Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maximum by TVXQ

(Rule) Someone made it, A rampart made of ice which will someday shatter
(Rule) Inside is my face, I have a satisfied expression inside the walls which protect me.
(Move) Now you need to turn back and walk, You know what..
My own rules which dominate me, You got to
(Move) Now stop blocking my path! I need to grow a little more.

*Look at me, and the things which happened to me, I’ve overcome everything and reached here.
I wont be satisfied being entrapped in this small tower any longer.
From the beginning, my path was different. Now I’ve found my own voice.
I will open the closed doors, I will take the first step, it’s me.

Scream! You’re the most beautiful in the world!
(Scream! You’re the most beautiful in the world!)
Exclaim! You’re the most beautiful in the world!
(Exclaim! You’re the most beautiful in the world!

It makes me free, it never stops, my
Movement. I want to find the strong me who can feel no limits.
(Time to know) You’re more than beautiful
(Believe in yourself) your passion which is incomparable to no other
No need to pass it by, The world already taught you how to start.

I will show you, follow me, move your body together
I will overcome my old self, and find my new self.



Sorry for not being rich... Sorry fo not having a sweet tongue..Sorry for not having a VVIP on my phone list.. Sori for studying in an IPTS ... Sorry for having the WANT to be a SOMEBODY.

Life sucks when u have only ur guts to rely on. No matter how good u are, people will want someting more from u. 1000x u will fall in order to be able to stand once.

Ppl asked why u want tis, why do u want to suffer rejection over and over again. Life can be so simple if u let it be..

Well, if I want an easy life, I could go and take over the family business, let it be my small family business or my god mom's multinational company. The only difference is in the number of zeroes of the total profit. So what's keeping me from doing that? I think its pride but again I think its pure vengeance, I want to shut the mouths of those nay-sayers but proving to them that I could do better than them. I want to prove that getting high marks by being a parrot or regurgitating the notes of lecturers doesn't make u smart.

With my stubbornness and my guts, I hope that its enuff to reach my goals.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After degree?

As some of u know that I have completed my degree and am waiting for graduation..I have been working for jobs for the past 2 mths but still haven't get a permanent job yet, most were temporary or are being run with a partner which is kinda sien.

It seems that I picked a wrong time to graduate, shuld have graduated in July/June cos now most companies are getting their account/audit done.

Anyway, most ppl were asking why do u need a job if ur doing to do masters soon (?). The explanation is simple really, a job is for me to gain experience, so far I know that I'm a good salesperson (got 84% of the customers in my last gig to sign up for membership in 5 days). I resigned from that gig due to management probs.

Getting jobs is one thing, the other thing is when ur degree has no majors and u have 22 fields to choose from, u'll end up with a headache.. So far, I decided on Entomo, Microb, Pathology, Hemato, Parasito and Clinical Genetics. Can u see the dilemma ? Each of this field has their own subs.(Pls assume that all these are pure field research)

For example, Entomo is divided naturally according to taxonomic specialization therefore in Ento, we have:

1) Apiology (bees)
2) Coleopterology (bettles)
3) Dipterology(2 winged)
4) Hemipterology (True bugs)
5) Lepidotrerology (moths & butterflies)
6) Myrmecology (ants)
7) Orthopterology (grasshoppers,crickets and etc)
8) Trichopterology (Caddis flies)
This fields are divided into species specialization and also either taxonomic or vector or behavioral studies.

So there is a lot of inner debate and search for either journals/supervisors to support my choice of specialization.

So its really not helping when u try to say these words," follow ur heart's desires"

The only thing that I'm certain of is I'm going to be a Kage.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not going to quit

I suddenly stand up and stare at the cracking silver sky
If boredom is killing you, then it'd be better if you died
Boy, listen to me! Humans really aren't all that important
You don't need something like tomorrow, don't hide your clenched fist!

You're not old enough yet to be selling your dreams to anxieties
Boy, the only one that can pull the trigger to the gun in your heart is you!

All the kids said, "Tear open our hearts!
That guy that gave up... he's another story,"
All the kids said, "These yelling voices of ours
Are finding freedom from underneath our beds,"

We don't always see eye to eye, all of the wounds scattered on me that day are still causing me to stumble
But I'll drag on forward, forward, I'm feeling a bit disconnected, I'm crying out
Though no answer is coming
Sitting, doing nothing and laughing - I don't want to become someone like that

All the kids said, "There's nothing we can do, it's pointless.
Because we're just living in this magnificent world right now,"
All the kids said, "All the truths and lies
Are things we'll never be able to forget,"

All the kids said, "We're too young to die, aren't we?!
All these bored faces lining up in this empty town..."
All the kids said, "On this windless night,
We're going to make a difference!

These yelling voices of ours
Can't be erased by any terrorist

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My wished

To have a good education
To have a good job
To have a good house
To have a good partner

susah sgt ke nak dpt?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kedekut Ilmu

Sumtimes,in uni, its an advantage to know sumting before hand let it be the date of submission of an assignment or stuff pertaining the subjects. Often than not, u will get ppl who often ask u questions about the subject and then will keep mum on the info that they have and u ended up at the losing side.

I have always thought that as classmates or frens, we shuld help each other to graduate especially those subjects that are kinda hard but unfortunately, time to time again, I meet ppl who are super stingy with their knowledge. To these ppl, I don't really respect them, knowledge is supposed to be shared not to be controlled by a singular person.

Recently, I found a hadith pertaining this matter,its is kinda shocking that The Prophet commented on this (yeah, I'm not that religious but I know wrong from right) cos usually those who have high level of religious teaching would follow the sayings and teachings of The Prophet closely.

The said hadith:

From AbU Hurairah r.a who heard that The Prophet once said that whoever that was asked on the KNOWLEDGE that he/she knows but denies his/her understanding on the issue will be restricted by the FIRES OF HELL on the Day of Judgement.

Recorded by Abu Daud & Al Tirmizi