Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When ur young,ur parents will decide what is good for,after SPM,ur grades decides what u want to do for ur degree,then after degree, ur options will be aplenty...

U want to do Masters? What kind of Masters u want to do? Where do u want to work? What do u want to work as? Phd? Marriage? House? Car? Credit card?

* Brain crashed*

The only advice that I can give u is DO NOT FOLLOW OTHERS. Let them do what they want to do,know ur limits and ur strengths. Make ur own path.

Yes,it will be difficult at 1st but u'll manage to do what u want to do.

4 most important things to remember :

1) Never do harm to others
2) Never forget where u come from and who helped u along the way
3) Always hold tight to ur principles
4) Work hard,play hard

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guang liang

Was reminded of a promise which was broken

Was reminded of Aladdin's theme song at the beginning of the song(I think the melody is similar). Its useless to have everything when u have nothing.

For Marky,Edwin and me,hopefully the future is much3 brighter than the present.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moneyboy VS Ichi

Mb: hey,u pay me RmXXX,I'll give u a good time
I: Erm,where u stay?
Mb: Tmn Universiti
I: See pic?
Mb sends pic.I open,totally my type; chinese lookin,boyish, lean and fit..drools

I: what time u free?
Mb: anytime
I: Rm XXX for one hour or one time spurt?
Mb: one time spurt

I reach Mb house,Mb superhot

Mb: let's go into my room
I: erm,ok..but let's bet,if I spurt 1st,I pay..if not u pay
Mb: when last?
I: erm,2 weeks ago
Mb: ok2

Mb suck2,I suck2,Mb play2,I play2,Mb lick2,I lick2

After 45 mins,Mb spurt2,then I spurt2

Mb: not fair,u lie
I: my dear boy,I don't lie,I got more exp
Mb: let's go for the full course.
I:k2,double or nothing
Mb: sure2

Mb rims,I rims, Mb fuck2,I fuck2, Mb massages,I massages, Mb lick2,I suck2

After 50 mins,Mb spurt2

Mb: Ur sure that ur not a ex-pornstar
I:baby,pullzee.. I maybe ugly and out of shape but I do it better that u

Mb gives RmXXX,I keep Rm XX

Ps: this is NOT fictional k, I beat a Moneyboy who usually gets paid by rich ppl.. Sesiapa yg nak, I'm Rm XXXX per min

Monday, June 20, 2011

A random thought

While on lunch break,I was thinking what shuld I do after my degree? Work,I have a few places in mind,shuld I go and work at the place I study or try a new field? Research is research no matter what field u pick? Let it molecular or biochem,all fields have their own pros and cons.It depends on u on how far u want to go,Msc or Phd? Assoc. Prof or Emeritus?

The 1st step is always the hardest..rite now, there a few places that I want to do my Msc,thanks to my HOD, my supervisor and frens,namely Perak, K.Terengganu,Arau, Bangi or Cheras.

So much choices to think about,yeah, I'm the sort of person that pre-orders everything; Subway: Today's special,Starbucks: Macchiato or Frap, Mcd: Spicy Mcchicken or GCB or Big Mac.

Sumtimes,I wonder what am I scared of,the 1st step or leaving ppl behind.

On the bright side, I'm not tied down to a singular person which my world rotates,if he asks me to go,I'll go cos the very least,I have a Lighthouse to shine my way home.

Got this from a leng cai's blog,nice song..sort of what of the some things running thru my mind....
This song brought back a lot of memories of someone who NEVER gets tired of me,talking,whining and complaining,whose hugs were aplenty and cooks the best pasta ever.

Thank you for being my fren,my lover and guardian angel, God must be damm lucky to have u with Him.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Been working with this species for the past 2 mths de.

An intro:

Aedes aegypti aka Stegomyia aegypti aka yellow fever mosquito which is found by Linnaeus in 1762 is from Africa which is introduced to other regions by immigrants.Its a daytime mosquito,easy to breed and is ok with restricted space. It loves indoors unlike its nasty cousin,Ae.albopictus ( pain wor when bites). It breds in man-made containers like empty plastic bins & old tires,prefers semi-dirty water.

The female and the male could be differentiated from its antennae; the males' are bushy (duh?). To know whether its Ae.aegypti or Ae.albopictus,look at the markings on its head,Ae.aegypti has white markings in a form of lyre.

It has 4 stages in its life cycle (typical of Dipteran species); egg,larva,pupae and adult. It is said that the gender of the mosquito could be differentiate at the larval stage.

It is attracted to lactic acid,ammonia and Co2 (ppl who have high level of stress are often its fav.). The females suck blood while the males suck nectar.

ps: I have no life :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm NOT smart

Seriously,I'm not smart;smart ppl would be those ppl who are like Einstein, Da Vinci and Ibnu Sina. I'm not even in the same league as them, I wasted time going thru the long route, did a lot of unnecessary mistakes. The me today is a product of collective mistakes. SMART PPL DON'T MAKE MISTAKES.

Came to that conclusion while having supper with 2 lengcais last night and a late chat with a bestie. The bestie said that I have changed but I think I'm still the goofy kid who everyone picks last.

Anyway,just trust ur instincts and if the thing that ur doing doesn't bring happiness,just can it and move on.

A nice saying to share: Not all smart ppl are wise

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011


He is so immature........

.........He is richer than me

He has more ex than me..........

............He has more time than me

He has a hotter body than me.......

Sounds familiar? Many of relationships failed cos of inferiority complex, let it be cos of the level of maturity or the level of looks and etc.

The reason is why would we want someone when the gap is huge? We tend to lie to ourselves than we could change the person into someone we want or at least narrow the gap thru time,but seriously do we want to remold someone or love that person? Do we really need to change that person into someone that we want or simple accept for who he is?

If we want to remold,reeducate or change that guy,why don't we get ourselves a child? We could make that child into a clone of us since he is still a being who is pure.

What right to we have on a person who has been molded by his own parents,frens,teachers and society longer than we have known him? We aren't a nanny but a lover,just a lover,a position that doesn't mean much,our rank is just above his frens. Do we have that much power to defy the teachings of his family?

My advice is everytime he makes a fuss of someting insignificant, think of the reasons why u fall in love and the good time that u have shared and let the sad & angry times be a distant memory.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fly high

No matter how hard things may be,I'm always here to support u. I'm sorry that I can't do more for u,I can only give my ears to hear ur pain,my shoulders for to cry on,my arms to hug u tight and my hands to support u

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 in 1

1) People

Many of my frens are kinda frustrated at my neutrality regarding frenship,some are saying that I shuldn't fren a certain person or I shouldn't get close to a certain clique or worse,I shuldn't trust someone too much cos they are digging my secrets out to be used.

My Say:

Tq for watching my back, I know who to fren or not to ,besides not all my frens are close till I share my secrets,sadly to say,I have trust issues. Only 6 ppl know the real me and each have no connection with one and another.

The other thing is I know roughly each and everyone's closet well,therefore what u tell me is not a new thing.. remember Blair isn't always a fictional character and u don't want me as an enemy.

2) New pathways

Each time,I opened a discussion about what to next after Grad,I'll always hear that ppl are:

1) do MBBS
2) do MSc
3) get married
4) do another degree
5) work

How about doing sumting else,out of the norm that no one would think of doing or even would try to replicate? I know what I want to do de,how about u guys?

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Spend an hour staring at the lappie,gathering my thoughts on what to write..many events had happened but somehow I lost the idea of what to write when I start to type,it seems that most are meaningless and mundane things,things that keep repeating itself no matter how I try to avoid it,BRAIN always loses to HEART in all circumstances.

Someone once told me that he admires the way that I live my life,making FUCK THEM ALL my motto but how am I to tell him that living this life needs a lot of courage which I don't always have,preferring to sleep/run from important decisions or just waiting for things to pass. I'm not strong always and not weak most of time,my blog and wall are some of the places that I vomit my thoughts out,not thinking of what others might think of, portraying myself as an idiot and hoping that a few would notice the honesty in my voice.

"I speak yet no one hears" is indeed a terrible syndrome to have,yet I continue to scream till my voice is hoarse,share ur troubles he says and yet he keeps things private for himself..

I donnoe if I can keep shouting,every Superman need his Louis Lane.. of all the dumb things that I have done,one is in the top of list,making a declaration is easy but facing the aftermath of it is hard. Times like this,I wish I have a time machine or a built in dumb alert so that each time I say stupid things,I could go back/stop myself from making the mistake,maybe I'm mentally challenged ....

How I wish we could go back and spend time talking about random stuff over a cuppa,again i have to remind myself that ppl can't spare their time for an insignificant me and come running when I call upon them..

So yet again,I managed to drown myself in words,in a post that will bring no benefit to no one and be silenced by the din of cyberspace.

"If an idiot is a person who is honest of his feelings,I don't mind being the biggest idiot there is"
Uzumaki Naruto