Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not afraid

Have u heard the new song from Eminem titled "not afraid"? It seems that Eminem sobered up,less angst,more meaningful lyrics.

Anyway,if u noticed this song is partly a tribute to the fans who have been with him from the 1st album which was Infinite and the problem he had with Relapse,yeah,drugs does funny things to ur brain.

I love the lyrics cos that is what I have been doing from day 1 of this blog,no lies,no twisted facts and most importantly,no cover ups.

Ppl have been dying to put a label on me and when they got fed up with that,they simply put me in the weird section,sorry for not confining myself to the norm but I do wonder if they could see the truth if its wearing a bright yellow tutu.

Oh yeah,guess what? u'll save a lot of ATPs if u stop worrying what the world thinks of u.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

3 months and counting

In the past 1 month,Rizal wasn't that happy with me,mainly due to our schedules and attitudes.

My schedule is tighter than him cos I have to juggle 3 things which are my family business,my uni and my own business,all are extorting extra energy and focus from me at the moment while he has to worry about his studies and his family but mostly its his studies since he lives away from the family. So this gives him a lot of free time but as the saying goes,"A idle mind is the devil's playground" ergo he feels kinda lonely and thus he thinks a lot,his fav. phrase is "how come u can ......... without me?" My reply is," why don't u ..................... also". Oh yeah, both of us having been doing "it" that frequent anymore which contributes to his list of worries that I maybe "eating" outside which is dumb.

Our attitudes are also different,as some of u noticed that he isn't in facebook or blogspot as he thinks that its a waste of time but he's hooked on Naruto and only that. Him,being a Aries makes him the sort that loves to travel and can't stay still for long while I love to move at slower pace. For an example,he loves to have breakfast at The Curve,lunch at Midval and dinner in Pyramid while I love to stay in Shah Alam for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

U may ask why are we still together if we are so different,well,after a long talk,we decided that our different schedules and attitudes are "the price of admission" to our relationship(go to Youtube and watch the video on this). Well,basically,its the imperfection that both of us have and both of us love. Only dumb ppl will still go and search for Mr Right,well,sorry to break ur bubbles,Mr Right exist only in dreams.

Both of us don't seek to dominate the relationship nor to change the personality of the other party. That's what our relationship is about.

The actions do carry a lot of weight

Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup:Round of 16

The scores:

23/06/2010 10:00 PM United States – Algeria (1-0)

23/06/2010 10:00 PM Slovenia – England (0-1)

24/06/2010 2:30 AM Australia – Serbia (2-1)

24/06/20102:30 AM Ghana – Germany (0-1)

24/06/2010 10:00 PM Paraguay – New Zealand (0-0)

24/06/2010 10:00 PM Slovakia – Italy (3-2)

25/06/2010 2:30 AM Denmark – Japan (1-3)

25/06/2010 2:30 AM Cameroon – Netherlands (1-2)

25/06/2010 10:00 PM Korea DPR – Ivory Coast (0-3)

25/06/2010 10:00 PM Portugal – Brazil (0-0)

26/06/2010 2:30 AM Switzerland – Honduras (0-0)

26/06/2010 2:30 AM Chile – Spain (1-2)

The schedule:
26/06/2010 10.00PM Uruguay – South Korea
27/06/2010 2.30AM United States – Ghana
27/06/2010 10.00PM Germany – England
28/06/2010 2.30AM Argentina – Mexico
28/06/2010 10.00PM Netherlands – Slovakia
29/06/2010 2.30AM Brazil vs. Chile
30/06/2010 10.00PM Paraguay – Japan
30/06/2010 2.30AM Spain vs. Portugal

The remarks:

Ok,guys,play time is over. Its time to be serious.

Its seems that I'm good at predicting outcomes of the 1st round of the world cup. If u compare the teams that I had stated earlier in my post titled,"Ready for the World Cup" and the teams that are in the round of 16,u'll noticed that majority of the predictions are right,(12 out 16).

My bets for the quarter-finals are Portugal,Brazil,Argentina and Germany. Let's cross our fingers,shall we?

Ps: Lucas owes me tea.......

To Sir,with love

A fren of mine came to me and asked for advice with a prob that he thinks he may be having a certain male lecturer in his uni. (for the sake of making it clear,let's name the lecturer,Mr H).

He told me that he got gay vibes from this lecturer,very subtle ones,from the way that Mr H talks and acts in class. Mr H often aims him with questions and touch him (on the arms or shoulders). Mr H always noticed what he does when he is in class and sumtimes Mr H would tegur him in the corridors.My fren even did an experiment where he wore a ring on his ring finger on the left hand to show that he's taken and guess what,Mr H was in a foul mood throughout the lecture.Oh,yeah,their age difference is about 4 yrs.

My advice was to stay clear of this kind of relationship cos its not healthy for both parties,the lecturer might be suspended or fired and the student may find himself in a ugly place but if my fren wanted to pursue,I told him to do so when he has graduated.

What do u think,oh my wise readers?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The scores:

19/06/2010 10:00 PM Ghana – Australia (1-1)

20/06/2010 2:30 AM Cameroon – Denmark (1-2)

20/06/2010 7:30 PM Slovakia – Paraguay (0-2)

20/06/2010 10:00 PM Italy – New Zealand (1-1)

21/06/2010 2:30 AM Brazil – Ivory Coast (3-1)

21/06/2010 7:30 PM Portugal – Korea DPR (7-0)

21/06/2010 10:00 PM Chile – Switzerland (1-0)

22/06/2010 2:30 AM Spain – Honduras (2-0)

22/06/2010 10:00 PM Mexico – Uruguay (0-1)

22/06/2010 10:00 PM France – South Africa (1-2)

23/06/2010 2:30 AM Greece – Argentina (0-2)

23/06/2010 2:30 AM Nigeria – Korea Republic (2-2)

The schedule

23/06/2010 10:00 PM United States – Algeria
23/06/2010 10:00 PM Slovenia – England
24/06/2010 2:30 AM Australia – Serbia
24/06/20102:30 AM Ghana – Germany
24/06/2010 10:00 PM Paraguay – New Zealand
24/06/2010 10:00 PM Slovakia – Italy
25/06/2010 2:30 AM Denmark – Japan
25/06/2010 2:30 AM Cameroon – Netherlands
25/06/2010 10:00 PM Korea DPR – Ivory Coast
25/06/2010 10:00 PM Portugal – Brazil
26/06/2010 2:30 AM Switzerland – Honduras
26/06/2010 2:30 AM Chile – Spain

The review:

Damm,Portugal had really beaten North Korea hard,just imagine what will the North Korean players get when they return home,The Great Leader would make sure that they'll get the right "prize".

So far, 6 teams will advance to the 2nd round,the teams are Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico,South Korea,USA and UK.

It seems that my prediction came true for Group B and partly for Group A(I said that South Korea,Argentina and Uruguay will advance to the 2nd round in my earlier post).

For USA 2 advance,its a real shocker.... Pity France for not able to go on..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Crab: the homely one

Cancer, the fourth Sign of the Zodiac, is all about home. Those born under this Sign are 'roots' kinds of people and take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. Cancers are maternal, domestic and love to nurture others. Traditions are upheld with great zest in a Cancer's household, since these folks prize family history and love communal activities. They also tend to be patriotic, waving the flag whenever possible. A Cancer's good memory is the basis for stories told around the dinner table and don't be surprised if these folks get emotional about things to boot. Those born under this Sign wear their heart on their sleeve, which is just fine by them. The mascot of Cancerians is the Crab, and much like this shelled little critter, Cancerians are quick to retreat into their shells if it suits their mood.

The flip side of this hiding is that shell-bound Crabs are often quite moody. Further, in keeping with their difficulty in sharing their innermost feelings, it can become a Herculean task to pry a Crab out of its secret hiding place. What to do? Give the Crab time,eventually these folks will come out to play again. It's said that Crabs are first to laugh and first to cry, so you can bet they'll fill you in. That shell, by the way, isn't the only tough thing about Crabs. These folks are tenacious and strong-willed and like to get their way. If their well-documented kindness and gentleness doesn't do the trick, however, they're not above using emotional manipulation to make things happen. If that still doesn't work, they'll just go back to their shell and sulk, or find a way to get back at the source of their pain since Crabs can be rather vindictive. That said, any self-respecting Crab would tell you that they are ultimately motivated by protecting their home and loved ones which is a most noble goal.

Cancerians are ruled by the Moon, the Great Mother of the heavens in ancient times. Here on Earth, this is manifested in the Crab's maternal instincts and desire to protect home and hearth. The Moon is associated with fertility, too, a quality which is most pleasing to Cancerians. The Moon is also the ruler of moods and Cancers have plenty of those.

These folks can cry you a river if they're so inclined, and they usually are. They can be overly sensitive, easily hurt and prone to brooding. Even so, Crabs find it easy to be sympathetic to others and are quick to show their affection. Their intuition is also a great help to them especially in times of stress.

The Element associated with Cancer is Water. Like the rolling waves of the sea, the Crab's emotions can make quite a splash. These folks tend to pick up on things and bring them in with the outward result ranging from sentimentality to possessiveness. Crabs need to resist the temptation to become selfish or to feel sorry for themselves, since this behavior won't help. On the bright side, Cancers are good with money because they value a sense of security. Crabs are also quick to help others and tend to avoid confrontation. In keeping with their nurturing bent, those born under this Sign are a whiz with food. A hearty picnic on the Fourth of July is heaven on earth to most Crabs.

Since Cancerians have a tendency to be lazy, they may need someone to push them out the door. When it comes to the game of love, eager Crabs are devoted, romantic and able to get things going on their own. Crabs are wise to listen to their gut since this Sign rules the stomach. The great strength of the Cancer-born is the tenacity with which they protect their loved ones.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day 2010

I was at the Curve with Rizal after my dental appointment when I decided to surprise the family with Father's Day dinner.Frankly,I'm a miser,I wouldn't simply spend on ppl,no matter how close they are,even the idea of having a Father's Day dinner was sparked by Rizal.

So I looked around the restaurants that were located around the Curve and decided that its either Asam Pedas,Marche or Ayam Penyet when I spotted Royal Bintang's restaurant when I was buying drinks at Chocolate Lounge. Went in,had a look2,see2 and the manager told me that they are having a Hi-tea or a Dinner BBQ buffet,went around the place and spotted a CIMB teller,checked my balance and finally decided to take them to the Royal Bintang BBQ dinner buffet.

My parents were kinda shocked when I told them that I had booked a place for dinner and I'm treating the whole family.My mum on seeing the place,she keep asking whether I have enuff dough for it ( Yep,my wallet is always dry and my biggest loan is from the PMB).

The place was ok,a lot of young waiters but most are busy with watching the world cup as there were only a few families that dined that nite. (Sunday nite,faham2 jelah). The food was delicious and the BBQ was great,they had satay,lamb,beef,chicken and fish for the BBQ and a few other dishes like Nasi Goreng,Lasagna,salad and others. The only negative comment is that the BBQ chefs took their orders too literally so make sure that u specify ur request.

I was happy to see the smile on my parents' face after the meal,the down side of it is I may not be legible for any loans from PMB anymore......

Saturday, June 19, 2010

World cup updates

Is it just me or does the world cup seems to be boring... Oh well,just blame it on the ball and the blasted African trumpets.........

The scores:

South Africa – Uruguay (0-3)

Argentina – Korea Republic (4-1)

Greece – Nigeria (2-1)

France – Mexico (0-2)

Germany – Serbia (0-1)

Slovenia – United States (2-2)

England – Algeria (0-0 )

Ghana - Australia (1-1)

Netherlands -Japan (1-0)

The Twins

I'm restarting this old project of mine,I have profiled Scorpio before and now,since its June,I'm giving the scoops on Gemini aka the twins.

Positive traits of Gemini:

Adaptable and versatileBoldYouthful and lively
Communicative and witty
Intellectual and eloquent

Negative traits of Gemini:

Nervous and tense
Cunning and inquisitive
Superficial and inconsistent

Gemini is dual-natured,they can be hot and cold at the same time.They are also elusive,contradictory and complex in nature.Usually,when a Gemini says A,he means B.

As the zodiac is being ruled by Mercury,they tend to be child-like,innocent and youthful.When they are good,they are attractive but when they are bad,just run far,far away.

They need no motivation to start new things or activities but motivation is sorely need to end their projects.Geminis tend to fly from one project to another as they hate to be stagnant.For them,life must be always be full of fresh moves,continuous entertainment,free of labor and routine.

Since they lack the quality of conscientiousness,they often find themselves fighting a losing battle in any attempts to be morally just. Geminis are affectionate,courteous,kind,generous and thoughtful towards to the poor and weak at a cost. They quickly learn to use their outward attractiveness to gain their own ends and when striving for these they will use any weapon in their armory. In their better moments they may strive to be honest and straightforward, but self-interest is almost always the victor. If things go against them, they sulk like children.Also like children,they demand attention,love and time.

In love,they are fickle and will flirt unintentionally which is due to the inconsistency of their emotions,they often give up the prey after the chase is over. So it takes a special some one to capture their hearts.

Geminis make good debaters,diplomats,journalists,teachers,poets,scientists and businessmen.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

World cup updates

The scores:

Honduras 0 Chile 1

Spain 0 Switzerland 1

South Africa 0 Uruguay 3

Brazil 2 N.Korea 1

* Somehow,I'm still in shock with Spain,seriously guys,no goals.....

The schedule for the next 4 days

17/06/2010 7.30 PM Argentina – Korea Republic
17/06/2010 10:00 PM Greece – Nigeria

18/06/2010 2:30 AM France – Mexico
18/06/2010 7:30 PM Germany – Serbia
18/06/2010 10:00 PM Slovenia – United States

19/06/2010 2:30 AM England – Algeria
19/06/2010 7:30 PM Netherlands – Japan
19/06/2010 10:00 PM Ghana – Australia

20/06/2010 2:30 AM Cameroon – Denmark
20/06/2010 7:30 PM Slovakia – Paraguay
20/06/2010 10:00 PM Italy – New Zealand

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World cup updates

I am currently at Rizal's house,waiting for the Brazil vs North Korea,will N.Korea follow the steps of its neighbors or will the Green Giant smash it to pulps. So far,only Germany managed to score more than 2 goals.

Score updates

Ivory Coast 0 0 Portugal

N.Zealand 1 1 Slovakia

Netherlands 2 Denmark o

Japan 1 0 Cameroon

Italy 1 Paraguay 1

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What happened yesterday

PFLAG had another event that I attended which was a bowling tournament at Midvalley. About 10 ppl were present despite about 100 + said that they would attend in Fb.

So at 2pm,I drove my ass to the place,stopping by Rizal's house for lunch,arrived at Midvalley around 3.20 pm,seriously,I'm not going to complain about finding a parking spot in sunway or even Subang Parade anymore,the system in Midvalley sucks,I ended up parking at a handicap spot after circling that place for 30 mins.

Sorta refrained myself from watching cute eye-candy so that I'll arrived at the bowling arena on time,I spotted Vincent by the counter (he looked damm skinny).

Anyway,I didn't win anything and didn't stayed for dinner with the guys cos my dear is waiting for dinner and sex. (I'm not that heartless 2 not meet my lover for a month,k).Time spent together is more valuable that any world cup finales.

Monday, June 14, 2010

World cup 2010 updates

Results for last nite's matches

Algeria 0 Slovenia 1

Serbia 1 Ghana 0

Germany 4 Australia 0

Officially,I had won my 1st bet for the tournament, I'm getting some dough tonite.

Schedule for the next 3 days

14/06/2010 7.30 PM Netherlands – Denmark
14/06/2010 10.00 PM Japan – Cameroon

15/06/2010 2.30 AM Italy – Paraguay
15/06/2010 7.30 PM New Zealand – Slovakia
15/06/2010 10:00 PM Côte d’lvoire – Portugal

16/06/2010 2:30 AM Brazil – Korea DPR
16/06/2010 7:30 PM Honduras – Chile
16/06/2010 10:00 PM Spain – Switzerland


My creed

When I and Rizal agreed to be lovers,both had some ground rules to abide by,mine was the easiest,3 mistakes and ur out,then I explained about my past relationships and what I meant by a mistake. He agreed to it and he asked why 3 not 5 or 7 or 100? My answer is to preserve my sanity.

Actually,the reason why I choose 3 is only partly cos of that.

3 is the basis of my creed,my way of doing things,I believe that:

Each man has 3 roles to play,as a son,as a husband and as a parent
We are responsible to 3 main type of relationship which are love,frenship and kin
Our life is shaped by 3 types of ppl,teachers,family and frens
God gave us 3 precious gifts which are health,wealth and wisdom
When we die,we bring 3 things into the afterlife,our deeds,our knowledge and prayers from a good son
When we die,we leave 3 things behind,our houses,our family and our name
As the eldest,I'm responsible to my dad,my mum and my siblings
In life,we'll encounter 3 moments that will either make us or break us

So this is my creed

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World cup update

I don't know why but there seems to be a lot of draws in this world cup.Is it cos of every team in the groups are at the same level. I was a bit disappointed with Argentina's play,they literally follow the ball everywhere and left their defense wide open,there were a few times that Nigeria managed to enter the penalty box without meeting any resistance,lucky the Nigerians didn't know how to aim properly. Messi was playing at his fineness but it wasn't his day to get any in.

The scores for yesterday's game

S.Korea 2 Greece 0
Argentina 1 Nigeria 0
UK 1 US 1

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 Uruguay vs France

Sorry for the lateness,I went to sleep after the Uruguay vs France match and just got up. This match was boring,the score was 0-0.

Below are the schedules for 2day,2morrow and Monday..

Saturday 12/6

South Korea vs Greece @ 7.30 pm
Argentina vs Nigeria @ 10.00 pm

Sunday 13/6

England vs USA @ 2.30 am
Algeria vs Slovenia @ 7.30 pm
Serbia vs Ghana @ 10.00 pm

Monday 14/6

Germany vs Australia @ 2.30 am
Holland vs Denmark@ 7.30 pm
Japan vs Cameroon @ 10.00 pm

The matches can be watched on Maxis broadband/Wifi or on Astro channel 811 and 812 or on Tv1 (selected matches only)

* All time stated are based on Malaysian time

World Cup: RSA vs MEX

Its the 1st game of the World Cup 2010,peeps.South Africa vs Mexico..

RSA is strong in playing defence while Mex is strong in offense.Mexico dominated the 1st half of the game and in the 2nd half,both have equal dominance of the field. 2 yellow cards were given,1 to each team.

South Africa was a bit weak despite having the home advantage,maybe its due to the death of Mandela's 13 yrs old grandchild but they overcame their weakness and scored the 1st goal of the game and the tournament in 2nd half.

After letting the South Africans scored,the Mexican team kept on playing offense and got a bit aggressive and got a yellow card. Then in 77th min,they managed to break into the South African's line of defense and scored an equalizer.

After that,both played passing the ball with a few attempts of scoring deterred by the opponents' defence. Although there were a few close calls,none managed to get another goal in.

Final score:South Africa 1,Mexico 1

Friday, June 11, 2010

When He smiles

No matter how dark my days are or
unhappy or sad or tired or mad I am,
each time u smile,
make me happy

So pls keep on smiling,
Forget the unhappy moments,
Cherish the happy ones,

I swear each time,u smile,
My heart beats a little faster,
My troubles vanishes
I know the path isn't easy
But when u smile,
The thorns seems to disappear


Thursday, June 10, 2010


A thesis is the highlight of a degree student's study life,it is the compilation of whatever that the student had studied,the swan song of a student and of cos,it paves the way of the student's future in workforce.

Having said that,I have no idea of what I want to do for my thesis.Sure,there are plenty of ideas for it but most of it won't get pass the censorship board. A few of my ideas are:

1) The level Aids awareness among Gays.

2) The effects of Nigella sativa oil

3) The awareness for screening of genomic related diseases

4) The effects of honey on wound healing

5) The relation between the length of the cock and puberty

6) The relation between ethnicity and skin diseases

and so on..........

Someone told me that to pick a topic and write the literature review for it 1st,if u succeed in doing that,u can go on doing the thesis.......

So what do u think ,readers? Which one shuld I pick?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spreading the virus

While driving around the valley.........

Rizal: Syg, Who are the Akatsuki? Got 10 ppl rite,Orochimaru, Itachi,the shark guy.... some more?

Ichi(Stunned): When did u watch/read Naruto? I thought u don't like it

Rizal: A few nites ago,I started reading it. Quite nice lah...

Ichi:U read that much per nite... Got do ur assignments anot... If u don't get 3.0,I'll spank u,k

Rizal pouts

Ichi: Read the manga a bit more,then u know,k... Meh,cium sikit

Rizal: Ppl can see lah,Baka.......

Ichi: Learn how to moan in Japanese,then I won't spank u if u get lower grades...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Personal Pensieve

A pensieve by description is a stone receptacle used to store and review memories which is covered in mystic runes, it contains memories that take physical form as a type of matter that is described as neither gas nor liquid. A witch or wizard can extract their own or another person’s memories, store them in the Pensieve and review them later. It also relieves the mind when it becomes cluttered with information.

Ok,frankly,I was shocked that Wizards need this but again they are humans. I have a pensieve aka idea books where I write down my thoughts in and no,none of them contains ideas to end end world hunger or a N-bomb manual but the only thing that is close enuff to make doomsday a reality is a Dead Zone Nullification Device ( Go and watch Tomb Raider).

Most of my ideas are not useful yet or have been implemented,for instance,the easiest way to make water in Mars is get the water from asteroid belt around Mars and Jupiter,u need a spaceship to do that or time travelling (Einstein's theory of relativity) and yes,I know that there's a flaw in that theory or the doubtful existence of the Book of Thoth(Nope,the Book of the Dead wasn't the only book that contains powerful spells in Egypt).

Or even the correct definition of m in E=m(cxc),which did Einstein wanted for m,Mass or Matter? If u put mass,the readings will be imprecise but if u put Matter,u'll get different answers depending on which definition u based Matter on.

Or does Light travel in straight lines or in waves? Where is Atlantis located,is it at the southern region of India or at Cyprus.

Too many ideas,too short a lifespan.......

Actually,there is a way to end world hunger by sharing what u have with others but again the male in us would rather die than agreeing to that.

ps: I told u that I had a deprived childhood before rite?

Just me,you and the sofa

Rizal has this most comfortable sofa in the whole wide world. Its a 3 sitter but I think u can fit 4 ppl on it. The sofa is placed in the living room,right in front of the Tv. So each time,when I go to his place,I'll automatically lie on the sofa. (I'm gonna put the sofa in the list of things that I want if the relationship goes sour in the pre-nup).

Ok2,back to the story, we were watching the Tv 2day and he was laying on my lap and I was playing with his head when suddenly,he said,"we have never had sex on the sofa yet,haven't we?" My reply was,"shut up and start unzipping."

I wonder what will the cleaners say when they spot dry cum on the cushion covers when we send them for cleaning.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ready for World Cup

Every 4 years,the gathering of champions occurs,the ultimate test of skills between managers and players happens. The question is, are u ready 4 it?

I'm so ready for it,bought the channels from Astro for this major sport event,got the jerseys for the teams that I support and even got frens who dutifully will follow me to mamak shops to watch the matches. Btw,sori syg,this month I'll be temporary unavailable.

My predictions for the semi-finals:

Group A

In this grup,we'll have South Africa (the host),Uruguay,France and Mexico. Uruguay and France will enter the semis.

Group B

This group contains Argentina,Nigeria,South Korea and Greece. South Korea and Argentina will enter semis.

Group C

We got England,USA,Algeria and Slovenia. Tough to pick but for sure,USA will not succeed.

Group D

It contains Germany,Australia,Ghana and Serbia. Germany and Ghana will go on.

Group E

It contains Japan,Netherlands,Denmark and Cameroon. Japan and Holland will enter the semis.

Group F

It contains Italy,New Zealand, Slovakia and Paraguay. Paraguay and Italy will move on.

Group G

Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), Brazil,Portugal and North Korea. Brazil and Portugal will enter the semis.

Group H

Honduras,Chile,Spain and Switzerland are in this group. I really don't care about anyone in this group but if Chile fails to move on,I'll belanja 10 readers for a cup of teh and roti bom.

As u can see,most of the countries who are in the tournament are neighbors and 3 of them are Asians. I wonder if there is a connection?

Anyway,I'm going to root for the Asians (show some pride lah),Brazil (hey,I have been supporting them since 15 years,k) and Argentina (Don't u dare mock the Hand of God).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Darker side of things

The phrase," where angels fear to walk" is normal and most know what it means but how about if I say that I have walked places that the Devil fears to wander. OMG,am I serious? Read and find out urselves,my darling angels........

Most of us know the gay world from one perspective which the cheerful,vibrant and frenly angle,how about the darker side of things? Bf kena stolen by a rival,A virgin kena gangbanged, A person ODed, this are trivial stuff compared to what I'm going to share tonite.

Come,my sweet cherubs,let the darkness rob u of ur innocence and let evil paint ur wings black,as black as the moonless nite.


A few years ago,a very popular club ran by a couple suddenly became lifeless,the DJ was hysterical ,sometimes finding himself on top of parking complexes and staring down to the road from the highest level. Frens were amazed at the changes that the workers and owners underwent,most were blur and sumtimes quarrels turned into fights among the lovely couple.

Discouraged,they changed ownership of the club and surprisingly,things turned to normal to all after letting go of the club.


A rich man fell in love with a tranny,the man left his family for her. Every whim and desire of the tranny was fulfilled by the rich man without any fuss. When the rich man was with his family, time with the family was limited but surprisingly,with the tranny,he was available day and night,with a single call,the man would come home running to see what distressed the tranny.


A newly operated tranny who was ok looking wants to be more beautiful. Her frens told her to go to Thailand. Little did they know,the tranny actually listened to their advices and went to Thailand. After her return from the Land of Smiles,she became hot property,every event organizer wants her to perform at their events. Her demand was no mirrors were allowed at the venue,especially in her dressing room.


A couple who was envied by frens and foes alike due to their trust and love to each other suddenly found that they can't be in the same room with each other,each was cold to the other,sexs was a burden to them. Temptations were suddenly found in every nook and cranny. To split up was the only sane thing to do.


A man who was happily married suddenly have feelings for his male personal assistant,the wife insisted on having a male PA as a cautionary but alas the every person that she placed her trust in turns out to be reason of their split. After a few years,the man filed for bankruptcy.

The skeletons in the gay world are only covered by a layer of dirt,be careful of where u tread,my dearies as sumtimes, u may find urself in a big deep hole where even the Devil can't give u a helping hand.

Goodnite,my sweet,succulent dearies

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Being a painter

For the last 3 days,I have been working as a painter for free. Nope,I'm not that kind of painter,I'm referring to the other one,u know the ones who paint houses.

Anyway,here are some tips for those who want to volunteer themselves as painters in the future:

1) Don't not volunteer

If u aren't the type who follows instructions well,don't volunteer. Also if u have an indecisive house owner who changes his mind every now and then,don't volunteer.

2) Make sure that the house owner knows what he wants

Half a day was wasted cos the lover can't decide which color he wants. Green a min,blue the next... had to spank him,then only he decides to have both colors in the house.

3) Move all furniture before u start painting

We started by doing it a wall at a time so we didn't move everything at once. It was organized chaos in his house.

4) Don't smooch while holding the paint tray

We kinda smooched a bit(fine,we did it a lot) and guess what,half of the paint in the tray landed on the floor.

5) Make sure u have a lot of newspapers

The newspapers are used to absorb any spilled paint or to wipe cum off the floor.

6) Ladders are a good place to have sex at

2 rooms in 3 days! Even a grandma can do better than that. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what we do in between......

ps: All geniuses are mad in various degrees...