Saturday, February 28, 2009

Desperados,I pity them

Sigh,some ppl are too damm desperate to get laid or to get bf that they need to use desperate measures to get attention.Sigh.

The odd thing is its seem that in the number of desperados are rising.Below is a snippet of a conversation I had with a pal.Then u know what I mean.

P: I'm not giving my pic to this guy.

I: Just give lah. Now ur chantek alredi. Ppl sure want u 1.

P: Not my face pic he wants,he wants my penis pic lah,dear.

I: WTF.*$%@#$$@%$$

P: My sentiments exactly. Some weirdo.He wants to be frens then tis happens.

I: Give lah,who knows u'll get lucky tonite.

P: Ur crazy. Don't want,scared he do voodoo on my peepee. Later my performance goes
down how?

I: What performance,ur a bot rite?

The conversation then shifted to the latest gossips.

See how desperate ppl have become. Sigh,I also had a few of this stupid requests in the past but I always give a someone's else pic.Why,u may ask? This Malaysia,anything can happen one.

Friday, February 27, 2009

How it all began part 2

Let me continue the story of me,last post ended at puberty.From here,the story will be more erotic.

At the age of 11,the boy hit puberty hard,too many changes happened to him.His hormones were supercharged.Every night,he will dream of men especially his teacher. He was too ashamed to talk of his nightly visions to his frens cos they were talking of women or girls 24/7.

His favorite school activity was swimming cos then he would have the opportunity to ogle at naked bodies of men or boys without being called a perv.He was scared to share his inner doubts with ppl cos of his conservative upbringing.

This act of his went on till one day,he was pinned by his cousin.Boys his age loves to wrestle with one other. This day,it was different cos it seems that both boys were super horny after watching a porn movie.As he was pinned down,the cousin began to excite him with his hands and then by his tongue.The boy returned the favor by jerking off his cousin and with further encouragement began to give his cousin a blowjob.

This act of sin was repeated again and again till the boy and his family moved to The City of Orchids.In his new environment, he started to change for the better and for once making damm sure that ppl hear his views.

In form 4,he met someone that changed his life forever..........

The unspoken rules of gayhood

I'll updated about my past later cos i need to update my present stuff too. Earlier,I saw a blog belonged to a senior,he is one of the influential gays around Malaysia,many of the younger generation idolizes him and ask him for guidance.

He was commenting on how uncivilised the gay community has become,most gays are literally snatching other ppl's partners or simply paksa orang utk berkenalan or some had became so desperate and they are some who misuse the abg angkat- adik angkat relationships,pretending to be a gd brother but in the end having sexs with the so-call adik angkat.( I was shocked at his views but thinking back,they are ppl who take advantage of the innocent and I had met a few monsters in my past).

He said during his youth,gays had a unspoken set of rules(pls correct me if i'm wrong,k).

The unspoken rules of Gayhood:

1)Never out a person unless he gives the green light.

2)Never force a person into a relationship,both of u would be hurt in the end.

3)Never trust a person if he refuses to wear a condom.

4)Never kiss and tell especially if the guy who you had sex is presently ur fren's bf.

5)Help the newbies in thier transition.Never betray their trust.

6)If you know a person is in a relationship,inform his partner on ur intentions on him.

7)Never have an ulterior motive in befriending someone,it'll destroy ur credibility.

The list goes on and on,it even touches on how to respect the elders in the community but i'm so lazy to cut and paste the rest. This 7 points are the most important ones that i think was worth to mention.

Let's make those breeders respect us for once.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How it all began part 1

The beginning

Erm,this is kinda hard for me to blog about this cos i tend to tell it differently depending on the listeners cos not all can take the truth of my past.

So I'm going to bare it all here.(bear with me pls).

On the 1st of May,a boy was born on Odin's day,the mum wanted a girl,the dad wanted a boy.So I guess they both got what they wanted. Did the baby had an idea of what he is going to become or did Fate had alredi written his life story and asking him to play his role well.

That little boy grew up in Lion's city where ppl had always answered his tirade of questions. It seems that How,Why,Where and When are his best frens.From young, he was in love with books,give him any book,he will digest that book whole and he found that reading with the eyes is faster than reading aloud.

But there is something weird about the boy,he doesn't understand why other boys talk about girls,its easier to talk about boys than girls.He also starts to admire his peers,visioning them naked.

This behavior continued till he reach puberty ........

An hectic day

Elo,guys.Today was damm hectic for me.This is what i did.


Woke up,showered and listened to


Started my car and went for breakfast with K


Heard and got the clues for the Fugitive hunt
Headed to LRT Taman Jaya


Headed to LRT Taman Bahagia.Missed him,I shuld go to LRT Kelana Jaya. Shitlah


Gave up and went to the Immigration office to apply for my passport.The officers were damm slow in doing their work and talked cock a lot.

12.oo pm

Had lunch at Pizza hut,K's treat.


Went back to check for the next clue and headed to Subang Parade.
I was so close on nabbing that bastard but I was at the wrong place,he was at Metropolitan College.Missed him again.


Went back and hit the books


Solved the clue and found out that he was in Seremban.The clues were easy.

The rest of the day spent either studying or sleeping. That bastard is in Melaka so I'll let him free 2day.

Who is the bastard that I'm referring to. Well,he is the fugitive. He is free walking around with a bounty that is mine. Mr. Fugitive,ur so lucky that I'm busy this week if not..........

Guys,i need ur help,k? help me and my little prince to catch this bastard and we'll treat you to a nice dinner.If u really want to help me out,gimme a comment and I'll email u my Hp no,k?

How to get the clues:

1) Tune in to (92.9 KL) "one clue when the hunt starts and second one an hour later"
2) Via sms type On space Fugi and send to 32111 (second clue)
3) Facebook account (the fugitive's account), my advise is add him there and keep on update urself in there during the hunting section..

The time to capture this bastard:

8.00-10.00am, 12.00-2.00pm, 4.00-6.00pm, 9.00-11.00pm

ps: Prank calls or calls to get acquainted will be ignored.The Hp no is just a hotline for the bastard.

1000 viewers

Thanks guys for viewing this blog.When I started blogging here,its was purely for fun and to vent my feelings,I didn't know that my blog was being read by so many ppl and hopefully u guys enjoyed reading the posts which are just ramblings of my insane mind.

A special thanks goes to my followers who are Pzah,Pg,Zain,Nic,Albert and dearest who think that my blog is worthy enuff to entertain them in their boring moments.

I would also want to extend an invitation to fellow bloggers for a gathering at pavilion on 14th march at 5pm.For more details go to my facebook profile,k.

Thanks again.Muacks

ps: maybe i'll blog about my 1st encounters in the gay world

Friday, February 20, 2009

Intro 2

Oh gosh,looking at dear's blog,I just realized that I didn't do a proper intro. My intro earlier was so halfway done. So this is my 2nd attempt of doing it.

Name: Ichimaru Akira
Real name: Mohd *****************
Nickname: Faris
Age: 23 yrs ( yes,i'm a old fag)


How 2 describe myself? I'm hyper at a moment,the next,I'll be mellow. If you come and talk to me,I will be shy at the 1st session,then the next time,I'll be super friendly. I hate taking the 1st step at anyting but when I do,I'll be super hype about that thing.

I will only allow certain ppl into my heart and to this group of ppl,I'll pour my feelings to them.
I guess its becos 2 many ppl hurt my feelings in the past.My bff is Alfred,he is truly patience with my antics for the past 9 yrs. My other best frens are Afiq,Farehan and Pzah,although we seldom meet due to our busy schedules, these guys are special to me in many ways.

Some ppl will find my ways weird cos I kinda like to do things than to explain why I did that. That's why my theory exams sucks. Oh yeah,the other thing that sucks in my life is my love life,keep meeting ppl then I did crap stuff,they leave me or they just found someone better.

I like ppl who go against their fate like those who strive to be a better person then their forefathers or try to make their own success story. These type of ppl really inspires me to be a better person and teaching me giving up is not an option.

Right now, I'm happy with life,met some1 so special and wonderful.


Inspired by Willy's diary.

Diamond rings are so beautiful especially when I'm wearing one or two.I rarely wear my diamond rings cos there is no functions that deserve my rings,sian. My 1st experience was with those cutted diamonds that they sell in small boxes at Golden Mile (Singapore). Then when I returned to Malaysia,I found that some diamonds sold here are at a low quality.

My dream stone ring is a ring with a ruby on it,the real deal pls.But sian,the prices are from a thousand to 50 thousand and this is just for the stone.Who wants to be sugar daddy? HEHEHEHE

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Western Vs Eastern

Ok,guys. I know have been writing crap but my hormonal balance are normal now,no more in pms mode.

My frens and I were discussing about which type of guy is better,eastern descent or western descent? In the end,we were kinda divided cos both have great features and openess in their sex acts ( who says that only single ppl can talk about other guys?)

You may ask what is my stand on the topic?

Well, i love asians especially those from far-east region.They are so cute and huggable. And they come in different looks and colours,some are so kawai,some are so matured plus asian's skin has tones ranging from dark brown to white.

Here are some pics to feast ur eyes on.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pass me the red pill,pls

Elo,I don't why lately I'm so hormonal. I mean look at my posts after V-day,all of them are crap or requires some deep thinking or stupid ramblings of an idiot. Maybe I'm just missing him too much.I hate to able to see him just for 4 days a mth and that's the max number(he's at an uni,400km away).

Sian,sian and more sian.I think I'm having those hormonal imbalance days rite now,maybe I shuld get those red pills or what.

Anyway,this is an advice to fren who seems not able to decide on many things which best potrayed in this poem.

The road not taken by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

ps: better be in love then living a life of regret,dear fren

Monday, February 16, 2009

A song

A song is made up of two components which are lyrics and music. Both are important to make a great song. Most songs that we can remember has a catchy tune and amazing lyrics so are relationships,u tend to remember the most painful and the most sweetest part of ur relationships.

What I want to say is a song is like a relationship. Most ppl would say that music is the sexy guy who u meet on the bus,u keep on catching glimpses of while lyrics is the guy that u come home to despite his many flaws.

Just imagine if what u care in a relationship is just physical or just for the sake of having great sex. Many of us had fallen into this trap before,looking for physical traits only. Yes,u may say that u don't do this,u don't just judge ur future bfs just on physical appearance but the whole package but could u be honest and swear that u were not attracted by the physical appearance of ur bf but by the way he is or by his brains at the 1st meet.

Try this test,close ur eyes,envision ur bf,try to think about his qualities that you feel attracted to and each time that u imagine a physical attribute,put a tick on a piece of paper. If u succeed in doing this without having to put a tick,ur either lying or u really love ur bf for who he is and not his solid abs,large guns or a huge cock.

Many of us would like to think that having a good looking bf is enuff and we tend to ignore his flaws and just wave the white flag even there is a quarrel,the wise of us would look for emotional compatibility and similiar wavelength and all.So in the end,our choice in finding the right mate is a mark of our maturity.

ps:inspired by Music and Lyrics ( a film)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The stupid parrot

I read this story in my emails recently.At 1st,I thought it was crap but after rereading it,its quite true.Hope you guys can spot the moral of the story.

The story:

One day, a rich man trapped a parrot in the jungle.The rich man was an avid parrot trainer. The parrot that he caught was the most beautiful parrot ever but there was a drawback,the parrot is kinda stupid.It doesn't know how to do tricks even when the man showed them over and over again.

So the man was disappointed but he was pleased that the parrot was his. The man kept the parrot in golden cage in the middle of his large garden.The other parrots were jealous of the stupid parrot cos they were allowed to roam free and didn't get the attention that the stupid parrot got.

Months passed,the stupid parrot was learning a few tricks that the other parrots shown it
(damm,stupid.It needed extra tuition). The stupid parrot's skills were so good until it could open the cage and all but it acted dumb in front of the man ( scared mah,if the man knows about its skills,he would put it with the rest of the parrots).

One day,the stupid parrot was feeling homesick and tired of the attention so it opened the cage and flew off to the forest and the rich man didn't see it again.

So have u figured the moral yet?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A silent prayer

Dear God,
Why is this happening to me and my frens?
Why are You testing us this hard?
I know that I'm not the most faithful of Your flock
Nor most of my frens
Why are Your tests are getting harder and harder by the day?
Please give us the strength to endure Your tests and trials
Please give us the wisdom to see the beyond this tribulations
Please give us the courage to face each day with dignity
Please give us the guidance that You had promised
Please show us the silver lining behind this darkest of clouds

Monday, February 9, 2009


Oh my god,why did I waste my time reading this stupid book.Its so damm boring.This is the 1st time that I'm going to say that watching the movie version is better than reading the book and I haven't watch the movie yet.( I know but seriously its boring)

I was expecting unicorns,palaces,amazing quests and etc but after reading the first 5 chapters,I decided that its not worth my time,better read my C.Microb textbook.Thanks heavens that its a borrowed book,it'll be such a waste of money to buy it.

If you read the intro,the author dared to compare her book with Lord of the Rings,how dare she have the cheek to compare her lousy book to a masterpiece. It seems that the story could be a little interesting if she lets her imagination run a bit.The ending is so lame like she just wrote something up so she could make the dateline.

I'm not going to be bothered to read the 2nd book,Inkspell.

ps: Thanks for following my blog.Love you

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Odd questions

Elo,guys. As some of u know i have been out of the closet for 2 yrs plus,i think all of my frens know about my status although some have been ignoring the gay side of me and some have been trying to set me a date with girls.

The thing that makes me feel odd are the questions that some ask.For instance:

1) Why do you hate girls?
2) How you know that ur gay?
3) Did you fuck a girl before?
4) So how do gays have sex?
5) Don't you think that what ur doing it against ur religion?

I'm going to answer them one by one here,k.

1) I don't hate girls,in fact most of my frens are girls. Its just that I have no feeling towards them.

2) I think I know that I'm gay when I started to have funny feelings with my guy frens and when I start to wank to the pics of Leonardo Dicarpio ( He was such a hottie back then)

3) Actually,yes. It was a mistake.I keep asking her whether she is ok with everything i do and why are you screaming like crazy.I even ask her whether she is orgasming or not.(Its simpler with guys,you know when they are having an orgasm) After that,she never wanted to repeat the feat.

4) We do it like how the rest does it but better. Watch a gay porn will you? Its embrassing for me to explain.

5) Well, this question is the trickest. I believe that God is mercifully and put us on earth for a reason. He is also not biased in His judgement so there is a high chance that I might end on the other side,if not I have a lot of frens to keep me company in the Devil's lair.

People,if someone told u that he is gay,don't hammer him with a barrage of questions. He will run away or say that its just a joke.Give the poor fellow a break, will you?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Witty post no 3

Ok,Valentine's day is coming so Ichi wants to warn people about what not to say on Valentine's if they want to make their relationship last another year.

The Lines to Avoid during Valentine's day

1) "Why ur so ugly?"

2) "Can we go to a 2 star hotel instead of a 5 star."

3) "Honey,can we just stay at home."

4) "Let's have dinner at Mcd,they are having a promo."

5) "I'm blogging,no time to meet you."

6) "Can you leave me alone on tis day?"

7) "I have herpes."

8) "My frens are joining us later."

9) "Can you go and hang with ur frens,I'm sure that they miss you a lot."

10) "Can we break up?"

Witty post no2

Some of my lesbian frens said that its not for to focus on gay issues and gay jokes,so i decide to waste time and redo the 1st witty post in a lesbian version.


1) Dads will have a sports buddy to watch soccer

2) Dads will not have to worry boys harming his daughter cos his daughter is alredi a half boy

3) Dads will have a drinking partner on weekends where mums go saloon

4) Dads can openly express themselves,no need to afraid of incest

5) Dads will have a partner to google the gals

ok,that enuff i think. I'm turning gay after tis post

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Killing 2 birds with a stone

Elo,I posted this earlier but it went missing.Sian.So this the repeated version of the post earlier.

Yesterday was the last day of my medical leave,the reason was I had chicken pox. Now I cured from the pox but still got coughs(refer to older posts for more details). Yesterday,it was dragonlady's immuno lab session and i was late for it,everyone had already entered the lab.So i put my thickest skin on my face and entered. Dragonlady's expression was shock,well whoever looks at my face now will be shocked ( my leng cai face is gone due to the scars.Sob Sob Sob).

Then she was explaining about my Uni's newest course which is MBBS.Then she turned to talk to me about tips on getting rid of the scar marks,her remedy is honey. I have been using tumeric and neem leaves plus vitamin E.Maybe I shuld try her tip the problem is which type of honey i want to use ( not easy to choose honey you know).

Today,I got her class again which is clinical microb.The best part is I didn't manage to complete her assignment and notes on urinary and genital tract infection.Confirm will kena kick out but she was understanding enough to let me off the hook ( Me liking her now).She also asked whether I tried her remedy,I said no,didn't have time. Oh yeah,I forgot,we had quiz after the class but i got excused,never study how to take quiz.

Then at 6pm,I went for her extra class but it was on the wrong day,the class starts on friday.The odd thing was the whole class was there. We're damm harworking people (Hahahaha).

That was the first bird,now the second bird to be killed.

People,I know that my name here is Ichimaru Akira but that its not my real name,k.My real name is +++++++. Hahahaha,I only reveal my true self to people who are sending me emails or comments now and that( Maybe,I'll arrange a yam cha soon).

Ichimaru Akira is the translation of my real name. I got it from my sporean frens but if you use a japanese name translator avalible in the net,you can get ur name translated too.

The meaning of Ichimaru Akira is simple. Ichimaru is comprised of Ichi:1st and Maru:son or boy while Akira refers to light.

ps:I'm don't have japanese blood,just I'm a super anime freak.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Witty post

My feelings are so hay wired this few days,hopefully I recover soon.Anyway,this blog was inspired by a chat I had with my fren last nite.The true title of this blog is:

Why Moms Shouldn't be Worried if Their Sons are Gay

1) No daughter-in -law to argue with,so moms would be in control of their sons forever.

2) No grandchildren to babysit,so mums can spend more time with their Mahjong Kakis.

3) Sons would spend more time with their moms

4) Mums will gain a fren to shop with,everyone know that gays are such fashionistas.

5) Sons will contribute more to their moms during any festive occasions.

6) Mums will also get a make-up artist and a masseur cos gays are so good with their hands.

7) If mums fight with dads,the sons will support the mums cos of girl power.

So what do You think,Mums? Having a gay son,isn't that bad after all,right?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Na Ka Ma

Friends,angels of god who are send down to Earth to make our lives more meaningful. I think I have been blessed with a few of these angels but i really missed a few of them actually 2 of them.Well,I can't really contact them or send a simple sms cos they have return to the source,looking at us from above.

Who are these archangels,you may ask? Their names are Paul and Sam. Although short was our journey,I learned a lot from these noble men.

Paul was a Msian fren who I met via chatrooms when I was in high school. He taught me a lot of gay lingo and how be stay safe from perverts who often roam the cyberspace. He passed away from AIDS about 3 yrs ago. His beliefs was simple,love ur frens cos they would be there forever.

Sam was a Sporean fren,his story was tragic. I regret that I was a lousy fren for him. I didn't bother to know him closer,it was just fun and games with us. I didn't see the sadness behind his smile even his last call was full of life.I shuld have stopped him from his demise. His death was an eye-opening.

May the souls of this angels rest in heaven for ever more.

Enough of sadness, I met many angels over the years, a few stayed with me. Those angels' names would be forever carved in my heart and soul, for each add his/her own colours into my life.

Thanks you,my pretty angels for supporting me and making sure that I'm alwyas on the right path.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ai no Kotodama

Elo, my mind is somewhat cooler today after the drama of yesterday. Its review time, I'm going to talk about Ai no Kotodama,before I lost myself in the synopsis of the movie, I want u to imagine a scenario,k?

The scenario is:

You are tired from work/uni,then you open the door and you smell food being prepared. You go to the toilet and wash up,change to ur favourite clothes. At the dressing table,there is a small note that says " i love you". A smile appears on ur face. You go to the kitchen,ignoring the food that is on the table and you hugged your partner and start to plant kisses all over. He responds and amidst of everything, he says that he broke ur favourite mug, you start to sulk,showing your ugly face.He starts to make funny faces and your smile comes back and both of u spend the evening together in the tightest hug ever.

Ok,I know its a bit of fantasy but that is the core of Ai no Kotodama,2 lovers who love each other and coping with situations in his own way.

The characters ( sori,my japanese is a bit rusty so i can't read the official website):

Ootani: He is in love with Takahishi ( sori,if the spelling is wrong). He is the goth type,cool acting
but inside he is green eyed monster.

Takshishi: The love of Ootani. He is warm,friendly.

Yuki: She is their junior,in love with Ootani but Ootani thought that she likes Takahishi.


Ootani and Takahishi are lovers and had been staying together for 2 yrs,most of their uni mtes know that they are together but they always give excuse that they are just roomies.Then Yuki comes in the picture,Ootani who is jealous at how Yuki and Takahishi often spent time together and commented that they are perfect for each other. The lovers quarrel and Ootani moved out of the house.Ootani realized that Yuki is in love with him after the both of them had tea together. Ootani tells Yuki the truth about him and Takahishi. In the end, Yuki accepts that the fact that Taka and Ootani are lovers and leaves town. The lovers grew closer to each other.

What really attracts me to the movie is the way that the lovers solve their problems and overcome sticky situations.

I also like their philoshophy in love, loving each other without a cause,the presence of each other makes life more meaningful. I agreed on that point,after the hot sex,after the 1st meet,after knowing each other,after the physical attractions, what really makes the relationship ticks. Is it the smile that you get from ur lover when you make him happy or what?