Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Elo, Sorry but this blog is not dead yet. I am currently working on my Masters; doing drug development. The drug that I'm testing on is new and its a metal based drug. The next Cisplatin perhaps.

On d personal side, kinda screwed with relationships, common scenario is I like that person but that person don't like me vice versa. Meet 3 people who shares the same wavelength, well sorta. 1 is a gal and the other 2 are gays. Its nice to talk to moderate ppl with moderate views,so unlike ppl who love to shove their extremism views on others especially on religion. I mean going to Mosque/Churches or even chanting the sutras every hour doesn't mean that ur good. Religion does evil too. So I beg u guys, u let me be, with my thoughts, views and ideas and I would not force u to pray to The Green Hamster.

Anyway, I love Adele. She reminds me of the singers from the old days, singers who rely on just on their voice, no props, no visual effects, no dancers wearing thongs or gun-bras. Lady Gaga is cool but after a while, she is boring.

Rewind to back to Love, I believe that to love someone is never to hurt someone let it be physical/emotional/mental. But why some are hurting their lovers in teh name of love. If u want to test on how much guys u can bag, then be solo, go and be free but do not hurt ur lover or send him for roller coaster ride. U may argue that u have been in the relationship for a long time but the sudden changes that u are making in turn are destroying the stability of the relationship. Come clean at the very 1st date of ur status especially those that are about ur health which could affect ur partner in the long run.

Yes, I know that I'm not the position to preach but if I have what others have, I would fight to make sure that my lover is safe and secure always.

Till next time