Thursday, March 14, 2013

About coming out

A few years ago, I felt that coming out or going out of the closet is the greatest thing that I am going to do, telling my frens that I am gay is so wonderfully nice, finally I can be myself, no need to play around with words that I am dating a guy or make up things about my make-up girlfrens or boast to them that I had tasted pussy before. (yucks, i know).

Telling them that I am gay brought up other issues like which lecturer u like or wanna do or do I want to have sex with my guy frens and etc which was pointless pointless, I was like hey, am telling u that I gay so that u can understand why I do not get hyper when u talk about pussies and all not to tell u that I would like to get sweaty and etc.

Although they asked all these kind of questions and more like how do gays do it, they understood why I told them that I am gay. None of them bocorkan my secret which was an important thing cos my parents' shop is like 20 mins away from the uni. (I LOVE U GUYS, EACH AND EVERYONE OF U).  The fact that I am gay only got to the student body, itu pun not all of them knew and a few lecturers knew about it.

Most of them reacted either:

1) Wow, ur gay? but u are not a softie

2) So... what's the big deal of u being gay?

3) Omg, ur gay, stay away

All of them understand that being gay is does not make me any different from the person that I was before.

Yeah, there were some who were not happy that I was flaunting gayness but who cares, I have super frens