Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012


 Below are some conditions to consider in getting a bf

1) Looks

Do u need a good looking Bf? Average looking or twinky like? Buffed? A shorty or a tall guy?

2) Age

Old? Young? Someone in his mid-40s ? or young ones who just finished high school?

3) Income

Has an active income or passive income or still relies on his parents for allowances?

4) Maintenance

want some1 with high maintenance or someone with a low maintenance ?

5) Distance

Long Distance? Short Distance? Next door neighbor?

6) Intellect

Smart or sohai? medium or high IQ?

7) Performance

Good in bed? Kinky? or plain boring?

And the list goes on and on and on... Bottomline is u can be picky and get no one or realistic and get someone but again there is NO one who can deliver everyting that u need and want.

For me, as long as HE could fulfill my NEEDS, i am HAPPY

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 It seems that most of the recent posts are multiple entries, am sorry about that. I have limited time nowadays to sit down and pen my thoughts.

1) Update on Masters

The devil is in the design. Every bit and every experimental protocol is inspired by the papers that I read. Most of them are like parts and pieces of multiple journals. The good news is so far (fingers crossed) I have done it correctly with 10% improvement.

Some how,its going to be a mega project but see how it goes. The devil is in the design.  Maybe will push for conversion to PHD in the next year or so. God willing.

To those who wants to do POSTGRAD, do it BUT DO NOT COMPLAIN about ur Sup or the hardwork needed or the long hours, HANG IN THERE, read more, enjoy life more. Ur brain needs rest but most importantly, choose the right frens or lab partners and settle one prob at 1 time. Remember u choose to do ur PostGrad, NO ONE forced u to do it.

2) Singlehood

The most important question ever; do u still date? erm, erm... hard to answer that. I do date sumtimes with different ppl at different times. I think for the past year, I have gone out and tested waters with at least 12 ppl
(?). Some were just flings, some more that than but somehow it just fizzled.
Too many factors against it like :
a) he is interested in someone else
b) distance
c) I am too ugly
d) he belongs to someone else

Although sumtimes, I do put my hopes too high.. I have no regrets in doing so. At least, I know what I like; a matured gentleman who is a whore in the bedroom. (too much to ask?)

3) New frens

Let's see now, I have met with a lot of bloggers and Fb frens (yeay me). Some are nice, some are weird, some are adorably cute. I do hope that I behaved good in front of them, enuff to leave an impression.

4)  Peace

I do not know if u know especially those in my FB, I have sorta made peace with one of my Ex (?). key: He was prominently displayed in my blog. Frankly, I am at fault too and I am sorry for that.