Friday, April 30, 2010

H revisited

I'm sure uolls want to know what happened to H,rite? Did he see the errors of his way and stop wanting to be positive or otherwise?

Well,we did bring him to a home where Aids patients are taken care of and shown him all the suffering that came with being positive,I even asked a fren who is positive to help us out...

Guess, what did H said to that fren? He asked whether could the fren fuck him later. He simply don't care about the consequences...

R said that I shuld just let him be and I totally agree with R's opinions.. I'm not gonna help anyone who don't want to be helped..gonna stop being a tissue,no more Mr Use me and dump me after getting what u want.

Life is so much easier when ur being selfish... Cheers

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ahli Fiqir disbanded

Ahli Fiqir has officially announced that they're disbanding. The reason is due to Mawar Berduri's pregnancy and also cos of Tukang Kata who left the group last year.

Ahli Fiqir made its 1st appearance during 2002 in Spore,then they moved to Malaysia due to the overwhelming response and the huge fan base here. They had launched 3 albums and their lastest single is "Janganlah Pergi,Mawar" which ironic cos the song was recorded in 2003 and was orginally for the 1st album.

Ahli Fiqir's genre is hip hop but with a classical twist,they tend to use old melodies and giving them new lyrics,this is evident in songs such as "Dia datang" Some songs which I like the most have lyrics that provoke thoughts,songs such as "Kalau Melayu Memang Melayu" or "Anggung-Anggung,Geleng-geleng"

I do hope the newer generation will take over the group's struggle and I really hope they do make a comeback like Too Phat... Man,can't believe that it has been 8 yrs,listening to their brand of music. T.T

2nd Night pt2

Foreword: Uolls nie mmg kepoh.... Can't use ur imagination isit?Meh,I sambung citer...

Anda faham skang?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2nd Night

I: Elo,got no class 2day,want me to come over?

R:Since when need permission to over? Do u know what day is it?

I: Yeah,I know.I'll bring the tiramisu cake,u change the bedsheets,k?

R: Erm, ok... I'll use the yellow one..Get some yellow carnations or any yellow flowers.

I: Yes,Wifey...B4 I forget,Happy 1st mth anniversary.

R: Same here.. I'll cook Italian.See u later,Hubby

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 tear inducing movies

I watched 2 movies with R 2day while waiting for streamyx to get its butt fixed. It was nice,just sitting on the couch,hugging each other while feeding each other 1 foot Subway sandwiches and the same time,tears running down my cheeks.

The 2 movies were:

1) My Name is Khan

I wanted to watch this in the cinema but lucky,I didn't cos every 30 mins,my tear glands were activated. Although,this movie is similar to Forrest Gump but the msg was different. The movie was about a Asperger's patient who traveled across America to deliver a short msg to the President which is,"My name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist."In his journey,he had touched the lives of many and changed the perception of a nation.

The movie shows how Asians especially those from the Indian subcontinent suffered from the aftermath of 9/11. The dialogues were great,I liked 1 line which goes sumting like this," There were 2 ways that ppl used to mark time,AD and BC... Now there is one more,9/11."

Besides the great storyline and beautiful scenes,this movie marks the 1st collaboration between Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan since Kajol got married. To those who don't know,their movies were the bomb,they are Bollywood's King and Queen.

2) Blind Side

I didn't know that this movie came out and only heard a bit of it here and there.

The movie is about a Republican family who adopted a black kid into the family and opened him doors to a world that he didn't know. Surprised? Me too,I mean a Republican doing a kind act to a black kid?Hell must be a cold place now.. Anyway,it shows that ppl do have a heart and colour doesn't mean a thing to these kind souls.

Favorite line from this movie is " Who knew that we'll have a democrat as a fren after adopting a black kid."

Watch it and weep,frens

Monday, April 26, 2010

Positive Wanted

After a very long time of not going for late nite yamcha sessions,I went for one last nite and the topic was super weird but the good thing is the subject was present during the discussion,if the subject wasn't there,I couldn't believe that a person like this exists.

The topic mostly centered on the subject (let's call him,H) who wants to get infected by AIDS.Yes,that's what he wants,AIDS,sumting that we'all dread about. His reasoning is sooner or later,we'all going to get it,so why fear the inevitable,he says. He's going for AIDS orgy later in the week and hoping that he'll get it.

Oh,if ur thinking that he's a 40 yr old man with no dating opportunities,well ur wrong. He is a 20 yrs old guy with a pretty face. (Man,if I were single,I'll fuck him day in and day out)

Its a pity that these ppl who have no regards for LIFE exists. Such a waste of his parents' money and the Earth's resources,don't u think?

The geng and I tried reasoning with him but to no avail,he says that his life choices are his to make so we're going to use some scare tactics by bringing him to an AIDS Home,see whether he'll freak out looking at the conditions of AIDS patient.

Personally,I think he's a coward cos he wants to commit suicide but have no guts to make it a swift one,I mean why suffer when u can pull the trigger or slash ur wrist with one fluid motion.

To my readers, what do u think about these type of ppl?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Its that time of the yr again

My bday is coming... Yipee!! Unfortunately like the past 3 yrs,I'll spending the weekend studying,just found that the mid-sems are from 3rd May till 6th May. Maybe the weekend after that,I'm going to do a luncheon and watch IP Man and Iron Man 2 on the same day.This plan is awaiting Rizal's approval but I think it will be ok with him cos he's having his finals now... (Can't disturb him alot)..

This year is makes my 25 years of existence on this blue planet. So many things that I have seen and encountered,all thanks to uolls out there. Last year was a bad year and I'm truly sorry that my loyal readers had to read all that but that's life,a perfect meal will have the equal amount of sweetness,sourness,bitterness saltiness and savoriness.

Anyway, looking forward to a great year ahead.. Muacks

How to do it correctly

Those who are close to me will know that I like to talk about topics that can be debated easily or simply just take one side of a subject and argue about it.

So how do I like to do it?

1) No emotions shuld be involved in the debate

The reason is simply when ppl argue,they tend to be a bit hot between the ears which would end up in a fist fight if both parties can't control the temperature of the debate.

2) I may not like what u say but I'll defend ur right of saying it.

Everyone has the right to speak out,what they speak about is up to them,no one has the right to take the rights of a fellow man away from him. Sure,sumtimes ppl will talk stupidly but its up to u to decide whether u on his side or on the other side.

3) Everything must be backed with facts

Each point in an argument must have facts,u can't simply say that the milk turned sour cos the cat walked past it. Always remember that no one stays dumb forever,its just that they are a bit slower than others

4) Focus on the present,not the past

Normally when ppl argue especially lovers,they'll start to dig out the past events where the partner was wrong. This attitude of digging out the past isn't good cos it shows that ur vengeful. Vengeful ppl are best to be left alone.

5) Don't drag ppl into the argument

Sumtimes, when ppl argue, they start to drag ppl into teh quarrel.Eg

A: Ur family are a bunch of mules
B: Oh yeah? well,guess what? ur family is even worst,they are the descendants of birds due their low IQ.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Before,I start ranting, let's review the basics of chemistry:

1) covalent bonds are stronger than ionic bonds.
2) Reactions occurs at a specific situation,the molecules have to collide with each other at exact direction,energy and time.

In our lifetime,we create bonds,the time,place,person and momentum is calibrated precisely by the Great Architect,some are covalent bonds,some would be ionic bonds,some break down easily while some are sturdy. Every bond created is different from each other,each bond is unique.Some bonds are easily named while some remains nameless.

Rizal,babe... I love you.. It took a while for me to realize but the last 24 hrs were unbearable.. Thanks for loving a fool like me...

Thanks to all

Monday, April 19, 2010

Crappy day

A Taurus's worst nightmare is not having enuff money to spend,we hate to take loans and we hate it when there's a financial bomb explodes.

So when my dearest cousin told me that he lost our profits for the last 2 weeks in Mid Valley last nite,I went into worrying + emo mood,I even went to Midvalley to meet with the guards to view the CCTV footage but we couldn't see where the money dropped or whether got ppl pick-pocketed my sweet cousin. After the whole thing,we had a meeting among the 5 of us and decided that the money will go to my eldest cousin and the adorable cousin has to fork it out the lost money and he will not get his share for the next 2 mths as a penalty.

Then,2day after lab and brunch with classmates,I went to Rizal's house to spend time together. When I was there,he noticed that I was quiet and forlorn so as a good bf,he asked what happened. After telling him the story,he asked how much do I need which made me angry cos I don't want his money,I just want his support so I told him off and went to sleep on his bed.

While in a state of semi-consciousness,he came and hugged me.Then we started to talk about feelings and then once more,I opened my mouth without thinking much and said that I don't know the difference between Liking sumone and Loving sumone which triggered an argument,i was saying that it doesn't matter whether I like or I love him when I know that I want to spend each day with him and not being with him makes me unhappy.

I ended the argument by saying that I want sumone to like/love me during my sad,emo,happy and angry times not during my happy times je and with that, he asked me to leave his place...

Ps: still awaiting his reply

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No mood

Oh my god,this is the longest gap between my post ever... What's the reason behind it? I really don't know,maybe no mood or cos of the things that I want to say here,had alredi been discussed with the lover so there is no need for me to repeat myself here.. Will this blog die? I don't think so... Anyway,below is a quick recap on what happened to me in the past 3 days..

1) Tissue processing

Yesterday,I spent like 9 hours in the histopath lab doing tissue processing. What's it for? Its to create the slides of tissues or whatever that is to be viewed under the microscope.Yes,it involves a lot of work,u need to fix it,embed it and stain it before u can view that nice pic that u normally google 4.

Yesterday's lab was tedious cos we need to dip the sample into 5 beakers of alcohol of different strengths to dehydrate the sample,each the duration of each dip takes about an hour,then we need to embed it with wax. Lucky,the lab was a success.On Monday,we'll microtome it.

2) Can't stand her

There's this gal in my class,I really don't know what's her prob. She acts high and mighty but actually to me,she is quite helpless.. I hope I can control my temper around her before I say sumting hurtful.. I really can't tahan her yesterday during lab. I was watching anime while waiting to change the sample from one beaker to the other,she came to me and said that I'm being immature by watching anime. After an hour,she also tumpang sekaki..WTF rite?

3) Queen control

A lot of frens are complaining that I listen to my bf's suggestions a lot and take his side instead of my frens and often sacrifice my own needs for his but seriously,if u know how much the bf sacrificed,u'll say that I'm doing the right thing.Like yesterday,he went all out and prepared steamboat and a nice ice-cream dessert just for me even though,I had told him that we'll be eating out.

I'm not the easiest guy to be with and not the easiest to be pleased but if the bf is willing to do stuff for me,then why can't I give in a bit to his ways. For example,we're suppose to go to Pc fair and then to Asian Heritage Row for the Glam Bazaar thingy but this morning,we both woke up late and he doesn't feel like going cos he says that going that far for a hard disc isn't worth the trouble and its not like there is the only place that sells it stuff.

Have a nice weekend,guys

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What think you, loving people, and how seem you affected, seeing that you now understand and know, that we acknowledge ourselves truly and sincerely to profess Christ, condemn the Pope, addict ourselves to the true Philosophy, lead a Christian life, and daily call, entreat and invite many more unto our Fraternity, unto whom the same Light of God likewise appeareth?

Rosicrucian Order

I was walking around Subang Parade when I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with the Rose Cross print at the back. On seeing that,I smiled and wondered if that guy really knows what he is wearing. Later on, the bf asked why did I smile at the guy.

Here's my explanation:

A rose cross or a rose croix is different from the cross that is often seen in churches or normally worn by Christians. As its namesake states, rose cross has a white rose in the center of the cross and predates the Christian Cross and is not linked to any religion. The cross has equal lengths signifying man who are created in the image of God (As above,as below).

The rose cross symbolizes the redemption of man through the union of his lower temporal nature with his higher eternal nature,basically finding salvation thru knowledge.

Many secret societies have been linked with the rose cross,starting with the Rosicrucians, Masons and Ordo Templi Orientis.

The modern interpretation of the rose cross is a crown of red roses with a white rose at the center with a 5 pointed star behind it.This symbolizes a gathering of the Brethen.

Ps: So blind Man can be of the truth that is seen everywhere.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The bf had an idea on last Thursday which is to organize a 1st nite yesterday.. So I just went along with the idea hoping that I'm not to be asked to do anything but tibe2,the bf said that I need to get white roses,book a place at a restaurant at Sunway pyramid,pick a movie for the nite and some other chores. Me being me,delayed doing the other stuff except the other chores part...

So at around 3-4 pm,I realized that I still need to book a place and get a movie,to tell the truth,I would rather go to the restaurant and hope that the place has a few empty tables,seriously those ppl for pick me as the bf will regret it cos I have no sense of doing things romantic.. :(

At around 6, the bf picked me up and we went to Sunway Pyramid and dine at TGIF,the food was ok but the price is too expensive for me,I'll go there once a year but again since the waiters are cute,I might consider going there monthly.

While dining,I couldn't help to praise the beauties that were in the restaurant,x salah memuji ciptaan tuhan,kan? The bf wasn't that happy with my behavior and his eyes could beat Medusa's any time..

After dinner,we went back to close the shop,then we went to his house. When I entered his room,I was kinda sad cos it was supposed to be a special nite for us but I did nothing fabulous while he went all out,he searched for the white and red roses,bought a white bed sheet,placed scented candles all over the place and he even decorated the bathtub and filled it a bit with rose water and rose petals.

When on the bed,I told him that he truly deserves a better bf which he retaliates by smacking my head hard and told me that he won't waste his time by dating losers.

After doing u know what,he watched Bride Wars while I harvest my crops when I told him that although I may look at others,he's the one that I will always return to. His reply was a smile and that was the most beautiful thing that he gave me last nite,besides the sexs of course :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

On getting a Lappie

Last weekend,I was supposed to go to for an holiday in Spore which was canceled by the dad due to some stupid reasons on his side,further more,he needs to settle my younger bro Spore IC and NS deferment. Not complaining though,cos I got Rizal (hehhehe).

Yesterday,they came back with a new toy for me which is a Samsung R430 notebook. The lappie is quite sleek and business like,it out-performed my sis Sony Vaio...

Frankly,I always wanted a lappie preferably a Dell cos the techie comes to ur house to do the repairs (Wink2) and thought of buying it when I get enuff cash,besides right now,I'm busy upgrading my desktop,trying to find good deals for the hardware part.. seriously,my home pc is a grand ole dame,going to miss her a lot, she has taken care of my every needs and been fulfilling my porn and manga addiction although she is getting quite slow on the delivering part....She knows that her time is near.... sobx5

Hidden signs

After spending 2 weeks with the Bf,I can decipher 60% of what he want to say without saying it out loud.

Below are the actions and the true meaning of it.

1) Playing his Hp when we are outside= faster end this,I'm bored,let's go back

2) Playing with his cat= Stop,doing whatever ur doing,dear and pamper me

3) Being silent= had a long day

4) Talking to his cat= Dear,talk to me can? and don't keep on harvesting or Yming or Msning

6) Flicking thru channels= Let's do someting together outside of the house.

7) Saying that whatever I decide to go is fine with him = he hates my choices

8) Wanting to check my wallet especially when I just belanja him = adding money to my wallet

9) Glare,slap or walking a bit further= Stop looking at other guys,can anot!!!!!!!!!!

10) Going to the room and taking a shower = Let's shag...

Ps: wishes that he stop calling my true name...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Read between the lines

I forgot the names of the ppl involved in the following story is about but I do remember that both of them are from the Benedictine order. This event happened when he is young...

A bishop gave 2 students 2 sets of Bible and told them that he'll test their knowledge at the end of the month. So a mth passed by and the bishop tested them on their knowledge,Boy 2 got full marks on the test.

After the test...

Boy 1: How did u get all the answers correct? There were questions that didn't related to the gospels? Ur damm smart...

Boy 2: Nope,I'm not smart at all.Its just that U read the black while I read the white....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Urs,mine and ours

Ichi: Yang,all of the Mak Hayams want to meet with u lah.Some say ask me to upload ur pic in
Facebook or do a Facebook profile for u....

Rizal: Huh? Perlu ke? Penting ke?

Then he starts drawing a diagram consisting 2 circles overlapping in the middle (I think its called a veer diagram but since I failed my A maths,I don't care).

The 1st circle: My frens,my online addiction,my manga,my anime and my Chinese movies.

The 2nd circle: His frens,his PsP,his trekking expeditions and his Mozart

The overlapping part: Our frens,our time,our 2 adorable plushies and our degree.

He added that in a relationship,3 things are vital which are personal space,trust and communication.

So I'm giving him all 3 of the above now till Sunday.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Transfer Petrol

This is method is only to be used in emergencies and with consent by the owner of the car.

How to transfer petrol from one car to the other


1) 1 Petrol can
2) 1 rubber hose


1) Ask the consent of the owner of the car that ur going to siphon from.

2) Place one end of the rubber hose into the tank of the said car.

3) Place the other end into the empty can.

4) Create a imbalance in the pressure of the hose so that the petrol from the said car enters the can.

5) After the can is filled,pour the petrol into the car which tank is empty.

6) After ur trip from anywhere,make sure u buy petrol for both cars.


1) Be smart when ur creating the pressure imbalance,ur objective is to fill the can, not ur stomach with petrol.

2) Don't wear ur nice clothes when doing this

3) Make sure to wash away any petrol that entered ur mouth with running water for at least 15 mins or till u can't taste petrol in ur mouth.

Ps: Always remember to check ur petrol gauge
Pps:I often skip steps 1 and 7.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favourite Disney Songs

I was on Facebook when I noticed that a few posted their all-time favorite Disney Movies (animated) songs so below are my top 5 all-time favorite Disney Movies (animated) songs.

5) Some day,My prince will come (Snow White)

4)When you wish upon a star (Pinocchio)

3) Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas)

2) A Whole New World

1) Beauty and The Beast (Beauty and The Beast)

I know I'm so gay

A long day

Woke up at 8 am,went to have breakfast with a fren who is having relationship probs,the other guy is confused between being a lover and a fren.

At around 11,got a call from Lee saying that the timetables would be released at 5pm(Stupid admin). Who wants to come back at 5 to take a piece of paper kan? I have definitely better things to do.

At around 12,got a call from Yin,saying that she is otw to fetch me to go for High-tea at Crystal Crown (Port Klang). The high tea was organised by the Biomedicine Club (MSU). The food was okay,the guys were fun to be with,besides there were no lecturers so faham2 je lah,when the cat is away the mice comes out and play.

She arrived 15 mins later when I was harvesting my Tulips,ran to the room and opened my closet and grabbed a shirt,a pants and a tie,changed and rushed out of the house.

We arrived at the hotel about an hour later,had to shop for Yin,she didn't get the memo that the theme of the High-tea is glamor and the outfit must be either black,white,red or pink. Mcm Project Runway pulak.

Came at around 8 pm,Rizal called and asked whether I want to go dinner with him which I did want to.I was zoning out in the car while he drove to Subang Parade,he wanted to get a dress for his sis at Ms Read.

During dinner,he kept commenting that I shuldn't go out when I am dead tired,my replies weren't coherent. I told him that an "Ice-cream" would revitalizes me,his reply was whether I like Swensen's or would just settle for Mcd's sundae. Sigh.....

Going to sleep in a while cos 2morrow need to collect my timetable and going to Sentul for my thesis research....

Monday, April 5, 2010

Over the weekend

This is going to be a 5 in 1 post...

1) Blunt I am

I am so blunt in saying stuff,no sense of subtlety at all. Some ppl love to talk in a roundabout fashion whereas I just say what I want to say and be done with. I'm not the one who seeks popularity at least not since the age of 18 cos popularity is so superficial.You may think that those ppl who clings to ur every word ur frens but wait till they stab u with a dagger coated with salt and lime juice,then u know what I meant. Unfortunately,some ppl never get over this phase. Besides,my tongue isn't as flexible as urs...

2) Blogger's Block

I was trying to write about sumting early but those words never came out properly,that post was about retaliating to someone's post and my personal view on a certain religion (?). When I was having dinner,I talked to R (Rizal) about it,he told me not to poke the ants' hill cos simply its not worth the trouble.

3) True colours

Someone once told me that to gauge a person's character,look at the things that he doesn't do, not the things that he do. Due to some recent events,I'm positive that my decisions were right and strangely,a few are envious at what I have and done. To them,pls do try to influence others to jump ship so that I will know who are true in their intentions.

4) Not single anymore

Yeah,I know that its kinda fast. Just mentioned him 2x here and voila... Its just that Rizal is so different from the guys that I used to see and he kinda remind me of my 1st ex... He is someone that I could talk with without having to simplifying stuff. In the last 48 hrs,I have been with him for most 40 hours.

During dinner, we talked about what we wanted in life,our habits,our principles and most importantly,our past. The only thing why I like him is the way how he understands me as a person and strangely,in him,I have met my counterbalance..

Finally,the devil have met his angel......

5) A new sem starts...

Sick of uni alredi....

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spending the nite with u

Last nite, I spent the nite with R. We had a quiet dinner at section 10,then went to his house and chatting,watched TV and Youtube,FBing and cuddling. I thought it might escalate to sexs but unfortunately,we are both looking for sumting better than that.Ok2,I lied,I wanted sexs but he is gentleman,told me that if I want to get into his pants,I better have a ring 1st. :(

Anyway,Last nite, he went to bed early,saying that he has a early class today and since I don't have any thing else to do,I went thru his book collection and found a few gems. The funny thing is although he is so serious,he still buys those comics like Garfield and etc.

As I was chatting with William,I realized sumting,R while sleeping,without his specs,with a faint outline of a smile on his face is really cute. I stopped chatting with William and start staring at him and wondered how 2 people that have 20 % in common could mutually be attracted,I mean we are as different as the Sky and the Earth,we even told each other that we ain't each other's preferred choice in physical terms...But laying beside him makes the whole situation right...

I told him this during breakfast and he just sum the whole thing in 2 words which were "opposites attracts".

ps: He also thinks that Facebook is for ppl who have nothing to do and Farmville is a waste of time. Sigh..

Enjoy the Mv

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Glam Street Fasion Bazaar (April 2010)

Its here again. Those who missed the 1st time could go and enjoy it with frens or lovers.Basically,its a flea market with a high content of LGBT in it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010
12:00pm - 7:00pm
Sundays, Asian Heritage Row


Heres what we've got installed for you...

* Bbq and Beer Buffet *
Chill-out ....and nurse those tummies with our mouth watering, sizzling barbecue. But a barbecue without beer would be like having a burger with no ketchup ... it just doesn’t feel right ... so let us put out the heat with our thirst quenching ice cold beer buffet.

*Out with the OLD and in with the NEW*
Rummage through those wardrobes and get rid of last season’s fashion as we will be collecting all second hand items at the event itself for charity. Be it last season’s charming clutch... the boy band CD you would never admit to owning... or the earrings that were given to you by your colour-blind friend... all items are welcome and will be sold at the event itself. All proceeds will be donated to the Malaysian Aids Foundation... and remember .. one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure ...

*Unique Fashion and Lifestyle Vendors*

Tired of the same boring high street stores where you end up dressing like everyone else? Looking for some new funky fashion ideas? Well.. Look no further....With an even greater selection of unique vendors this time round... anyone and everyone will be able to make that new fashion-discovery.

* Face Massage…Manicure and Pedicures*

A relaxed shopper is a happier shopper. Let us help you get your zen back with a relaxing face massage.

I like event no 1... for a details,click here