for hours.

You were always listening to my worries and sumtimes, I wonder if its fair. Although, I was frantic for ur health, trying to give the best advices on other stuff. You always have that smile, that pure smile, free of worries and etc.

As I bought a smartphone a few mths back, our chats increased and whenever I could, I tried to make time to see u and spend time with u. We even made plans to travel 2gether when everything is settled. And also you wanted me to help with ur FYP.

When you were admitted, I smuggled you out for a date and to the korean restaurant in Amcorp Mall, I brought u. Thinking back, ordering a spicy ramen stew was NOT a good idea. :P
You were sweating after the 2nd bite. But u finished the whole thing. Hahahaa...

Work made me to lessen my msgs with u.. even though, with work, I keep a thought for u, thinking that there is and will be a 2morrow 2 continue our little chat. My true regret is not being to talk to you as often as I would like, just empty chats without any reasons to have 1 and make them as long as possible without any disruptions.

Truly, I am blessed with your presence in my life, I just wished that it was a little bit longer, just a little bit. Each minute, I spent with u was and will always be priceless. There are no words that I use to describe those moments that we spent in the hospital lounge, talking and laughing, complaining......

Dear fren, thanks for everything. Do make a place for me and keep playing ur ukulele in that eternal paradise.

With lotsa love always,
Ichimaru Akira